How to get a $9100 Bonus on MEXC Exchange?

Bonus rewards of cryptocurrency exchange are unarguably excellent incentives that make an investor’s trading experience fun, engaging, and worthwhile. One such popular crypto exchange that’s making headlines about its remarkable bonus rewards is MEXC Global.

New traders on the platform can earn a whopping $9100 bonus on MEXC. Isn’t that exciting? However, this bonus isn’t free of terms and conditions.

So, are you wondering how to avail this bonus and accelerate your crypto-trading profits?

Well, you’re at the right place. But before we get to discussing the bonus reward, let’s briefly talk about this Seychelles-based popular exchange!

What is MEXC?

MEXC is a global professional cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018. This high-performance trading platform is known for its vast offering of coins (1520+), low trading fees, no KYC requirement, and excellent user-friendly interface.

In addition to supporting 1520+ coins, the exchange offers over 2,110 trading pairs. So, if you trade on MEXC, there’s a high chance that you’ll find your preferred trading pair. What’s more?

The exchange offers brilliant trading features for beginners, including copy-trade and instant, accurate charts. Oh, and don’t forget that besides offering spot trading, the exchange supports margin and futures trading as well.

Plus, the exchange allows investors to trade on a leverage of up to 200x. So, if you’re short of funds, you can borrow up to a max of 200x and initiate purchase orders on the exchange.

But that’s not all! To make the exchange super-attractive and intuitive for users, MEXC even offers bonus rewards and runs various campaigns. Let’s now discover how trading bonuses work.

What is a Trading Bonus, and Can Everybody Get it?

A trading bonus allows traders to earn rewards after completing several trading milestones in a specific timeframe. In the context of cryptocurrency exchanges, investors can earn a trading bonus by fulfilling various goals, including:

  • Depositing a set amount on the exchange
  • Initiating transactions of specific trade volumes

There can be additional signup bonuses, perks, and discounts available for the platform users. However, remember that these trading bonuses aren’t for everyone. Only those traders who join the MEXC platform using a partner link can avail of bonuses.

Furthermore, investors need to be active on the platform. They can only qualify for discounts and bonuses if they deposit or trade on MEXC. If you’re an active trader who can deposit large amounts and initiate high-volume trades, you’re in for a bonus treat at the MEXC exchange.

Why are Trading Bonuses Such a Great Feature?

Multiple cryptocurrency exchanges exist worldwide, and all the exchanges have one primary objective: register users, improve liquidity, and increase trading volume.

That’s precisely where trading bonuses come in handy. These bonuses incentivize cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join the platform and initiate more trades on the exchange. Furthermore, bonuses act as great rewards for loyal customers who are active on the platform for a long time and frequently participate in trading.

In addition to this, traders will make more frequent trades after earning bonuses. This will consequently accelerate trading activity on the crypto exchange and lead to increased profits.

How to get a 9100 USDT bonus on MEXC?

An exclusive deposit campaign is up and running on the MEXC platform. The most attractive aspect of this campaign is that new traders can earn up to a whopping 9100 USDT bonus and additional captivating discounts by fulfilling certain requirements.

However, the first primary step to join this campaign is to signup on to the MEXC platform using a partner link.

So, What is a Partner Link?

MEXC exchange has a unique affiliate Partner Program where existing users can earn rewards by referring new users to the MEXC exchange. Users who join the affiliate program receive a unique link they share with their family, friends, and relatives.

This link is known as the “partner link.” If new users sign up using the partner link, the inviter will earn a commission from the invitee’s trading fees. Currently, the partner program allows users to earn 50% commission from the invitee’s trading fees.

That being said, let’s now discover the process of earning a 9100 USDT bonus on the MEXC platform.

Getting a 9100 USDT Bonus on MEXC

If you want to join the bonus event campaign, you should register through the unique landing page of MEXC.

The bonus is divided into the following two events:

  • Event 1: $100 bonus – Net deposit, spot, and futures trading
  • Event 2: $9000 bonus and 30% discount on future trading fees

To earn $100 from Event 1, you must complete the five milestones in the table. Remember that you should deposit within seven days and trade within 30 days of signup.

Bonus Amount


$10 USDT future bonus

Net deposit of $500+ USDT

$20 BTC airdrop

Spot trading volume of 3,000+ USDT

$30 additional BTC airdrop

Spot trading volume of 10,000+ USDT

$20 USDT futures bonus

Future trading volume of 10,000+ USDT

$20 USDT additional future bonus

Future trading volume of 20,000+ USDT

Now let’s talk about Event 2 – the campaign which can get you a super-bonus of $9000. To win the maximum amount, this event is also divided into ten different milestones, and a specific amount bonus is released after the completion of different milestones. Here’s a table that depicts the milestones bonus amount along with the conditions:

Bonus Amount



Net deposit of $1,000+ USDT


Net deposit of $3,000+ USDT

150 USDT

Net deposit of $5,000+ USDT

300 USDT

Net deposit of $10,000+ USDT

500 USDT

Net deposit of $20,000+ USDT

1000 USDT

Net deposit = $30,000 USDT

Future trading volume = $1 million+ USDT

4000 USDT

Net deposit = $100,000 USDT

Future trading volume = $3 million+ USDT

9000 USDT

Net deposit = $150,000+ USDT

Future trading volume = $30 million+ USDT

Participants of event two can also benefit from future trading fee discounts. However, the discount levels are also divided into different conditional tiers. The following table shows the discount percentage and the conditions.

Discount Available



Futures Account Balance = $10,000 or more, or

Past 30-day trading volume = $10,000,000 or more


Futures Account Balance = $20,000 or more, or

Past 30-day trading volume = $20,000,000 or more


Futures Account Balance = $50,000 or more, or

Past 30-day trading volume = $50,000,000 or more


Futures Account Balance = $100,000 or more, or

Past 30-day trading volume = $100,000,000 or more


Futures Account Balance = $200,000 or more, or

Past 30-day trading volume = $200,000,000 or more


Futures Account Balance = $500,000 or more, or

Past 30-day trading volume = $500,000,000 or more

To win the maximum bonus of $9000, you should deposit $150,000 or more within seven days or have a trading volume of $30,000,000 or more within 30 days of signup.

That’s not all! There are additional terms and conditions regarding the bonus campaign. Let’s briefly look over them.

Terms and Conditions

Some of the prominent T&Cs that you shouldn’t overlook are as follows:

  • Users who register through an exclusive partner link are eligible for the bonus.
  • Deposits made within seven days will be considered for rewards calculation.
  • You can’t carry forward deposits from any other MEXC deposit event.
  • Trading pairs with no fees aren’t eligible for the campaign.
  • You’ll receive the reward in your account 15 days after the event. In addition to this, the maximum $9000 bonus will be distributed within 30 days after the first deposit.


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert crypto-trader, MEXC offers an amazing opportunity to maximize profits through enticing bonuses.

Signup today before the $9100 bonus event date runs out!


Where can I find a partner link?

If you’re an existing user, you can register for the partner affiliate program and get your unique partner link. On the other hand, if you’re a new user looking to join MEXC, you can directly go to the landing page or ask existing platform users for the partner link.

What is the maximum bonus?

$9100 plus a maximum of 30% discount on future trading fees.

Who is the bonus for?

The bonus is only for those who register through a partner link and complete the milestones within the given timeframe.

Can everybody get the bonus?

No, this event is exclusively for new users. Furthermore, only those active traders who make net deposits within seven days and achieve trading volume milestones within 30 days after signup can receive the max bonus.

Can I withdraw the bonus from MEXC?

No, you can only trade with the bonus. So you could see it as a risk free trade. However, you can withdraw all the profits from your account. The rewards will be distributed to your account within 15 days after the event. Moreover, if you win the maximum bonus, it’ll be allocated to your account within 30 days.

How to get free cryptos?

There are multiple ways to earn free cryptos from exchanges. Here are a few prominent ones:

  • Trading bonus on MEXC
  • Referral programs
  • Staking and yield farming
  • Trading promos
  • Airdrops and giveaways.