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Best Crypto Exchanges in Vietnam 2024


January 26, 2024
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Best crypto exchanges in vietnam review

There are several crypto exchanges accessible to residents in Vietnam. While most of these platforms claim to tick all the boxes, that’s not alway the case. The State Bank of Vietnam is tasked with regulating cryptocurrencies in Vietnam. But there’s no law that confirms the use of crypto as legal tender. Therefore, it is key to sign up on a safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam.

This guide is compiled based on certain factors including:

  • Value for money
  • Support for Vietnamese Dong (VND)
  • Products and features available
  • Security


Top Crypto Exchanges in Vietnam Reviewed

Vietnamese residents have access to lots of crypto exchanges, but which one is the best choice? We have analyzed over 40 crypto exchanges in Vietnam. Here, we have compiled the top 5 crypto exchanges available to Vietnamese users after intense hours of research.

  1. Bitget – Best OverallCrypto Exchange in Vietnam
  2. Binance – Largest Crypto Exchange in Vietnam
  3. Bybit – Advanced Crypto Derivatives Exchange in Vietnam
  4. BitcoinVN – Best Vietnam-based Crypto Exchange
  5. OKX – Best in Derivatives Crypto Exchange in Vietnam


1. Bitget

Bitget is considered a top crypto exchange for users in Vietnam. With over 20 million users globally, Bitget is a notable crypto trading platform.

The Bitget exchange has a 24-hour trading volume of $7.6 billion indicating user trust in the crypto trading platform. Its copy trading suite makes the crypto exchange a favorite among Vietnamese users.

On Bitget, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, XRP, Litcoin, and over 580 others.

Fees are very low on Bitget. Crypto deposit on the crypto exchange is free. Spot trading comes with a 0.1% fee. If you hold the exchange’s native token, BGB, fees are slashed by 20%. This discount is only available for spot trading. Futures trading on Bitget has a fee structure of 0.02% fee for the maker and 0.06% fee for taker.

Bitget’s most popular feature is its copy trading. This lets users copy trades of successful traders regardless of their trading skills. Successful traders are categorized based on profit accrued and win-rate, so it’s easy for users to make their preferred choice.

On Bitget, Vietnamese users can buy crypto using Vietnamese Dong via credit/debit card, third-party platforms like Simplex, or through the P2P option. The card payment fee varies between 1% – 2%. Crypto purchase through Bitget’s peer-to-peer (P2P) section is free. Crypto purchase through third-party platforms comes with fees that vary with the platform used.

If you want to learn more about the platform, you can read our full Bitget review.


Supported Cryptos: Over 580+ cryptocurrencies

Futures Contracts: 200+ Futures contracts

Max. Leverage: 125x

Spot Trading Fees: 0.1% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Trading Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.06% taker

Deposits & Withdrawals: VND deposit and withdrawal through P2P. Supports crypto deposit and withdrawal.

Licensed & Regulated: Regulatory license from Australia, the US, Canada, Cyprus, and more.


Visit Bitget!


2. Binance

With a global user base of over 128 million, Binance is a popular crypto exchange for Vietnamese users. Its trading volume of over $42 billion suggests there’s ample liquidity to meet the needs of users.

Binance is a top choice for Vietnamese users due to its large array of supported cryptocurrencies, and the crypto exchange has low trading fees.

On Binance, you can trade cryptocurrencies on spot or perpetual contracts. The crypto exchange also supports options trading. Using Binance Earn, you can lend your cryptos to other users and earn yield.

This crypto platform supports trading bots, so you can automate trades without having to manually execute trades. Binance Launchpad is a favorite among users due to its cheap access to new projects.

Binance supports deposits and withdrawals of Vietnamese Dong (VND) for users. You can deposit your Vietnamese Dong using your credit/debit card, P2P, or Bank transfer.

If you want to learn more about the platform, you can read our full Binance review.


Supported Cryptos: 350+ cryptocurrencies

Futures Contracts: 278+ Futures contracts

Max. Leverage: 125x

Spot Trading Fees: 0.1% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Trading Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.04% taker

Deposits & Withdrawals: Vietnamese Dong (VND) deposits via Bank Transfer, P2P, and credit/debit cards. Withdrawals are done through P2P and Bank Transfer.

Licensed & Regulated: Regulated by FCA, Abu Dhabi GFSC, Thailand SEC.


Visit Binance!


3. Bybit

Bybit might be new to the scene, but the crypto exchange has over 10 million users globally. It has a trading volume of over $13 billion on average. The rich derivatives trading solution on Bybit makes it one of the best in Vietnam.

On Bybit, you can trade USDT and USDC perpetual contracts with as much as 100x leverage. For Vietnamese users without capital, you can demo trade on Bybit.

Besides derivatives trading, Bybit is also great for copy trading. From easy access to the top traders on the Bybit Leaderboard, a click of the ‘copy’ button is all you need to get started.

Bybit supports Vietnamese Dong deposits and withdrawals. You can easily deposit VND using either Advcash wallet or P2P payments. The crypto exchange instant buy option makes the purchase of crypto using VND possible with a single click.

If you want to learn more about the platform, you can read our full Bybit review.


Supported Assets: Over 400+ Cryptocurrencies

Spot Fees: 0.1% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.055% taker

Deposits & Withdrawals: Vietnamese Dong (VND) deposits through advcash wallet and P2P. Withdrawals through Advcash or P2P.

Licensed & Regulated: MVP license, Regulated by Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA)


Visit Bybit!


4. BitcoinVN

The BitcoinVN crypto trading platform is one of the oldest in Vietnam. Made specially for the Vietnamese user, BitcoinVN offers the simplest route to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in Vietnam. You can trade over 80 cryptocurrencies on BitcoinVN. With the exchange headquartered in Vietnam, it’s no surprise thousands of Vietnamese rely on BitcoinVN to buy/sell their cryptos.

On BitcoinVN, you can easily swap cryptocurrencies directly into Vietnamese Dong (VND). The exchange fee for each transaction depends on the crypto being traded. For instance, the exchange fee is 0.8% for BTC swaps and 0.75% for USDT swaps.

You can share in BitcoinVN exchange fees by staking your cryptos on the platform. The APR earned depends on the cryptocurrency staked. For XMR staking, the APR is 43.63% while BCH staking has an APR of 21.63%. Also, only 7 cryptocurrencies are currently supported in the staking program on BitcoinVN.

BitcoinVN is a local crypto exchange, so it supports Vietnamese Dong transactions. You can deposit and withdraw VND through bank transfers and cash pick-ups. The exchange lets you buy crypto using Vietnamese Dong without registering an account though this comes with a limit on how much cryptocurrency you can purchase.


Supported Cryptos: Over 80+ cryptocurrencies

Futures Contracts: None

Max. Leverage: None

Spot Trading Fees: 1 – 3% swapping fee

Deposits & Withdrawals: Vietnamese Dong deposits through cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. Withdrawals via Bank Transfer and e-wallets.

Licensed & Regulated: The State Bank of Vietnam regulates BitcoinVN


Visit BitcoinVN!


5. OKX

With over 20 million global users, OKX is well-known. A trading volume of $19 billion confirms OKX’s popularity among users. Its diverse product range consisting of spot trading, perpetual contracts, and staking makes this crypto platform one of the best in Vietnam.

OKX offers spot and futures trading. On the crypto platform, spot trading has a fee of 0.08% maker fee and a 0.1% taker fee. Futures trading has maker fees of 0.02% and 0.05% for takers. With OKX Convert, you can convert one crypto to another without any fees.

Copy trading is also available on OKX. you can copy the trades of winning traders. The Earn program lets you borrow or lend cryptocurrencies on OKX. You earn returns on cryptos loaned out.

On OKX, you can deposit Vietnam Dong using its buy/sell page. The crypto exchange supports several fiat payment gateways, so Vietnamese users can deposit VND through bank transfers. OKX also supports card payments through its express buy feature. The crypto platform also lets Vietnamese users deposit or withdraw VND through its P2P service.

If you want to learn more about the platform, you can read our full OKX review.


Supported Cryptos: Over 350+ cryptocurrencies

Futures Contracts: 120+ Futures contracts

Max. Leverage: 125x

Spot Trading Fees: 0.08% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Trading Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.05% taker

Deposits & Withdrawals: Vietnamese Dong deposits via Bank Transfer, Card payment, P2P. Withdrawals through P2P and Bank Transfer.

Licensed & Regulated: MVP license from Dubail. DASP license from France, and a VASP license from Hong Kong.


Visit OKX!


Is Crypto Legal in Vietnam?

Crypto trading is legal in Vietnam. The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) handles the oversight of crypto trading in the Asian country. Crypto-related activities are guided by the recently introduced Anti-Money Laundering (AML) bill, which requires vendors and exchanges to demand customers complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

There are no crypto taxes in Vietnam. At the moment, Vietnamese laws don’t recognize cryptocurrencies as legal tender, so taxes are out of the question. However, as crypto adoption rises in Vietnam, this might change since the Vietnamese tax authorities are keen on taxing cryptocurrencies.


How to Buy Cryptocurrencies in Vietnam

In Vietnam, it’s easy to buy cryptocurrencies. To buy cryptos in Vietnam, here are a few simple steps to follow:

Pick a Cryptocurrency Exchange:

You have to pick a crypto exchange that supports Vietnamese residents. Your choice of crypto exchange will depend on your purpose. If you’re looking to buy and hold cryptocurrencies, Binance is great as fees are quite competitive. However, if you’re keen on futures trading, Bybit has you covered.


While some crypto platforms like BitcoinVN let you buy some amount of cryptocurrencies without registering, others require you to sign up for an account. You will also need to complete a mandatory KYC verification in line with the recently introduced AML law. Fortunately, the process is easy as you’d only need to provide a government-issued identity document. This could be a passport, driver’s license, or identification card.

Deposit Funds:

After completing your KYC verification, you can proceed to deposit some Vietnamese Dong into your account. You can do this through P2P, credit/debit card, or direct bank transfer depending on the crypto exchange used.

Buy Cryptos:

To do this, select the market, and choose your preferred trading pair – it could be BTC/VND or USDT/VND. Remember that spot trading comes with a 0.1% fee on exchanges like Binance and Bitget, but it gets higher on others like BitcoinVN.

Protect your Cryptos: After purchasing your cryptocurrencies, you have to take your coins off the exchange. This is advisable to protect your investment. You can withdraw your cryptocurrencies to a cold storage wallet like Safepal.


Final Thoughts

Crypto trading is legal in Vietnam. You can easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges like Binance, Bitget, or BitcoinVN.

Without a doubt, Binance is still considered the best crypto exchange in Vietnam since it’s easy to use, secure, and supports VND deposits/withdrawals.

Of course, crypto exchanges like OKX, Bitget, and Bybit are also great. However, BitcoinVN fees are higher than the competition.


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