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6 Best Crypto Exchanges UAE 2024 – Licensed and Regulated


February 25, 2024
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best crypto exchange in uae

Find out which crypto exchanges are the top players in the UAE. In this guide, we will reveal our analysis to present you with the best cryptocurrency trading platforms for citizens from the United Arab Emirates. We covered all important factors such as features, fees, reliability, security, customer support, and more.


Best Crypto Trading Platforms in UAE

When it comes to choosing the right crypto exchange in the UAE, you also must consider the required licenses to operate in the area. In this case, we only present you with the best crypto exchanges that are licensed and free to operate in all areas of the United Arab Emirates. Most of the crypto trading platforms in this guide even offer fiat AED on- and offramps, meaning you can easily send cryptos from the exchange back to your bank account to cash out your profits.

Let’s start this article about the best UAE crypto exchange with a quick overview of the top choices so you already know what to expect!

  1. Bybit – Overall Best Crypto Exchange in UAE
  2. Binance – Most comprehensive UAE crypto exchange
  3. OKX – High liquidity crypto exchange
  4. Kraken – Oldest crypto exchange
  5. Bitstamp – Basic and robust crypto platform
  6. Coinbase – Very userfriendly for newbies


Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in UAE Reviewed

Now, let’s jump into the review of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the UAE. If you are seeking more information about each individual exchange, rest assured that we have comprehensive reviews about every cryptocurrency exchange. We will add the links to the full review too, in case you wish to know everything about the platforms!


1. Bybit

Bybit is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. With over 25 million users in over 180 different countries and 1500+ employees, Bybit has risen to the top 2 exchanges globally sorted by daily trading volume with over $10 billion. We consider Bybit to be the best cryptocurrency exchange in the UEA.

What we love about Bybit is the fact that its headquarters are located in the UAE in Dubai. This means that it is closely working with local laws and regulators. As Bybit is a licensed and legitimate crypto exchange, it requires new users to verify their identity with the KYC procedure. After verifying your identity, you can start depositing, trading, and withdrawing.

Bybit even supports fiat currency payments for buying cryptos. AED is also supported, meaning that United Arab Emirates citizens can conveniently purchase cryptos using their native currency Dirham.

Bybit is a professional crypto trading platform. Therefore, users can access one of the best derivatives trading platforms in the world. On the spot and margin trading market, Bybit supports over 420 cryptos with up to 10x margin and Bybit offers 200 different digital assets on its futures platform with up to 125x leverage on major cryptos like BTC. The futures fees are very low at 0.02% maker and 0.055% taker fees. In terms of liquidity, Bybit also ranks very high which is a key factor to consider for big players.

If you are looking for other crypto-related products aside from crypto trading, Bybit has you covered with numerous options. Some of these are Options trading, NFT trading, copy trading, or bot trading. For passive income, Bybit also has options like staking, mining, liquidity farming, and more.

The dashboard and interface of Bybit are very well designed, making it easy to use, even for beginners. But also advanced traders will find everything they need. Bybit even supports some of the most advanced trading tools such as TWAP and Iceberg orders.

If you need assistance on the Bybit crypto exchange, you can easily get in touch with the 24/7 live chat in the bottom right corner. The Bybit customer support staff is very fast and knowledgeable.

If you want to learn more about the platform, you can check out our comprehensive Bybit review.


Visit Bybit


Spot Fees: 0.1% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.055% taker

Supported Cryptos: 432+

Futures Contracts: 200+

AED Payments: Yes, only with bank card, credit card, and Google Pay

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat

Bonus: $30.000 (Claim Now)


👍 Bybit Pros👎 Bybit Cons
✅ Low spot and futures fees❌ No AED trading
✅ Most advanced trading features❌ Slow free demo account
✅ Very user-friendly
✅ Headquarters in UAE, Dubai


2. Binance

Binance is the world’s largest exchange in the world and serves over 180 countries, including the UAE. With over 100 million users and a daily trading volume of over $20 billion, Binance is the number 1 exchange in terms of activity. As Binance is a legitimate crypto exchange, the platform requires users to verify their identity with KYC where you must submit your UAE ID or Passport.

Overall, Binance is the most comprehensive crypto exchange. No other trading platform offers as many crypto-related products and services. However, this also makes Binance a lot more complicated to use. New users might feel overwhelmed and prefer a more user-friendly platform like Bybit.

On the spot market, Binance supports 386 different cryptos on the spot and margin trading market with up to 10x margin. In terms of futures trading, Binance offers 260 different contracts. Most trading pairs are settled in USDT, BUSD, and TUSD. The fees on Binance are also some of the lowest in the game. The spot trading fees are 0.1% for makers and takers, while futures fees start at 0.02% maker and 0.04% taker.

For crypto enthusiasts seeking other crypto products, Binance offers options trading, NFT trading, staking, mining, liquidity farming, prediction markets, bot trading, saving accounts, loans, and even a crypto debit card. Unfortunately, Binance does not have an integrated copy trading feature.

If you are looking for AED on- and offramps, Binance supports the currency via P2P trading. That means you can easily deposit funds and withdraw AED on the Binance peer trading market. You can also buy cryptos in AED from Binance directly with your credit card.

The Binance customer support is great with a 24/7 live chat. The average response time is 2 minutes and the support staff is very knowledgeable.

Create your Binance account and start trading.

Learn more about Binance in our comprehensive Binance review.


Visit Binance


Spot Fees: 0.1% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.04% taker

Supported Cryptos: 380+

Futures Contracts: 260+

AED Payments: Yes, with P2P market

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat

Bonus: $100 (Claim Now)


👍 Binance Pros👎 Binance Cons
✅ Most comprehensive crypto platform❌ Not very user-friendly
✅ Low spot and futures trading fees❌ Slow during high volatility phases
✅ $1 billion security fund❌ Regulatory issues in europe
✅ 350+ digital assets❌ Not available in US and CA
✅ 24/7 live chat support
✅ Best passive income products


3. OKX

OKX is another global play and it secures the number 3 stop in terms of trading volume. With over 15 million users, OKX has a daily trading volume of around $10 billion.

The OKX headquarters are located in Seychelles, however, OKX also has offices in Dubai and is fully operational in the United Arab Emirates. OKX requires partial KYC verification with name and passport or ID number. For higher withdrawal limits, you also must submit photos of your documents.

Similar to Bybit, OKX focuses on crypto trading. With 331 digital currencies on the spot market and 230 contracts on the futures market, OKX has a lot to offer for crypto traders. On the derivatives trading platform, OKX supports leverage of up to 125x.

For newbies and beginners, OKX also offers a great free demo account. OKX also ranked high in our list of the best free demo accounts for crypto traders.

While OKX is one of the best bitcoin exchanges, it is not as user-friendly as other platforms. However, professional traders will have an easy time on the platform.

With low trading fees, OKX is a top choice for serious traders. OKX has a great fee rate for spot traders at 0.08% maker and 0.1% taker. The futures fees are also low, being 0.02% maker and 0.05% taker fees.

If you want to purchase cryptos, you can do so on OKX with your credit card. AED is also supported via Simplex and Banxa which both support credit and debit cards. Another option is P2P Express which supports Bank Transfers and Abu Dhabki Commercial Bank.

One major downside of using OKX is the customer support. Unfortunately, OKX does not offer 24/7 live chat support but only email support. The chat on the website is only an automated bot.

If you want to learn more about OKX, you can read our comprehensive OKX review.


Visit OKX


Spot Fees: 0.08% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.05% taker

Supported Cryptos: 331+

Futures Contracts: 230+

Customer Support: E-mail

Bonus: $10.000 (Claim Now)


👍 OKX Pros 👎 OKX Cons
✅ Low trading fees❌ Extremely advanced, not very user-friendly
✅ Very reliable❌ No live chat support, only e-mail
✅ Great copy trading feature
✅ Advanced order options


4. Kraken

Launched in 2011, Kraken is one of the oldest and most trusted players in the crypto space. The crypto exchange is fully licensed and operates in all areas of the UAE.

The platform takes security very seriously and has a great track record. Kraken is also careful with listing new projects, therefore only listing the most prominent cryptocurrencies. On the spot market, Kraken offers 230+ crypto assets, while derivatives traders can access 110+ futures contracts.

Kraken is a great option for beginners the crypto exchange is separated into two sections. Kraken Pro is for advanced traders and Kraken is for newbies.

For serious traders, Kraken Pro is the way to go with up to 50x leverage. Kraken Pro offers low futures trading fees of 0.02% maker and 0.05% taker. For spot fees, Kraken Pro charges 0.16% make and 0.26% taker fees which is a fairly high rate.

Other popular products on Kraken are margin trading and OTC trading. Aside from crypto trading, Kraken offers staking, mining, and other passive income products.

In terms of customer support, Kraken has you covered with 24/7 live chat.


Visit Kraken


Spot Fees: 0.16% maker / 0.26% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.05% taker

Supported Cryptos: 220+

Futures Contracts: 110+

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat support


👍 Kraken Pros👎 Kraken Cons
✅ Low futures fees❌ High spot trading fees
✅ Very secure and reliable❌ No AED fiat support
✅ User-friendly interface❌ Lacks more advanced features
✅ Great mobile app❌ Low amount of supported crypto assets


5. Bitstamp

Bitstamp was founded in 2011, making it one of the oldest crypto exchange options for UAE citizens. With its headquarters in London and offices in Luxembourg, Bitstamp is a reliable and secure exchange that is fully licensed. Bitstamp is a top crypto exchange platform in the UAE.

Bitstamp is also separated into Bitstamp and Bitstamp Pro. Bitstamp Pro is catering to experienced traders seeking advanced trading tools. Bitstamp on the other side is a rather basic crypto exchange for newbies and inexperienced crypto traders.

The spot trading fees on Bitstamp are 0.3% maker and 0.4% taker fee. There are no futures contracts offered. With only 74 assets, Bitstamp does not offer many cryptos. However, we think that Bitstamp is one of the best choices for newbies looking to get into the crypto market as the exchange is super simple to use.

Bitstamp also offers ways to earn passive income from “Earn Stake” and “Earn Lend” where you can put your crypto to work with flexible terms for APYs as high as 4.5%.

While Bitstamp’s service might sound underwhelming, you should take into consideration that it is one of the most regulated crypto exchanges that strictly follows regulatory frameworks. Therefore, we think that Bitstamp is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the UAE for newbies seeking a secure and reliable, low-risk crypto experience.

One major downside of Bitstamp is the fact that they don’t support payments in AED. That means UAE citizens must use a different crypto platform to deposit funds that support AED payments.


Visit Bitstamp


Spot Fees: 0.3% maker / 0.4% taker

Futures Fees: No futures supported

Supported Cryptos: 70+

Futures Contracts: No futures supported

Customer Support: email support


👍 Bitstamp Pros👎 Bitstamp Cons
✅ Highly regulated exchange❌ No live chat support, only e-mail
✅ Highest security measures❌ Relatively high trading fees
✅ Very user-friendly❌ Lacks advanced crypto trading features
❌ No AED payments


6. Coinbase

Founded in 2012 and located in San Francisco, Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in terms of users. Coinbase is also an old Bitcoin exchange. With over 100 million registered users, Coinbase operates in over 150 countries including the UAE. As with all licensed cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase requires KYC verification so you can start trading.

Coinbase offers a simple way to trade cryptocurrencies. With over 240 different digital currencies on the spot market, Coinbase has a decent selection of cryptos available. Unfortunately, Coinbase does not offer futures trading, therefore, we recommend Coinbase to new users and people who are not looking to trade digital currencies but just buy and hold them. Trading cryptocurrency on Coinbase is not recommended due to the trading costs.

The trading fees on Coinbase start at 0.4% maker and 0.6% taker which is up to 6 times higher than the competition. Coinbase also lacks advanced trading features.

On Coinbase, users can also deposit fiat currencies but unfortunately, AED is not supported.


Visit Coinbase!


Spot Fees: 0.4% maker / 0.6% taker

Futures Fees: No futures supported

Supported Cryptos: 220+

Futures Contracts: No futures supported

Customer Support: email support


👍 Coinbase Pros👎 Coinbase Cons
✅ Reputable exchange❌ High trading fees
✅ Very secure crypto trading platform❌ No AED support
✅ Very user-friendly❌ No Futures
✅ Highly regulated❌ Lacks advanced trading features
❌ Slow e-mail support


Are Crypto Exchanges Legal in the UAE?

Yes, crypto exchanges are legal in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates is a cryptocurrency hot spot which is a key reason why some of the best crypto exchanges in the world are moving to the UAE. One such example is Bybit, the best exchange in UAE. Bybit moved its headquarters to Dubai in 2022 to expand its crypto trading platform.

Those platforms are usually audited by the Abu Dhabi Global Market Authority which is the regulator in the area for financial services. Additionally, cryptocurrency exchanges might have to obtain a commercial license from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Lastly, all companies that want to offer crypto services must be approved by the government of the United Arab Emirates

It is safe to say that the leaders of the UAE understand the importance of digital currencies and they want to strive for progress in this area. Therefore it is important to legalize crypto exchanges in the UAE. The crypto market is steadily growing and the UAE is growing with it.


How to choose the right crypto exchange in the UAE?

When it comes to choosing the right crypto exchange in the United Arab Emirates, there are several key factors to consider.



First and foremost, you should check if the crypto exchange is available in the UAE and holds the required licenses.


Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Another important thing for UAE citizens is if the platform supports fiat money. Is your fiat currency supported? Check if the crypto exchange supports a way to deposit money like AED. Some exchanges even support direct payments for cryptos in AED with credit cards or bank transfers.



What are the fees on the exchange? Here we can separate into trading fees, deposit fees, and withdrawal fees. For most people, the trading fees are the most important thing to look out for, as high trading fees make crypto day trading impossible. You want to look for a trading platform with low fees.

The best cryptocurrency exchanges like Bybit, OKX, and Binance, all offer low deposit and withdrawal fees, as well as low trading fees. Especially on the futures market, these three exchanges perform the best. These platforms also offer advanced trading tools which is another key factor for professional UAE traders.


Security & Reliability

You should never compensate in terms of security. This is something to always take into consideration when choosing a crypto exchange in the UAE. Check if the crypto exchange you want to register on has a clean track record. All crypto trading platforms presented in this guide have a good track record and no investors lost money. Furthermore, Bybit, Binance, OKX, and Kraken offer full proof of reserves. That means that all customer funds are backed on the exchange 1:1.


Customer Support

If you need assistance, a quick solution is always important in the fast-paced crypto world. Some exchanges like Bybit, Binance, or Kraken offer excellent 24/7 live chat support. No matter if it is day or night in the UAE, these exchanges will respond back to you within minutes.

On the other hand, Coinbase only offers e-mail support with a response time of up to 24 hours. This might be acceptable for passive investors, however, day traders might want to go with crypto exchanges that offer faster support.



Newbies might prefer a simple crypto exchange while professional traders want a comprehensive crypto exchange with as much data as possible. Also, try out the dashboard and interface to see if it is working smoothly on your device. As some cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance are absolutely massive, they can perform poorly on older devices. We consider Bybit to be the perfect option as it is a fast and reliable exchange with a lot of data while still being user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Other exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, or Bitstamp are absolutely foolproof but they lack many features and charge high fees.


Final Verdict

Selecting the right crypto exchange in the UAE can be tricky as there are tons of options to choose from and tons of factors to consider. Based on our analysis, the crypto exchanges presented in this article are the top choice for crypto enthusiasts from the UAE. Not only newbies will find what they are looking for, but also advanced traders.

The exchanges presented in our list of the best crypto exchanges in the UAE are licensed and legitimate trading platforms that fully operate in the UAE. You can trade, stake, and mine crypto assets with ease and explore all the possibilities that the crypto markets have to offer.

Overall, we consider Bybit to be the best crypto trading platform for UAE citizens. If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can read our comprehensive Bybit review.



Are crypto exchanges legal in the UAE?

Yes, crypto exchanges are legal in the UAE. In fact, the UAE is popular for its crypto-friendly approach.


What is the best crypto exchange in the UAE?

The best crypto exchange in the UAE is Bybit. It is located in Dubai and therefore a local exchange. Bybit offers over 350 cryptos and has low trading fees. Furthermore, Bybit is a secure and reliable crypto exchange with some of the most advanced features, yet an easy-to-navigate interface, making it a top choice for beginners and advanced traders.


Can I buy Bitcoin in the UAE?

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin in the UAE. Simply register on the crypto exchange of your choice, verify your identity, deposit funds, and purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


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