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What Is Crypto Spot Trading?


January 27, 2024
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So what is spot trading in Crypto? If you want to acquire cryptocurrencies which you can then withdraw to your wallet, you must buy them on the spot market where you own the asset which you purchased.

Spot trading is one of the most prevalent trade methods in the bitcoin market. It comprises purchasing and selling cryptocurrency in exchange for other assets like fiat or other currencies. Spot trading is relatively straightforward compared to different kinds of trading, and it can be performed by anybody with a basic grasp of exactly how the market operates.

We’ll go through how Spot trading works in the cryptocurrency world and the distinctions between trading crypto as a spot asset and a CFD.


What Is Spot Trading in Cryptocurrency?

Spot trading is a straightforward strategy in which traders purchase digital currencies and wait for their value to grow. For instance, when trader Susan buys a stake in Bitcoin, she intends to sell it for an enormous profit later.

You acquire the ownership of an asset using your funds in spot trading. It implies that you can only purchase the amount you can afford with your money. As a result, it is seen as more secure than that other trading marketplaces as there is no leverage involved. When trading on the futures market with leverage, in the worst-case situation, you lose all of your money as the exchange forces you to close the position. This is called a liquidation. In spot trading however, even if the token loses a lot of value, you will not be compelled to sell in this market. For this reason, many traders refer to the spot market as the safer one.


How Do You Make Money from Spot Trading?

Spot traders often acquire assets, such as bitcoin or equities, at a cheap cost and await their values to grow before trading them. Due to the complexity of spot trading, this investing style enables you to retain your tokens for an extended period.

Several traders utilize spot marketplaces to dollar-cost-average into their preferred currencies. They hope the open bull market will benefit and find the answer to the question, “what is spot trading in crypto?”. Because most cryptocurrencies ultimately rise, patient traders often earn big returns.

It is important to note that earnings are only achieved once you trade your cryptocurrency for fiat cash or your preferred stablecoin. Other than buying stocks in traditional markets delivers gains in dividends when corporations pay a percentage of their revenues to shareholders, cryptocurrencies do not pay out dividends. You must sell your cryptocurrencies yourself to ensure your profits.


Where can you trade cryptocurrencies on the spot market?

Let’s look at each form of the cryptocurrency spot market:


1. Centralized Exchanges (CEXs)

Centralized exchanges (CEXs such as MEXC or Binance), like conventional stock markets and online brokerage firms, perform large-scale crypto transactions by matching buyers and sellers utilizing the order book method. Centralized exchanges are without a doubt the most known way to trade the cyptocurrency spot market as it is easily accessible to people frrom from all around the world.

CEXs also offer custody options, letting users transfer and hold cryptocurrency resources on their network. Using centralized exchanges, you may benefit from more liquidity on your favorite asset, faster transaction times, privacy, and client protection. CEXs charge users trading fees on every trade they do to provide these services. CEXs are now the most popular way to enter the cryptocurrency spot market.


2. Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

Decentralized exchanges (such as GMX or DYDX) enable consumers to join the spot cryptocurrency market without needing brokers or mediators. Users connect their personal wallet and trade against the availability in a smart contract known as an automatic marketer instead of the old P2P technique or CEXs.

When using decentralized exchanges, people trade cryptocurrency straight from their wallets without giving up ownership of their assets. You may join the spot market using decentralized exchange without giving up your privacy or eliminating counterparty concerns.
DEX trading costs usually a bit higher than centralized exchanges, but come with higher security as nobody can just run away with your funds. However, when their public blockchains become overcrowded, transaction costs might increase. DEXs also have limited liquidity. but are more user-friendly than their centralized counterparts as DEXs are not overloaded with unnecessary features.


3. Peer-to-peer Trading(P2P)

Many people desire to answer the question, what is P2P in Crypto? So basically, Peer-to-peer trading is a type of trading in the crypto market. Peer-to-peer trading enables users to exchange cryptocurrency with one another. Peer-to-peer trading, like OTC, may be conducted without the participation of 3rd parties or brokers.
P2P trading allows users to have greater control over their trading operations, such as selecting vendors and customers, settling time, price, and payment methods. Most P2P systems need sellers and buyers to set offers and bids based on their preferences.

While P2P has many advantages, the trading conditions may be dangerous without 3rd parties arranging deals among dealers via escrow services. P2P trading may also be restricted by a lack of liquidity and a lengthy settlement period.


4. Over the counter (OTC)

Over-the-counter (OTC) spot trading happens between two parties from outside cryptocurrency exchanges. Market participants are dealers/brokers who offer multiple rates at which they’ll buy/sell a coin. OTC trade is often less expensive than exchange trading, and the price is only sometimes revealed to other parties.

OTC spot markets are often independent and far less regulated than the currency market. Furthermore, they let traders purchase and sell larger quantities of cryptocurrency without affecting the market price.

  • Buy crypto assets and transfer them to your own wallet which means you have full owndership of whatever crypto you are holding.
  • Spot trading is straightforward to understand. You can calculate your profit or risk easily when trading in the spot market as no leverage is involved.
  • Spot trading enables users to buy cryptocurrency holdings for other purposes, such as conducting payments online, even with a crypto debit card like from Binance.
  • Spot trading allows you to invest in a much larger variety of currencies, as compared to other methods of trading, like futures trading, which have fewer currency pairings.
  • Unlike on the futures and derivatives market, on the spot market, you actually own the asset that you purchase, and you can send it to your own wallet to secure it safely.
  • Easily accessible
  • Spot trading cannot offer the same flexibility and functions as CFD or futures markets.
  • Compared to CFD or margin investing, the potential profits in spot trading are lower.
  • The fees are usually higher than on the futures market
  • You can only long (buy), but not short. That means you can not hedge the market.


Is Spot Trading Suitable for Newcomers?

Most beginners might be thinking, what is Spot trading in Crypto? Or their parents might ask, Is cryptocurrency spot trading suitable for newbies? Spot trading cryptocurrency may be an excellent method to generate income, but it’s also risky. Whereas spot trading may be a fantastic method to earn some money, there’s no assurance that you’ll benefit, but you might gain money if, indeed, the market skyrockets. Yet, without a doubt: Buying on the spot market is one of the safest ways to get your foot into the door of the cryptocurrency trading world.

It’s vital to note that the crypto market is always very volatile, with values changing often. However, you must decide which assets to trade and have a thorough grasp of the marketplace before choosing any cryptocurrency. But as mentioned above, spot trading, as opposed to others, is the best alternative for both experts and beginners.


How Do You Decide Between a Spot and a Margin?

Spot and margin trades are typical trading methods in the crypto market and various other markets, such as equities, currencies, commodities, and bonds. The decision is heavily influenced by a dealer’s tolerance for risk and personal situation. The main distinction would be that margin trading employs leverage, whereas spot trade does not. While you can do margin trading on the spot market to accumulate cryptocurrencies, you also have to pay interest on the borrow amount which can be complicated. If you want to trade with leverage, we recommend to use the futures and derivates market instead as the fees are lower and there is no interest that you have to pay.

Risk and reward frequently go hand-in-hand, so for individuals ready and capable of taking on greater risk in exchange for the possibility of higher rewards, margin trading might be a choice. For more traditional traders, spot trading may be less dangerous and easier to execute compared to margin or even futures trading.



We hope you have the precise answer to “what is spot trading in crypto.” Furthermore, before investing in digital currencies or using spot trading tactics, it is advisable to undertake due diligence and risk evaluation to prevent losses.
Each trader has a distinct risk-return profile, and considering the unpredictable cryptocurrencies, one should analyze the benefits and drawbacks of their selected trading technique (in this instance, spot trading).



What is Spot trading in the cryptocurrency space?

When you are trading on the spot market, you actually buy and own the tokens. That means you could also transfer them to your own wallet. On the futures market you do not own any coin, but only a contract representing the underlying asset. So if you want to own Bitcoin (BTC) or any other cryptocurrency, you must buy them on the spot market.


Where can I trade the cryptocurrency spot market?

The easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies on a spot market is to use a centralized exchange such as Binance or MEXC.


Is it safe to trade cryptocurrencies on the spot market?

There are no guarantees in trading so we can not say if it is safe or not. We recommend to never trade with more than what you can afford to lose. Especially when you are new to trading you should practice a lot with very little or no money (demo account).


How much does it cost to trade online?

This varies a lot. Some trading platforms like MEXC allow you to trade with 0% maker fees on the spot market. That means the fees for limit orders are 0%. The industry average for the spot market fees is 0.1% maker and 0.1% taker.


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