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Best Crypto Exchanges Denmark 2024: Best Platforms


February 5, 2024
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Best Crypto Exchanges Denmark 2024

Are you searching for the best crypto exchange in Denmark? Cryptocurrencies are gaining global recognition, and many investors are considering entering this market.

The most secure way to acquire cryptocurrencies in Denmark is through exchanges authorized by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

These exchanges allow you to deposit Danish Krone (DKK) via Dankort, bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards in a regulated environment.


Top 6 Best Crypto Platforms in Denmark Reviewed

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the legal and practical aspects of cryptocurrency investment in Denmark. You’ll discover six top crypto exchanges operating within the boundaries of Danish regulations. So keep reading to learn all about it!

  1. Bitget – Best Crypto Exchange in Denmark Overall
  2. Bybit – Best Alternative Exchange in Denmark
  3. eToro – Beginner Friendly Exchange in Denmark
  4. OKX – Best Crypto Derivatives Exchange in Denmark
  5. Bitpanda – Best European Crypto Exchange in Denmark
  6. – Best Crypto Mobile App in Denmark


1. Bitget

Bitget, founded in 2018, is a prime choice for European crypto traders, offering access to 598 cryptocurrencies. With 20M+ users, it ranks fifth globally on CoinMarketCap.

Regulated by FinCEN, Bitget operates in 120+ countries, providing a robust spot and derivatives market with 100x leverage and low fees. It’s ideal for active European traders with high liquidity and 300+ futures contracts.

Adding to its standout features, the exchange offers passive income options like staking, mining, and copy trading.


Spot Fees: 0.1% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.06% taker

Supported Cryptos: 598

Futures Contracts: 300+

DKK Payments: credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, PIX, Discover, and more.

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat, email, social media channels.

Bonus: $4163 Sign Up Bonus + 30% off fees (Use code: nzxy)

👍 Pros👎 Cons
✅ Low trading fees❌ Advanced tools can be confusing for beginners
✅ Passive income products❌ Not available in US
✅ User-friendly interface
✅ Full proof of reserves
✅ 500+ cryptocurrencies
✅ Supports copy trading


Visit Bitget!


2. Bybit

Bybit is Denmark’s second-best cryptocurrency exchange, offering 440+ cryptocurrencies, 300 spot trading pairs, and a range of advanced trading features. It provides a user-friendly interface, competitive fees, fast transactions, and free DKK deposits through Dankort and bank transfers.

Additionally, Bybit stands out for its derivatives and futures trading expertise, with substantial liquidity and offering impressive leverage of up to 100x. The exchange also supports staking and crypto loans, enabling users to lend, borrow, and earn yields.

With a commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, Bybit continues to thrive as a prominent player in Denmark’s cryptocurrency landscape.


Spot Fees: 0.1% (maker) / 0.1% (taker)

Futures Fees: 0.02% (maker) / 0.055% (taker)

Supported Cryptos: 440+

Futures Contracts: 200+

DKK Payments: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, SEPA, Debit Card, Google Pay, and Maestro.

Customer Support: 24/7 support through email, live chat, and social media channels.

Bonus: Upto $5,020 (Claim Now)

👍 Pros👎 Cons
✅ It offers anonymous trading❌ It supports limited cryptocurrencies
✅ Provides excellent customer service❌ Not available in US
✅ Low withdrawal fees are a notable advantage
✅ Demo accounts are available for users


Visit Bybit!


3. eToro

eToro (Europe) Ltd. is regulated by CySEC and has a cross-border license to serve clients in and outside the European Economic Area. It is trusted by 30+ million European users, especially Danish investors.

Its user-friendly interface and cost-effective DKK deposit options through SEPA transfers, online banking, and debit cards make it one of the best exchanges in Denmark.

As Denmark’s top crypto investment platform, eToro offers its investors 3,000+ assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and more.

Not to mention its unique social trading features like Copy Trading and a Virtual Account. To top it all, eToro features competitive fees with no initial commissions and tight asset spreads.


Spot Fees: 1% buying/selling fees (general trading)

Futures Fees: 1% buying/selling fees (general trading)

Supported Cryptos: 70

Futures Contracts: N/A

DKK Payments: Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Klarna, Dankort, Skrill, SOFORT, and Neteller.

Customer Support: Through online chat support and help tickets.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
✅ Access a wide range of educational resources❌ Customer support options are restricted
✅ Offers access to over 2,000 CFDs for trading❌ The platform has a limited selection of supported cryptocurrencies
✅ Offers zero-commission stock trading❌ The exchange doesn’t integrate with MetaTrader
✅ Ideal for beginners, with a straightforward setup
✅ Features a popular 'CopyTrader' function for tracking top traders
✅ Provides excellent customer service, including live chat support


Visit eToro!


4. OKX

Another one of the best crypto exchanges to consider in Denmark is OKX, a trusted crypto exchange featuring 329 cryptocurrencies and 500 trading pairs.

The platform is regulated by the Money Laundering Prevention Law in Hong Kong and the Virtual Financial Asset Act (VFAA) in Malta. It also follows the guidelines set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Its app comes in three versions, catering to different trading needs. However, if you’re new, go for the user-friendly Lite version. Adding to its features, NFT traders can opt for the Web3 version. Meanwhile, the Pro version offers a wide range of trading tools.

Funding your account on OKX is also straightforward, with various payment options supported by the exchange.

If all this isn’t enough, OKX also offers flexible fees, with discounts for OKB token holders and high-volume traders.


Spot Fees: 0.08% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.05% taker

Supported Cryptos: 329

Futures Contracts: 15

DKK Payments: Zen, Wise, Skrill, Paypal, and Revolut.

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat support.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
✅ High-yield staking with potential returns of over 100% annually❌ Limited currency liquidity for certain assets
✅ Access to both cryptocurrency spot and derivative markets❌ Limited fiat withdrawal choices
✅ Low trading fees starting at 0.10%
✅ A selection of 350+ cryptocurrencies and NFTs with 650+ trading pairs
✅ Payment options include hundreds of local methods


Visit OKX!


5. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a popular exchange in Denmark, directly regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet).

Originally headquartered in Vienna, Austria, Bitpanda now serves the Danish market, offering a wide range of services, including trading over 3,000 cryptocurrencies, ETFs, stocks, and more.

It’s one of the few European exchanges providing secure cryptocurrency staking services and ensuring full compliance, accepting Danish Krone (DKK) deposits from all Danish banks and various payment methods.

Bitpanda also extends its offerings to include around 100 other assets for its 2M+ users, making it a compelling choice for Danish investors exploring the crypto world.


Spot Fees: 1.49% (buying), 1.29% (selling) for simple trading.

Futures Fees: 1.49% (buying), 1.29% (selling) for simple trading.

Supported Cryptos: 200+

Futures Contracts: N/A

DKK Payments: Debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers.

Customer Support: You can contact them through Telegram or email.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
✅ Affordable fees for European Bitcoin buyers using credit or debit cards❌ Lack of advanced trading options
✅ Seamless, real-time automated transactions❌ Limited customer support options
✅ User-friendly and intuitive platform navigation❌ High trading fees
✅ Catering to large investors with savings plans and OTC crypto options
✅ Equipped with a comprehensive and secure wallet app


Visit Bitpanda!


6., based in Singapore, ranks as Denmark’s sixth-best cryptocurrency exchange. With 50+ million global users, it accepts Danish Krone (DKK) payments and offers automatic tax return services for Danish investors, similar to eToro.

Regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the exchange provides access to 287 cryptocurrency pairs, futures, and perpetual contracts with up to 10x leverage.

Moreover, new tokens on the exchange often debut at a 50% discount, and automatic dollar-cost averaging is available. Note that only cryptocurrency deposits are accepted.

Additionally, the app allows instant purchase of 250+ cryptocurrencies and supports staking. This allows users to earn up to 14.5% on staked assets.

What further makes the exchange stand out is its DeFi wallet, featuring robust staking options and flexible network fee settings.


Spot Fees: 0% (maker)/ 0.0660% (taker) with 12% off for level 1 sellers

Futures Fees: 0% (maker)/ 0.0299% (taker) with 12% off for level 1 sellers

Supported Cryptos: 287

Futures Contracts: 40+

DKK Payments: bank transfers, credit cards, SEPA.

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat, email, and social media channels.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
✅ Access to 250+ cryptocurrencies❌ Lack of transparency regarding app crypto fees
✅ Highly-rated smartphone app❌ Imposes a 3.5% transaction fee for credit card transactions
✅ Accepts DKK (Danish Krone)
✅ Sleek and user-friendly interface
✅ Transparent staking options
✅ High-security measures
✅ It’s DeFi wallet is completely free




How to Choose the Right Crypto Exchange in Denmark?

Selecting the ideal crypto exchange in Denmark can be a pivotal decision for your cryptocurrency journey. Below are the key factors to consider when choosing an exchange:



Ensure that your chosen cryptocurrency platform operates under the regulation of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) or relevant international authorities, providing a secure and compliant environment.


Sign-Up Offers

It is always better to explore platforms offering sign-up bonuses or rewards, as these can add value to your initial cryptocurrency investments, even in Denmark.


Usage Ease

A positive user experience goes beyond simple website navigation. Consider your preferred trading methods.

Will you be trading on your mobile device? How do you plan to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio? Are specific tools, charts, or software integrations essential to your trading strategy?

With these considerations in mind, evaluate whether the exchange aligns with your trading needs. For instance, if you intend to trade frequently on the go, prioritize exchanges with top-notch cryptocurrency apps in Denmark for a seamless mobile trading experience.



Consider the fee structures of different platforms, assessing trading fees, deposit and withdrawal costs, and any potential discounts or reductions based on platform-specific tokens or loyalty programs.


Tools & Features

Evaluate the tools and features available on each platform, including trading options, staking opportunities, and any unique features that align with your investment goals.


Payment Methods

Given the limited acceptance of Danish Krone (DKK), it is always best to look for an exchange that supports more DKK payment options.

However, you can make crypto investment easier in Denmark by opening a EUR account (if you don’t have one) and choosing platforms supporting Euro (EUR) deposits through SEPA.


Customer Service

Lastly, while most platforms rely on live chat or ticket systems, consider the efficiency and responsiveness of customer support when selecting your exchange in Denmark.


How to Buy Crypto on an Exchange in Denmark?

In Denmark, acquiring cryptocurrencies is straightforward due to the country’s favorable regulatory stance. Here’s a simplified guide for purchasing crypto in Denmark:

  • Sign Up on an Exchange: Start by selecting and signing up on a platform regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA). Popular options include Bitget, Bybit, eToro, and OKX. When choosing, consider their features, supported assets, and fee structures.
  • Verify Your Identity: To ensure a secure and compliant trading environment, complete an account verification process on your chosen exchange. This process will include
    • Identity Verification: You must provide valid documents such as a passport or government ID card to confirm your identity.
    • Address Verification: Proof of residency documents may also be requested to verify the user’s address.
    • Selfie Verification: In some cases, you must provide your selfie to the chosen exchange using a smartphone or a desktop webcam as an additional security measure.
  • Deposit DKK: Fund your account with Danish Krone (DKK) using online banking, bank transfers, or debit/credit cards.
  • Buy Cryptocurrency: Navigate to the trading section of the platform, select your desired cryptocurrency, and place an order.
  • Secure Your Assets: In the end, transfer your purchased cryptocurrencies to a private wallet for added security.


Is Cryptocurrency Legal in Denmark?

Yes, cryptocurrency is allowed in Denmark. The Danish Central Bank and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) oversee and control the usage of cryptocurrencies within the nation.

Nevertheless, the Danish government doesn’t classify cryptocurrency as a currency or a financial tool. Instead, it’s treated as property and is subject to taxation accordingly.


Summing Up!

In summary, our curated list of the best crypto exchanges in Denmark encompasses a diverse array of options to cater to various trader preferences.

Bitget is the top choice for excellence, while Bybit, eToro, OKX, BitPanda, and follow closely, each bringing unique strengths.

So, whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, these Denmark-based crypto exchanges offer tailored solutions to align with your specific requirements and kickstart your trading journey.


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