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Best Crypto Exchanges in Pakistan: Licensed Platforms (2024)


January 25, 2024
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Best Crypto exchanges in Pakistan

The global popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing, and the industry has passed a trillion-dollar with huge market potential. Many countries and financial institutions are embracing this market. In this regard, Pakistan is not left behind. Crypto enthusiasts in Pakistan should make sure to use a platform that complies with the laws and regulations of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

That is why we have thoroughly investigated hundreds of crypto exchanges in Pakistan to give you the best platforms. We focus on regulatory compliance and the most significant features to present Pakistan’s top 7 crypto exchanges.


Top 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Pakistan Reviewed

Our team has done an in-depth review of the top secure platforms worldwide. We evaluated their features, deposit and withdrawal options, security, cryptocurrencies available, fees, user interface, and customer support. Below, we have prepared reviews of the Best Crypto exchanges in Pakistan. Seven companies that have considerable followers in Pakistan were selected and compared. Taking all factors into account, here you will find a full review of the best crypto exchanges in Pakistan right now.

This analysis has ranked the best seven Crypto Exchanges. Here are our top picks for the best crypto exchanges for Pakistan traders:


  1. Bitget – Best Overall
  2. Binance – Most comprehensive Exchange
  3. Bybit – Best for Mobile Users
  4. Kucoin – Trading Bots
  5. OKX – Best for Low Fees
  6. Bitstamp – Friendly Interface
  7. Coinbase – Best for Beginners


1. Bitget – Best Overall

The first crypto exchange on our list of the best crypto exchanges in Pakistan is Bitget. Bitget was granted a license by Lithuanian as well as US authorities with an MSB license and is legaly operating in over 180 countries. The platform is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges that started its operations in 2018. Bitget is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange. Bitget empowers over 20 million users and has achieved a 24-hour volume of over $5 billion. Today, Bitget supports over 350 cryptocurrencies.

Various crypto trading products are offered at Bitget, including futures, spot trading, and contracts. It also offers various services, order types, margin trading, and automatic trades.

Bitget Exchange is a user-friendly cryptocurrency platform that offers copy trading, spot, and derivatives. The sign-up process is easy, and its availability on mobile apps and the web makes it accessible to all traders in Pakistan. As mentioned, the platform emphasizes copy trading and derivatives, utilising perpetual future contracts for derivatives trading and providing leverage, which goes up to 125x.

Another good thing about Bitget is that fees are not high. It has fixed fees for contracts, spot, and futures trading. It gives a 0.1% commission for transactions on the spot market; however, fees are reduced to 0.08% when paid by BGB. The spot trading fees for makers and takers are 0.05%, while futures fees are set at 0.02% for makers and 0.06% for takers.

Bitget introduced P2P crypto trading service to Pakistan users. Pakistani traders are able to buy and sell USDT with PKR using P2P service. The buying and selling with P2P comes with zero fees.

Moreover, Bitget takes the security of traders seriously and applies advanced security measures to protect their money and personal data. One of the methods they use is cold storage for funds and regular security audits. Also, to protect users’ accounts, Bitget uses two-factor authentication and will notify you via email every time a login or withdrawal is detected.

If you have an issue or need urgent assistance, Bitget is ready to help you! — They have 24/7 localized language customer support to help. Key customers can even enjoy one-on-one comprehensive assistance.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can check out our full Bitget review.


Spot Fees: 0.05%

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker and 0.06% taker

Supported Cryptos: 350+

Deposit Methods: 0% fee PKR payments and crypto purchases with Peer 2 Peer market.

Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat Customer Support


👍 Bitget Pros👎 Bitget Cons
✅ Low trading fees❌ Extremely advanced crypto exchange
✅ User-friendly Interface❌ Advanced tools can be confusing for beginners
✅ PKR Payments via P2P❌ Not available in the United States
✅ Passive Income Products
✅ 500+ cryptocurrencies
✅ Copy Trading
✅ $300 million protection fund


Visit Bitget


2. Binance – Largest Crypto Exchange

Binance was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong and is a fully regulated and licensed crypto exchange. And today is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of volume of daily trading. Currently, they are averaging over $1 billion in daily trades, making this platform one of the best exchange trading in the world and Pakistan. Once you create an account, you can trade with up to 20x leverage.

Binance Pakistan allows over 350 cryptocurrencies. Some available cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Binance, Chainlink, Litecoin, Cardano, and Binance USD.

Binance is an innovative crypto exchange that offers low spot trading fees, futures trading, margin trading, native assets (Binance USD and Binance Coin), a massive variety of digital currencies, and various blockchain products.

The site uses the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum to offer NFTs that can be stored securely inside the Trust Wallet. Traders can freely move these tokens between the two blockchains.

Binance also has the lowest fees in the industry. The spot trading fee is 0.1% for makers and takers, and futures fees are 0.02% for makers and 0.04% for takers. The platform also applies its own blockchain and coins. Trading with BNB will lower the cost than other options. A trader using BNB can get a 25% discount on trading fees.

Binance is also offering Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading for Pakistan users which allows traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly, avoiding a centralized exchange. On P2P, takers can enjoy zero trading fees.

You will not be charged the depositing fees at Binance unless you are depositing via a credit card or any other method where the third party charges the fee.

Regarding security, Binance is not left behind; customers are asked to create a two-factor authentication when creating an account. Two-factor authentication (2FA) gives an extra level of security that sends a unique code to your mobile phone number every time you try to log in or withdraw money.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can check out our full Binance review.


Spot Fees: 0.1% for both maker and taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker and 0.04% taker

Supported Cryptos: over 350

Deposit Methods: PKR crypto purchases via P2P. Payment options are Raast, Meezan Bank, Bank Transfer and Easypaisa-PK Only.

Customer Support: Binance provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and an online ticketing system for Pakistani users.


👍 Binance Pros👎 Binance Cons
✅ Low trading fees❌ Extremely advanced crypto exchange
✅ User-friendly Interface❌ Advanced tools can be confusing for beginners
✅ PKR Payments via P2P❌ Not available in the United States
✅ Passive Income Products❌ No copy trading
✅ 125x Leverage
✅ $1 billion SAFU protection fund


Visit Binance


3. Bybit

Another top crypto exchange in Pakistan is Bybit. This top cryptocurrency exchange was started in 2018 by former international currency broker Ben Zhou. Bybit is registered in the British Virgin Islands. Initially, Bybit was located in Singapore and Hong Kong, but later, its headquarters were moved to the United Arab Emirates, where they are currently located.

Bybit supports 420+ cryptos with up to 10x margin and 200 different digital assets on its futures platform, with leverage going up to 125x on major cryptocurrencies like BTC.

With Bybit, you can get services such as the spot, futures, margin, and options markets. There are always many opportunities for trading on the platform, which is perfect for active traders.

They are well known for their Spot and Futures Trading markets, where traders have many cryptocurrencies available to trade 24/7 with very low fees and deep liquidity.

ByBit offers the lowest fees in the cryptocurrency market, offering spot trading at 0.01% and 0.06% for taker and maker, respectively. In contrast, futures trading is 0.03% for the maker and 0.01% for the taker.

Bybit also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android versions, and it’s a great app that will let you do everything that the desktop web provides. Bybit has an intuitive trading terminal that is very powerful and has robust features.

Like many top exchanges in Pakistan, Bybit is also supporting the PKR (Pakistani rupee) on the P2P Trading platform, meaning that you can buy and sell crypto on P2P Trading using PKR. P2P on Bybit doesn’t charge any transaction fees for both buyer and the seller.

Bybit has four broad types of derivatives. A futures contract is a kind of agreement to buy and sell assets at a fixed price in the future. Users try to go long by forecasting an increase in price so they can buy cheaper than other traders or go short by forecasting the price decrease to sell at a higher price than others.

Regarding security, Bybit ensures its users’ funds are secure by using a dual wallet mechanism. Most traders’ funds are stored in cold wallets to enhance security.

Bybit customer support is always there for you 24/7. It means that you can always contact them if you have any issues using the platform, want to learn more about specific features, or simply ask for some tips.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can check out our full Bybit review.


Spot Fees: 0.1% for the maker and 0.1% for the taker

Futures Fees: 0.1% and 0.055% for maker and taker

Supported Cryptos: 420+

Mobile App: Available for iOS and Android

Customer Support: Bybit support team is available 24/7 through email, live chat support, and social media.


👍 Bybit Pros👎 Bybit Cons
✅ Low trading fees❌ No Security Fund
✅ Most Advanced Trading Features❌ Can Be Slow During High Volatility
✅ PKR Payments via P2P❌ Not available in the United States
✅ Great Copy Trading
✅ 125x Leverage


Visit Bybit


4. Kucoin

KuCoin is the number 4 cryptocurrency exchange in Pakistan that launched its operations in in 2017. KuCoin aims to offer a reliable, simple, and secure platform for crypto investors.Kucoin is a crypto exchange platform that is based in the Seychelles and has a varied license.

KuCoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, with over 25 million users worldwide. The platform is best known as a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows over 700 crypto assets.

All kinds of traders can benefit from KuCoin’s low fees, advanced features, and many coins. KuCoin has emerged as the best exchange platform catering to new and experienced traders in the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry. The platform offers strong security measures, many cryptocurrencies, and the best user-friendly interface, providing a seamless trading experience.

KuCoin offers very low trading fees. The fees for spot trading are 0.1% and can be reduced down to 0.08% if you pay fees using KCS coins. Also, futures trading fees are lower, at 0.02% for makers and 0.06% for takers.

We found the KuCoin exchange to be the best-suited for more advanced-level traders who want to use sophisticated products like margins, futures, and more.

Buying and selling has been made easy for Pakistan users. Buy crypto in Pakistan with PKR with Lowest Fees. Buy crypto in Pakistan with PKR with Lowest Fees.

Designed for best compatibility, the Kucoin system can be utilized on various devices, such as desktops and Android mobile devices. KuCoin was one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to provide a fully loaded mobile app. All features on the desktop version are available on the mobile app.

Kucoin offers customer support across different platforms, including live online support and 24/7 access to support teams. You will be pleased to notice that the KuCoin platform is straightforward to use. Everything from depositing to trading is very straightforward.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can check out our full Kucoin review.


Spot Fees: 0.1%

Futures Fees: 0.02% for makers and 0.06% for takers

Supported Cryptos: 700+ cryptocurrencies

Mobile app: Yes (Android and IOS)

Customer Support: Help is available 24/7. Chatbot, Ticket System, Help Center, and Live Chat.


👍 Kucoin Pros👎 Kucoin Cons
✅ 100x Leverage❌ No Security Fund
✅ 700 Cryptos Supported❌ Lacks Advanced Features
✅ PKR Payments via P2P❌ Not available in the United States
✅ Bot Trading


Visit Kucoin


5. OKX

OKX was started in 2017 by Mingxing “Star” Xu to offer a secure crypto platform. Initially, the platform was based in Beijing, but later, OKX closed its Chinese offices. Its current offices are located in the Seychelles and it operates legally with a varied licence. For the past years, OKX has been operating; it has been trusted by over 50 million in over 100 countries.

OKX is one of the most recognized crypto exchanges in the world when it comes to trading volume. The site serves millions of users worldwide and provides access to many trading pairs and tokens. In addition to futures trading, it also offers a range of services. This includes Margin trading, Spot trading, Options, Decentralized finance (DeFi), Perpetual swaps, Lending, over 350 cryptocurrencies, and Crypto mining services.

The platform offers an easy-to-use interface allowing Pakistan newbies and experienced traders to trade cryptocurrency on the platform. The platform offers a vast selection of crypto assets with over 140 digital tokens and over 400 BTC and USDT pairs.

OKX has billions in daily trading volume and a 0.08% maker and 0.10% taker fee on spot trades. Futures and Perpetuals offer a 0.02% maker fee and a 0.05% taker fee.

OKX traders can trade many digital assets and pairs on the exchange. Moreover, users can check the NFT marketplace, receive crypto-backed loans, and use the site’s yield-generation features to get passive income.

We also noticed that OKX offers an excellent platform for financial securities, and robust security measures are highly prioritized, making it a gorgeous option for professional and beginner traders. As a result, this platform is safer than other crypto exchanges. There are also cold storage and distributed server clusters for customers’ assets. The crypto exchange also is known for its secure bank-level SSL encryption.

Today you can enjoy P2P on OKX. P2P on OKX is an open marketplace that lets users buy and sell digital assets like Tether, Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrencies. Trading with P2P comes with Zero fees.

OKX mobile app is a great and convenient tool that offers the best trading experience. It offers access to all OKX markets, including spot, futures, and margin trading.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can check out our full OKX review.


Spot Fees: 0.08% maker and 0.10%

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker fees and 0.05% taker

Supported Cryptos: 350+ cryptocurrencies

Mobile app: Available for iOS and Android

Customer Support: 24/7 customer support via email, live chat, online ticketing system, and social media platforms.


👍 OKX Pros👎 OKX Cons
✅ Very Low Trading Fees❌ No Security Fund
✅ Lowest Deposit Fees❌ Complicated To Use
✅ Educational Section for Beginners❌ Not available in the United States
✅ Best Copy Trading❌ No 24/7 Live Support
✅ Deep Liquidity


Visit OKX


6. Bitstamp

Bitstamp is the oldest crypto exchanges, providing a user-friendly platform. The company has been in operation since 2011. Bitstamp was started by Nejc Kodric and Damijan Merlak in Slovenia, and since then, it has expanded its reach to 100+ countries and serves over 4 million. Traders will be able to trade over 70 cryptocurrencies at Bitstamp.

Bitstamp is one of the most favorite crypto exchange platforms in Pakistan. The spot trading fees on Bitstamp are excellent, with 0.3% maker and 0.4% taker fee. However, there are no futures contracts provided.

Their mobile app offers unlimited access to trading opportunities since it allows traders to perform and manage trades on the go with support for both iOS and Android devices. The Bitstamp platform is straightforward to use. The interface is inviting and not too flashy, making it easy to understand. Its simple interface offers the best option for both beginners and more advanced traders.

Bitstamp is doing great in customer support compared to many other exchanges. It offers live customer support via a toll-free phone number and several email addresses that are usually replied to within 24 hours.

Bitstamp prioritized user security and protection by applying better security measures. With funds kept in cold storage, Bitstamp cuts the risk of system hacking and theft.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can check out our full Bitstamp review.


👍 Bitstamp Pros👎 Bitstamp Cons
✅ Very Beginner Friendly❌ Very High Trading Fees
✅ Cheaop Deposit Methods❌ Lacks Advanced Features
✅ Great Mobile App❌ Lacks Margin and Futures Trading
❌ No 24/7 Live Support


Visit Bitstamp


7. Coinbase

Another best Crypto Exchange on our list is Coinbase. This is the largest crypto exchange that is based in the United States and is a fully regulated and licensed crypto exchange. The company has been operating since 2012, making it one of the oldest providers of various crypto-related products. When writing this review, we found that Coinbase enjoyed over 110 million users worldwide and is listed among the largest crypto exchanges.

Trading over 250 cryptocurrencies assures every trader that they will have enough to enjoy at Coinbase. The Coinbase interface is appealing and offers quick and user-friendly, but it also has various features that are friendly to inexperienced users.

Concerning trading fees, Coinbase charges a spot maker fee of 0.40% and a taker fee of 0.60%. However, Coinbase doesn’t have advanced trading features.

Whereas Coinbase is the best fit for newcomers, more advanced traders also interested in using Coinbase Pro can use the same details and credentials on either normal Coinbase or Coinbase Pro.

The mobile app offered by Coinbase is user-friendly, giving an easier way to buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrency. It can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so it’s a great option if you like to use mobile crypto trading.

Another of Coinbase’s best features is its customer support. Besides the online chat system, Coinbase also provides phone support, a feature not available on many cryptocurrency exchanges. You can contact the customer support representative any time, 24/7.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can check out our full Coinbase review.


Spot Fees: 0.40% maker and 0.60% taker

Futures Fees: Lacks trading features.

Supported Cryptos: 250+

Mobile app: Available

Customer Support: Available via email, 24/7 chat, or phone


👍 Coinbase Pros👎 Coinbase Cons
✅ Very Beginner Friendly❌ Very High Trading Fees
✅ Great Mobile App❌ Lacks Advanced Features
✅ Educational Resources for Beginners❌ Lacks Passive Income Products
❌ No 24/7 Live Support


Visit Coinbase


How to Choose a Crypto Exchange in Pakistan

It would help if you made specific considerations when selecting the best crypto exchange in Pakistan. This includes things like fees, licensing, supported coins, and accepted payment methods.

Here, we have explained how to choose the best crypto exchanges in Pakistan in detail:


Almost all crypto exchanges will charge you the same fees while trading. But, the charges will always vary from sale to sale. Some will charge higher while others are lower. Transaction charges of 0.2% or less are generally found on great platforms. Before determining the crypto exchange like, check the trading, withdrawal, deposit, and balance transfer fees.


Almost all the great exchanges in Pakistan are centralized, and they are liable for handling their users’ wallets. Therefore, there haven’t been any cases of security faults as yet. However, a platform that provides good security held by a team of professionals is one of the best crypto exchanges in Pakistan. This means that you can rely on it with your earnings.

The account verification process

When you open an exchange account, you may be required to provide personal details and ID to verify your identity. It’s usually a requirement for any cryptocurrency service to be regulated.

It is advisable to check the verification process before creating your new account. That way, you can have the required documents in hand to have a smooth sign-up process. Or, if you don’t want to provide your details, you can check the crypto exchanges in Pakistan that don’t require verification to use them.

Payment methods

The payment methods accepted by a particular exchange can also make a big difference. Most crypto exchanges will allow free cryptocurrency deposits while still allowing FIAT deposits. Some exchanges will even offer functionality for the e-wallets – for example, PayPal, Skrill, eToro, and Neteller deposits. You can also instantly buy crypto via exchanges like Binance, which don’t require a deposit. It is good to confirm if your favorite option is available.


Some people, like newbies, might prefer a simple crypto exchange, while professional ones like a comprehensive crypto exchange with all the data. You can first try out the dashboard and interface to confirm if it is working well on your device. Some cryptocurrency exchanges are huge, so they can’t perform well on older devices.


Not all crypto exchanges are available in Pakistan. Some exchanges only operate in some countries. When selecting a crypto exchange, you must be sure it has a physical presence in Pakistan. Some exchanges do not operate in Pakistan. You can check our list for the best exchange you can register on in Pakistan.

Customer support:

The best crypto exchanges have well-trained, responsive support teams who can help customers with any problems. You need to pay attention to the exchange’s options and response times. The helpfulness and professionalism of their responses and feedback on the customer support received are essential in determining the best crypto exchange.


Are crypto exchanges legal in Pakistan?

As per the prevailing situation, the Pakistani government has yet to develop the rules regarding crypto. Since there are no set rules to govern crypto trading in Pakistan, you cannot say that it is neither legal nor illegal. Therefore, Cryptocurrencies are not officially regulated in Pakistan; however, it is not illegal or banned. You can sign up and start trading freely on your favorite crypto exchange.



This guide explains the best Crypto exchange in Pakistan. Choose one change that offers products that you like based on our review. You want to take when choosing the best site that offers a low-cost, intuitive platform to start your crypto journey. Exchanges are different and have unique ways of building security precautions, their network, and user experience.

The Pakistan cryptocurrency market offers multiple secure platforms for trading digital currencies. Among the numerous exchanges assessed, Bitget, Binance, Bybit, Kucoin, OKX, Bitstamp, and Coinbase stand out for their best crypto services, extensive digital assets, user-friendly interfaces, and flexible deposit methods.



What is the safest crypto exchange in Pakistan?

The safest exchanges apply stringent security measures, such as 2-factor authentication (2FA), an insurance fund, and cold wallet storage in place.

How much money do you need to buy crypto?

Exchanges have different requirements, often depending on the type of cryptocurrency you want to buy. You may buy fractional shares of coins for pennies or just a few dollars. Check your chosen crypto exchange’s requirements for the coin you want to buy.

How do I open a crypto exchange account in Pakistan?

Creating an account at any crypto exchange platform is typically easy since it only requires you to provide your email address, basic personal information, and a strong password. You might also be required to set up two-factor authentication with your mobile phone number for security purposes.

What are the best crypto exchanges for beginners?

We believe most exchanges listed on this page are the best for beginners, although they have unique strengths and differences.

What is Cryptocurrency exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a business that enables you to trade digital currencies or cryptocurrencies. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges that you can trade on, including Bitcoins, Ethereum, Coinbase, Altcoin, Ripple, and many more.

Can I buy Bitcoin in Pakistan?

Yes, you can buy crypto in Pakistan. The most common way is to sign up for a Pakistan-based crypto exchange and deposit some money; then, you can buy cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, at your leisure.


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