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What is Bridging in Crypto?


May 26, 2024
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Crypto Bridge

What is Bridging in Crypto?

Bridging, in the context of cryptocurrency, refers to the process of connecting two different blockchain networks to enable interoperability and the transfer of assets or data between them.

Blockchain networks typically operate independently, each with its own set of rules, protocols, and native tokens or assets. Bridging facilitates communication and interaction between these networks, allowing users to move assets or data from one blockchain to another. The bridging process could be performed intra or inter chains.


Intra and Inter (cross) Chain Bridging 

Intra chain bridging” refers to mechanisms or protocols that enable the transfer of assets or data within a single blockchain ecosystem but across different applications, layers, or segments of that blockchain. An example of this would be transferring tokens between the Ethereum mainnet and the Layer 2 scaling solution like Arbitrum.

Inter chain bridging on the other hand refers to the mechanisms or protocols that enable the transfer of assets, data, or information between different blockchain networks. An example of this is transfer of tokens between the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain


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