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Best Crypto Exchanges in Estonia 2024


January 25, 2024
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best crypto exchange in estonia

Best Crypto Exchanges in Estonia 2023

Finding the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Estonia can be confusing. With hundreds of options out there, the question arises: What is the best crypto exchange in Estonia?

First and foremost, these exchanges should be regulated and secure. Any crypto exchange in Estonia must abide by AML and CFT laws. The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is the local Estonian regulator for crypto companies.

Other key factors are supported payment methods, products & features, value for money, security, and more.

All cryptocurrency exchanges presented in this article are regulated, comply with AML laws, and require KYC verification.


Top 6 Crypto Trading Platforms in Estonia Reviewed

We have analyzed over 100 crypto platforms to compile a list of the top 6 crypto exchanges that are operating in Estonia.

Read on to find out exactly what the best crypto exchange for your specific needs is in Estonia!

  1. Bitget – Best Overall Crypto Exchange in Estonia
  2. Bitpanda – Best Alternative Exchange in Estonia
  3. Bybit – Best Derivatives Crypto Exchange in Estonia
  4. eToro – Best TradFi + Crypto Exchange in Estonia
  5. Coinbase – Best US-Based Exchange in Estonia
  6. Uphold – Best Beginner Exchange in Estonia


1. Bitget

Bitget is the best all-rounder crypto exchange in Estonia. As the platform is licensed and operates legally in 180 countries, Bitget requires full KYC verification to comply with AML laws. The signup and KYC process is simple, making it easy to start buying and selling cryptos.

For full transparency, Bitget released their full proof of reserves. This means that all user funds are backed on Bitget 1:1. Additionally, Bitget has a $400 million security fund to protect users from third-party attacks.

With over 500 available digital assets, advanced trading options, some of the lowest trading fees, and high leverage, Bitget is one of the best crypto exchanges in Estonia for active trading.

The Bitget interface is well-designed and simple to use, making the exchange great for beginners and experienced traders.

What makes Bitget stand out most is its free Euro deposit options. Estonian crypto enthusiasts can deposit their local fiat currency with 0% fees through SEPA bank transfers. Withdrawals come with a low fixed fee of 0,5€.

Alternatively, you can purchase cryptos directly from Bitget via Credit/Debit Card, Apple and Google Pay, or third-party providers.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, you can read our full Bitget review.


Spot Fees: 0.1% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.05% taker

Supported Cryptos: 500+

Futures Contracts: 240+

Euro Payments: Free Euro deposits and withdrawals through SEPA Bank Transfer Crypto purchases via Credit/Debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat support


Bitget Pros & Cons

👍 Bitget Pros👎 Bitget Cons
✅ Low trading fees❌ Not fully regulated
✅ User-friendly Interface❌ Advanced tools confusing for beginners
✅ Fiat deposits & withdrawals❌ USA not allowed
✅ Passive Income Products❌ Requires KYC
✅ 500+ cryptocurrencies
✅ Copy Trading
✅ Full Proof of reserves


Visit Bitget


2. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is the best alternative crypto exchange in Estonia. What makes Bitpanda a great trading platform is its user-friendly design. Bitpanda is one of the best options for beginners as it only offers basic trading features.

Aside from 200+ cryptos, Bitpanda supports traditional finance assets such as stocks, commodities, precious metals, and more. This makes Bitpanda a great platform for traders not only interested in Bitcoin or other cryptos but also other assets.

With simple Euro payment methods, Estonian users can easily deposit fiat. With multiple payment methods, including Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, and Sofort, Bitpanda makes it easy to purchase crypto on its platform.

If you want to learn more about the platform, check out our Bitpanda analysis.


Spot Fees: 0.15% maker / 0.15% taker

Futures Fees: No futures supported

Supported Cryptos: 240+

TradFi assets: 500+

Euro Payments: Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, and Sofort

Customer Support: Only email support


Bitpanda Pros & Cons

👍 Bitpanda Pros👎 Bitpanda Pros
✅ Very beginner friendly❌ No futures
✅ 300+ cryptos available❌ Low liquidity
✅ Simple € on/off ramps❌ Lacks advanced features
✅ Passive income products❌ No proof of reserves
✅ TradFi + Crypto Assets


Visit Bitpanda


3. Bybit

Bybit is one of the most advanced crypto derivatives platforms for Estonian users. With 400+ cryptos, 125x leverage, some of the lowest trading fees, and high liquidity, Bybit is the perfect option for serious crypto traders from Estonia. The exchange has extremely advanced trading options, features, and order types, making it the perfect place for day traders.

While Bybit has all the key features for experienced crypto traders, it can be confusing for beginners. However, learning how to use Bybit will pay off a lot in the end.

For futures trading, Bybit only charges 0.02% maker and 0.055% taker fees, meaning that it has the lowest fees in this list.

Bybit supports free Euro deposits through Advcash, which is a third-party provider and requires a separate account. Withdrawals are also handled through Advcash.

If you want to learn more about the exchange, make sure to read our comprehensive Bybit review.


Spot Fees: 0.1% maker / 0.1% taker

Futures Fees: 0.02% maker / 0.055% taker

Supported Cryptos: 430+

Futures Contracts: 240+

Euro Payments: Free Euro deposits and withdrawals through Advcash + Crypto purchases via Credit card

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat support


Bybit Pros & Cons

👍 Bybit Pros👎 Bybit Cons
✅ Low fees❌ Very advanced feeatures, confusing for beginners
✅ Great mobile app❌Not available in US
✅ 400+ cryptos❌ Fiat withdrawals only via Advcash
✅ Copy trading & passive income products
✅ Best for derivatives trading


Visit Bybit


4. eToro

eToro is one of the largest digital currency trading platforms in the world. Traders from Estonia can access 70+ cryptos and over 3000+ traditional finance assets, making eToro the perfect all-rounder exchange for traders of all kinds.

The beginner-friendly website makes it easy to buy and sell cryptos and other digital assets with ease. For margin trading, eToro offers up to 3x leverage.

With basic trading features, staking, and copy trading, eToro offers beginners the perfect environment to get their foot into the crypto trading world.

Estonian users can easily deposit funds on eToro. With PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, Sofort, Klarna, and more, eToro has some of the best on/off-ramp options for Euros.

If you want to learn more about the trading platform, check out our full eToro review.


Spot Fees: 1% maker / 1% taker

Futures Fees: No futures supported

Supported Cryptos: 70+

TradFi assets: 3000+

Euro Payments: Euro crypto purchases with credit/debit card or Bank Transfer

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat support


eToro Pros & Cons

👍 eToro Pros👎 eToro Cons
✅ Very beginner friendly❌ Lacks advanced features
✅ Best Euro fiat support❌ Very high trading fees
✅ 3000+ supported assets❌ Only 75 cryptos supported
✅ Crypto + TradFi assets


Visit eToro


5. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, with over 100 million users. The US-based platform is located in California and offers beginners in crypto a simple way to buy and sell digital assets. The platform even has insurance worth up to $ 250,000 for users.

With a crypto wallet, passive income products, and over 300 digital assets, Coinbase has a lot to offer to its users.

For spot trading, Coinbase charges a 0.6% fee per transaction, which means that Coinbase is not recommended for traders, but it is perfect for investors.

Coinbase Users from Estonia can easily deposit Euro via PayPal or Credit/Debit card.

If you want to learn more about Coinbase, make sure to check out our Coinbase analysis.


Spot Fees: 0.6% maker / 0.6% taker

Futures Fees: No futures supported

Supported Cryptos: 300+

Futures contracts: Futures not supported

Euro Payments: Euro crypto purchases with credit/debit card or PayPal

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat support


Coinbase Pros & Cons

👍 Coinbase Pros👎 Coinbase Cons
✅ Very beginner friendly❌ Lacks advanced features
✅ Passive income products❌ High trading fees
✅ Reputable platform❌ No live chat support


Visit Coinbase


6. Uphold

Uphold is a US-based crypto exchange offering trading of over 250 cryptos. With a simple layout and a great mobile app, Uphold is a top choice for beginners in the crypto market. Aside from crypto trading, Uphold offers 50+ stocks and 25 forex currencies for trading.

For crypto trading, Uphold charges 1.4% maker and 1.95% taker fees.

On Uphold, Estonian users can purchase cryptos with Credit/Debit cards, Bank Transfers, Google and Apple Pay, and more. The fees range from 1% to 3,99%.

Learn more about the platform in our Uphold guide.


Spot Fees: 1.4% maker / 1.95% taker

Futures Fees: No futures supported

Supported Cryptos: 250+

Futures Contracts: No futures supported

Euro € Payments: Cheap Euro Bank Transfers, 3.99% Fee on Credit/Debit card payments

Customer Support: 24/7 live chat support


Uphold Pros & Cons

👍 Uphold Pros👎 Uphold Cons
✅ Very beginner friendly❌ Lacks advanced features and liquidity
✅ Great mobile app❌ No futures trading
✅ Euro payments supported❌ High trading fees
✅ Passive income products


Visit Uphold


Is Crypto Legal in Estonia?

Yes, buying, selling, and trading cryptos such as Bitcoin or other digital assets is completely legal in Estonia. However, it is important to register on a legit and reliable crypto exchange that complies with local laws and regulations such as AML and KYC requirements. All platforms presented in our guide fall under this category.

Lastly, it is important to note that crypto profits are taxable, and capital gains tax may apply. We highly recommend consulting with a local tax advisor to help you with your specific needs regarding crypto taxation in Estonia.


How to buy Bitcoin & other Cryptos in Estonia

Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Estonia is very simple and cheap if done right. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to securely purchase Cryptos in Estonia for the best rates.

  1. Choose a Crypto Exchange: First, you have to select a crypto exchange that is operating in Estonia. One key factor to look out for is value for money. For this, Bitget is the best option due to free Euro deposits and low trading fees.
  2. Sign Up & Verify Identity: Legit crypto exchanges like Bitget require KYC verification due to AML laws. The signup process on the exchange is very simple. For Identity verification, you just need a government-issued ID or Passport.
  3. Purchase Cryptos: Now that you are ready to purchase cryptos, head to the spot market and exchange your money for cryptos such as USDT or BTC. Due to the low fees on Bitget, you will only pay 0.1% in fees for purchasing cryptos.
  4. Secure Your Assets: We highly recommend never storing your crypto investments on an exchange. It is always best to send your assets to your cold storage wallet, such as the Ledger Nano X, for optimal security.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies in Estonia is totally legal, straightforward, and secure through exchanges like Bitget, Bitpanda, or Bybit.

Overall, the best crypto exchange in Estonia is Bitget due to its beginner-friendly platform, advanced features and products, free Euro deposits, a wide variety of coins, passive income products, and much more. The platform is suitable for beginners and experienced crypto traders.

Other great options for beginners are Bitpanda, eToro, Uphold, and Coinbase. Bybit, on the other hand, is extremely advanced and our recommendation for experienced day traders.


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