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Benjamin Cowen Net Worth (Into The Cryptoverse)


March 22, 2024
Benjamin Cowen net worth

Without any doubt, professional crypto market analysis is equally profitable as trading itself. It gets even better if you have a large audience who doesn’t just love your trading style and analysis but also trusts your market strategies to provide more wins than losses. That’s the case of Benjamin Cowen, the owner and host of the popular YouTube channel “Into The Cryptoverse,” which as of 2024 worth up to $4 million.

With the success of his YouTube channel and numerous profits since joining the digital trading world, Benjamin Cowen’s net worth today is everyone’s dream. Without further ado, let’s explore Ben Cowen’s career and investments and reveal his eye-catching net worth.


Who is Benjamin Cowen?

Benjamin Cowen (@Intocryptoverse) is somehow secretive about his early life and family history, but he shared the details of his education in several interviews. He attended North Carolina State University, and in 2012, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Additionally, Ben holds both a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of New Mexico School of Engineering. So, he has a career as a nuclear physicist aside from his crypto “side hustle.”

In Ben’s case, education is indeed the best legacy, as it created numerous occupational opportunities even before he delved into the rabbit hole of cryptocurrency trading. Being a bright student, Ben got to work at NASA as an undergraduate research assistant. This was a crucial inclusion to his resume which helped him acquire a full-time job at UNM as a research assistant just after his time at NASA.

Most recently (2018 – 2021), he worked at Sandia National Laboratories—one of only three National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in the US. Not to forget that he was not just any worker but a Senior Member of the Technical Staff and a Postdoctoral Researcher.

With these experiences and many more, Benjamin Cowen built a high-profile CV that made him a lucky charm when it came to market analysis and research. Little did he know that his vast knowledge of market movements and analysis—coupled with social media leveraging—would be a game-changer for him.


What is Benjamin Cowen’s Net Worth?

At the dawn of 2024, Benjamin Cowen’s net worth is $4 million. The bulk of his wealth came through his company, “Into the Cryptoverse,” where he offers exclusive market analysis and crypto updates.

Ben started as a YouTuber specializing in crypto-related updates and analysis on his channel in 2019. Soon, he gained a large following, and subscribers trooped in daily. This is mainly due to the accuracy of his market updates, trend analysis, token forecasts, and other things he broadcasts on his channel.

As soon as he gained a large enough following on YouTube, Ben established a company and website, Into The Cryptoverse. He has not once regretted this move, which is the main source of Benjamin Cowen’s $4 million net worth.


How Did Benjamin Cowen Make His Money?

Via “Into The Cryptoverse,” Ben sells subscription-based membership where he discloses special crypto updates that are not available on his YouTube channel. Interested personnel can choose between the available membership offers on his website to partake in his lectures.

The Premium tier generally costs $129/month or $1,299 per annum. There’s also a special lifetime offer designed for those with a large budget, which costs $3,499.

The number of subscribers on his website is undisclosed. But judging from his reputation and popularity online, surely he has a few hundreds or thousands of subscribers already. Recently, Benjamin predicted that Bitcoin will continue to rise and will hit $100,000 by 2025 – I guess only time will tell.

Also, YouTube rewards him about $7,000 per month based on his jaw-dropping $1.3 million average monthly views. That’s about $84,000 yearly on YouTube alone. Not forgetting that Ben is also very active on Telegram, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter). He uses these media to introduce Into The Cryptoverse to his followers, revealing some of the perks of membership to them.

Lastly, several crypto holdings have bolstered Benjamin Cowen’s net worth. He has a crypto portfolio that includes assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Chainlink, and Polkadot.

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