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How Many People Own HEX?


March 23, 2024
How Many People Own HEX?

Emerging as a notable player in the crypto space, HEX has a noteworthy market capitalization of $498,652,464. With increasing interest in this digital asset, one may ask, how widespread is ownership of HEX? This article looks into the details of HEX ownership, examining various methodologies and insights to figure out the numbers.

Join us as we reveal the HEX user base, providing useful details of the community of HEX holders.

Let’s start our exploration.


Research-Driven Facts About How Many People Own HEX

HEX, a cryptocurrency frequently likened to Bitcoin, functions within a decentralized blockchain, presenting difficulties in precisely calculating its user community. The distribution of HEX holdings spans across a variety of wallets and addresses, making it challenging to pinpoint exact user counts.

However, there exist methodologies to approximate the number of HEX holders.

Let’s look into some of these techniques to uncover insights into the size and composition of the HEX user base.


Method 1: Researched Data from Reliable Sources

According to Coincodex, approximately 330,000 unique addresses are holding HEX, although the actual count could be higher considering some holders may store their assets on centralized exchanges. This distributed ownership pattern presents a challenge in accurately pinpointing the precise number of HEX holders. Despite this complexity, insights from on-chain data offer valuable glimpses into the HEX community’s size and engagement with the cryptocurrency.

As per data from Etherscan, HEX bargs 332,853 holders, reflecting its widespread adoption within the cryptocurrency community. This significant number signifies a vast and active user base engaging with the HEX network. By analyzing holder data, we gain valuable insights into the distribution of HEX ownership, highlighting its appeal and relevance in the digital asset field.


Method 2: HEX Transactional Activity

The transaction history of HEX, as documented on Etherscan, reveals a staggering volume of activity, surpassing 5,636,741 transactions. This strong level of engagement underscores the vibrancy of the HEX ecosystem and the significant interactions occurring within its network.

Such a vast number of transactions explains the nature of HEX, showcasing the multitude of exchanges, transfers, and interactions taking place among its users. This rich transactional data not only reflects the widespread adoption of HEX but also highlights its utility and value within the broader cryptocurrency domain.


Who Owns the Most HEX?

As per Coincodex’s findings, the ownership distribution of HEX offers valuable insights into how cryptocurrency is spread among key entities. The following table delineates the top 10 holders, providing details on their HEX holdings, the percentage of the total holdings they possess, and their addresses.

Ranks Address Their HEX holdings
1 0x075e72a5eDf65F0A5f44699c7654C1a76941Ddc8 250.6 billion
2 0xa2e1734682C6a237c070d93019a7E0bF7047406c 100 billion
3 0x2b1e78aA8C7459d42865627f7C6BE21f3a2d2Da2 2.6 billion
4 0x1715a3E4A142d8b698131108995174F37aEBA10D 2 billion
5 0x2D2c2fF3345DE305Ea06C35c958B0a4Fd774ABda 980 million
6 0x9A6a414D6F3497c05E3b1De90520765fA1E07c03 972 million
7 0x705C053d69eB3B8aCc7C404690bD297700cCf169 750 million
8 0x3E7bC6503CBb1cF4490414Fd899F85348D7CD58E 602 million
9 0x1B14Cb89401b10B4755e9bb4d1466425265048f0 459 million
10 0x4bDbB75f1995F966dbf79E7433424a94845dbA00 312 million


The table presented above offers a comprehensive view of the distribution of HEX among the top holders, shedding light on the concentration of the cryptocurrency among major entities. It showcases the amount of HEX held by each entity, their share of the total circulating supply, and their respective blockchain addresses.


Our Key Findings About HEX Usage

This table highlights our key findings about HEX.

Key Findings Value
Unique HEX Addresses Approximately 330,000
Total HEX Holders 332,853
Total HEX Transactions Over 5,636,741


The Future of HEX

With a market cap showing a growth of 4.19% amounting to $498,652,464, HEX demonstrates resilience and potential for further expansion. The transaction history on Etherscan, boasting over 5,636,741 transactions, paints a vivid picture of HEX’s active ecosystem. Such strong engagement signifies a healthy and vast community,

indicating promising prospects for HEX’s future price.

With sustained activity and increasing market interest, HEX could potentially see continued growth, possibly reflecting positively on its price, currently at 0.002771. However, market volatility and external factors may also influence its future price movements, making it essential for investors to monitor HEX’s performance closely.


What Affects the HEX User Base?

Here are a few key elements that can impact Hex’s future. Let’s have a look at these.

  1. Market competition: Increased competition from other cryptocurrencies offering similar features or better incentives may affect Hex’s user base.
  2. Technological advancements: The development of innovative features and improvements to the Hex platform can attract new users and retain existing ones.
  3. Regulatory environment: Changes in regulatory policies and legal frameworks around cryptocurrencies can impact the accessibility and acceptance of Hex by potential users
  4. Security incidents: Any breaches or vulnerabilities in the Hex network can undermine user trust and lead to a decline in the user base.
  5. Community engagement: Active community involvement, support, and education efforts can foster a loyal user base and drive the adoption of Hex.
  6. Economic factors: Economic instability, inflation, or changes in global financial markets can influence users’ decisions to invest in or utilize Hex as a store of value.
  7. Scalability and usability: Enhancements in scalability and user experience can make Hex more attractive to a broader audience, driving user adoption.
  8. Partnerships and integrations: Collaborations with other projects, businesses, or platforms can expand the utility and reach of Hex, attracting new users from different sectors and industries.


In a Nutshell

HEX’s widespread adoption, with over 330,000 unique addresses underscores its appeal within the cryptocurrency field. Despite challenges in quantifying ownership, insights from on-chain data provide valuable glimpses into HEX’s ownership, solidifying its position as a relevant player in the digital asset domain.

As HEX continues to grow, its widespread ownership and engagement show a promising future, marked by continued growth and applicability in the cryptocurrency field.



1 – Who is the originator of HEX?

The founder of Hex cryptocurrency is Richard Heart, a prominent figure in the crypto community. Richard Heart launched Hex in December 2019 as a blockchain-based certificate of deposit. With a background in marketing and entrepreneurship, he conceptualized and developed Hex to provide a high-interest yield opportunity for investors within the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.


2 – Is the use of HEX considered legal?

Hex operates within the cryptocurrency space, which is subject to varying legal frameworks globally. Its legality depends on the jurisdiction and regulations governing cryptocurrencies in each country. While it operates on the Ethereum blockchain, its legality can vary globally. It’s advisable to consult legal experts or regulatory authorities in your region for the most accurate information regarding Hex’s legality.


3 – Are there any publicly available documents or statements regarding Hex ownership?

Publicly available documents or statements regarding Hex ownership are limited. Ownership details, including stakeholders and governance structures, are not extensively documented. However, any updates or announcements regarding ownership may be communicated through official channels such as Hex’s website, forums, or social media platforms where the Hex community gathers.


4 – Have there been any disclosures about the major stakeholders in Hex?

Current information shows there haven’t been widespread disclosures regarding the major stakeholders in Hex cryptocurrency. While some holders may voluntarily disclose their ownership, there’s no centralized mechanism for comprehensive reporting. The ownership domain of Hex remains largely decentralized and opaque, with individual investors holding varying amounts of the cryptocurrency.


5 – Does the Hex community have any say or influence in ownership matters?

Yes, the Hex community plays a significant role in ownership matters. Through community engagement, discussions, and feedback mechanisms, the direction of Hex ownership can be influenced. Community input may impact decisions regarding governance structures, ownership transfers, and overall management of the Hex project, ensuring alignment with the community’s values and goals.

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