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RookieXBT Net Worth: The New Trader Who Moved $35K to $1.6M in Days


March 22, 2024
RookieXBT Net Worth

Everyone holds different perspectives to the idea of holding a crypto asset hoping it takes a massive bullish stride in their favor. However, the experience of successful investors like RookieXBT who became a millionaire by taking a bold step in the crypto space in 2020. RookieXBT’s net worth, ranging from $15-20 million, receives massive boosts for each bullish trend of his crypto assets, especially BTC.

Learning how RookieXBT gained his prestige as one of the world’s leading figures in smart e-trading would be fun, wouldn’t it? I know you’re as eager as I am to reveal RookieXBT’s identity. So, let’s explore this internet sensation’s life, career, and investments and discover RookieXBT’s net worth.


Who is RookieXBT?

RookieXBT (@RookieXBT), whose real name is a mystery, is a prestigious crypto investor who started his journey from the grassroots to astounding wealth at a young age. Gaining insights from his math teacher’s assignment, RookieXBT delved into stock trading even before turning 18.

In an interview, he spoke highly about the support he got from his parents towards this course. For instance, his father gave him $10,000 as capital to “play with stocks” while they lived together in Canada.

RookieXBT’s net worth is a reflection of his numerous crypto investments and several “ridiculous risks,” some of which provided both huge wins and losses. One interesting aspect of his wealth-making story is that he made his transactions known to the public. RookieXBT showcased his cryptocurrency trades online so everyone could monitor and verify his trades. Speaking of which, RookieXBT has amassed a solid online presence, having about 417K followers on X (Twitter).

The 2014 pot stock bubble is another stepping stone in RookieXBT’s accumulation process before public trade transactions. He capitalized on this event, which saw several cannabis-related companies grow by about 900% within a few months.

According to him, the swerving events in 2014 “helped his financial instincts mature” quickly. This is mainly because the Canadian crypto guru massively lost a huge amount of his “stock-playing funds” in some of his ridiculous trades. This experience refined his understanding of how crypto and stock trading sometimes bring both wins and losses—”If you believe in something, just back it 100%.”


What is RookieXBT’s Net Worth?

The Canadian crypto investor is popular for his ability to identify emerging markets and make big investments in assets that many other investors haven’t noticed. However, he gained even more prestige in 2020 when he turned his savings, which was about $30,000, into millions within a matter of months.

Specifically, RookieXBT invested $35,000 (about 5 BTC at the time of investment) into over 48 BTC in just 272 days. The bulk of RookieXBT’s net worth is from this trade, and currently, the successful pseudonymous trader has a net worth of over $15 million.


How Did RookieXBT Make His Money?

In addition to the numerous ventures highlighted earlier in this article, RookieXBT was once a renowned writer. Hey, chill out, will you? He didn’t write any novels or stuff like that, haha!

However, RookieXBT was highly devoted to stock trading in 2017, and his strategy attracted everyone’s interest. Straightaway, RookieXBT got numerous writing gigs from interested traders and publishers in need of detailed investment columns.

RookieXBT capitalized on online platforms like Facebook, getting writing gigs from all angles each day and making around $200 per article. Eventually, RookieXBT garnered huge incomes from writing and diversified into the world of leverage FX trading using the eToro platform.

Crypto investments, especially through leverage trading, contributed a substantial percentage of RookieXBT’s net worth. However, it is important to note that the trader also makes some cool cash from his social media audience, although it’s unspecified.


Does RookieXBT’s Do Giveaway?

The simple answer is Yes. RookieXBT is a giver as much as he is an investor. The crypto giant rewards its fans, followers, and audiences through several platforms. Starting off, RookieXBT organized a giveaway with the Bybit challenge in 2020. In a bid to accumulate more wealth and

audience, he decided to reward whoever used his referral link for Bybit. In the end, he gave away about 5 BTC to lucky winners.

Likewise, RookieXBT hosts a game show called “Magnet Money” with Ponzitrader on This is not a regular game show because you stand the chance to win massive cash prizes by participating in weekly editions. RookieXBT created this platform on January 2nd, 2023, and has since then amassed about 2,500 members. By the end of each year, RookieXBT would’ve given away about $1,000,000 from his estimated $20 million net worth.


Rookie XBT’s net worth and his MoneyMagnet show with Ponzitrader (@buyerofponzi) represent the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency trading. His journey is one of incredible success, fueled by a thorough grasp of the market, a willingness to impart knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to his trading tactics.

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