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Dominate the Market & Earn Big! Join the MEXC April Futures Leaderboard


May 1, 2024
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MEXC April Futures Leaderboard 
Prize Pool 700,000+ USDT
Leaderboards Daily Leaderboard | Weekly Leaderboard | Monthly Leaderboard
Competition Period 00:00:00, 2 April, 2024 – 00:00:00, 29 April, 2024 (UTC+8)


MEXC Futures Leaderboard, an event conducted every month by MEXC to reward futures traders on their platform for their activities, is back for the month of April with rewards starting from 15,000 USDT daily up to 100,000 USDT to be won in the month of April. Futures trading can be risky, and because of this, MEXC’s April Futures Leaderboard provides a perfect opportunity to claim a few rewards compensating for a few loss trades. You can either lock in profits or compete with other futures traders for the chance to win big.


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MEXC April Futures Leaderboard Details

The MEXC April Futures Leaderboard is all about futures trading, crafted for traders who like to play big, with rewards distributed according to three different leaderboards: the daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards. Traders’ task will be to top all of these leaderboards and claim their rewards.

Calendars out! Mark the dates for the MEXC April Futures Leaderboard competition:

Competition Details: From 00:00:00, April 2, 2024, to 19:00:00, April 28, 2024 (UTC+8).



Rewards will only be distributed if traders meet the following requirement:

  • To qualify for sharing the prize pool, traders must achieve the following minimum futures trading volumes, traders who did not participate in trading during the settlement period will not be included in the statistics. :
    • 100,000 USDT during the daily ranking settlement period
    • 500,000 USDT during the weekly ranking settlement period
    • 1,500,000 USDT during the monthly ranking settlement period
  • All perpetual futures available on the MEXC platform, excluding stablecoin futures like USDC/USDT.



The rewards in the MEXC April Futures Leaderboard are allocated across three distinct leaderboards: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Each leaderboard offers rewards of varying sizes and proportions. Furthermore, these rewards are divided into two separate leaderboards: Total Trading Volume and PnL leaderboard.



The daily rewards allow users to compete against participants for the daily reward pool of 15,000 USDT, which is equally distributed between the Trading Volume and PnL leaderboards.


PnL Amount Reward

In the daily leaderboard, get into futures trading where every day is a chance to make money. The top trader each day gets a prize of 900 USDT. The rest of the daily prize pool is split among the top 100 traders, showing how everyone’s effort pays off, all decided by MEXC’s rules.


Trading Volume Amount Reward

In the daily Trading Volume leaderboard, jump into the quick world of futures trading, where each day brings a chance to succeed. The trader who faces this challenge with excitement, winning each day, gets a cool prize of 900 USDT, showing their success in handling market changes.


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Ranking (Trading Volume/PnL) Bonus Pool (USDT) Share of Prize Pool Each user can receive
1st 900 12% 900 USDT
2nd 750 10% 750 USDT
3rd 600 8% 600 USDT
4-10 2,100 28% 300 USDT
11-20 1,500 20% 150 USDT
21-50 900 12% 30 USDT
51-100 750 10% 15 USDT



Users can vie for the weekly reward pool of 40,000 USDT, divided equally between the Trading Volume and PnL leaderboards, in competition with other participants.


PnL Amount Reward

The Weekly PnL leaderboard, where The trader who navigates their futures trade the best wins the top prize of 3,000 USDT. The rest of the weekly prize pool is shared among the top 100 traders, recognized for their skills in futures trading, following MEXC’s rules.


Ranking Bonus Pool (USDT) Share of Prize Pool Each user can receive
1st 3,000 30% 3,000 USDT
2nd 1,200 12% 1,200 USDT
3rd 600 6% 600 USDT
4-10 2,100 21% 300 USDT
11-20 1,200 12% 120 USDT
21-50 1,200 12% 40 USDT
51-100 700 7% 14 USDT


Trading Volume Amount Reward

Accumulate the highest trading volume over the week, and the trader with the highest trading volume wins 9,000 USDT.


Ranking Bonus Pool (USDT) Share of Prize Pool Each user can receive
1st 9000 30% 9000 USDT
2nd 3600 12% 3,600 USDT
3rd 1,800 6% 1,800 USDT
4-10 6,300 21% 900 USDT
11-20 3,600 12% 360 USDT
21-50 3,600 12% 120 USDT
51-100 2,100 7% 42 USDT



Participants have the opportunity to compete for the monthly reward pool of 100,000 USDT, which is evenly divided between the Trading Volume and PnL leaderboards.


PnL Amount Reward

This leaderboard is straightforward: engage in perpetual contracts trading and accumulate the highest profits throughout the month to rank at the top of the leaderboard and earn a reward of 5,000 USDT. The remaining portion of the monthly PnL prize pool will be distributed among the top 100 traders according to MEXC’s distribution rules.


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Ranking Bonus Pool (USDT) Share of Prize Pool Each user can receive
1st 5,000 20% 5,000 USDT
2nd 3,500 14% 3,500 USDT
3rd 2,000 8% 2,000 USDT
4-10 7,000 28% 1,000 USDT
11-20 3,750 15% 375 USDT
21-50 2,250 9% 75 USDT
51-100 1,500 6% 30 USDT


Trading Volume Amount Reward

In the monthly Trading Volume leaderboard, start a journey of steady performance in futures trading, aiming to keep up the pace for the whole month. The trader who shows great skill and commitment, gathering the most trading volume during the month, wins the top prize of 15,000 USDT, honoring their impressive success in futures trading.


Ranking Bonus Pool (USDT) Share of Prize Pool Each user can receive
1st 15,000 20% 15,000 USDT
2nd 10,500 14% 10,500 USDT
3rd 6,000 8% 6,000 USDT
4-10 21,000 28% 5,000 USDT
11-20 11,250 15% 1,125 USDT
21-50 6,750 9% 225 USDT
51-100 4,500 6% 90 USDT


Reward Distribution

Don’t wait for your rewards because MEXC will automatically distribute the rewards at specific times mentioned. Focus on trading to grow your trading volume and increase your Futures trade PnL.

  • Daily Reward Distribution: Every day at 00:00:00 (UTC+8).
  • Weekly Reward Distribution: Every Sunday at 00:00:00 (UTC+8).
  • Monthly Reward Distribution: April 28 at 19:00:00 (UTC+8).


MEXC April Futures Leaderboard Rules

  1. If two or more participants have the same PnL amount, their final ranking will be determined based on their yield rates. Users cannot receive rewards for multiple ranking-type events within the same time frame; only the reward with the highest amount will be granted.
  2. This event is open to individual users only. Market makers and institutional accounts are not permitted to participate. Sub-accounts cannot participate independently; their PnL and trading volume will be combined with the main account’s for calculation.
  3. Rewards from this event cannot be combined with rewards from other ongoing futures PnL rate/amount ranking events on the MEXC platform.
  4. Rewards will be distributed within 3 days after the event concludes. Before using the bonus, users should read the Futures Bonus User Guide: [Link to Guide].
  5. All participants must adhere strictly to the terms of service. MEXC reserves the right to disqualify users suspected of wash trading, creating bulk accounts, self-dealing, or market manipulation during the event, and to revoke any bonus rewards.
  6. Coin-M futures trading data is converted to USDT based on the fair price at the time of calculation. Fluctuations in token price may affect the PnL amount and PnL rate data.


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Can You Top the Charts in the MEXC April Futures Leaderboard?

Are you a skilled futures trader looking to test your mettle and earn big rewards? Don’t miss out on the MEXC April Futures Leaderboard! With a total prize pool of over 700,000 USDT and daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards to compete in, there’s an opportunity for everyone to win. If you’re ready for the challenge, head over to MEXC and join the leaderboard today!

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