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Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1 Kicks Off: $2 Million Prize Pool Up for Grabs!


June 12, 2024
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Zoomex's Z-Challenge Series 1


Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1

Prize Pool  $2,000,000
Competitions Profit Amount | Profit Rate | Trading Volume
Competition Period 2024.06.5 UTC 10:00 – 2024.06.25 UTC 10:00


This year, trading events just got a whole lot more exciting with the launch of Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1 Trading Competition. Trading competitions come and go, hosted by many platforms, but how often do you encounter a challenge that truly tests your skills and offers substantial rewards? Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1 is here to change that narrative. With a staggering total prize pool of $2 million, this competition is designed to push traders to their limits and reward their expertise generously.


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Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1

Trading competitions come and go, hosted by many trading platforms, but how often do you come across challenges that truly test your skills and offer substantial rewards? Zoomex has finally launched its Z-Challenge Series 1, which does exactly that. The competition has the best prize pool offering from a shared prize pool of $2 million to an iPhone 15 Pro Max!

The highest individual prize for each category is $50,000, with a cumulative individual maximum prize of $150,000. Additionally, there are rich rewards totaling up to $1.2 million, making it an event that not only presents a real challenge but also offers an opportunity to win big. Join the Zoomex’s Z-Challenge and trade more to unlock the ultimate money-winning glitch.


Campaign Period: 2024.06.5 UTC 10:00 – 2024.06.25 UTC 10:00



To participate in the Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1, all participants must meet the following eligibility requirement:


  • Net USDT Assets: Participants must have net USDT assets of at least 100 USDT.
  • Registration: Complete registration for the Zoomex’s Z-Challenge by clicking on the “Register” button on the event page.


Competitions in Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1

The Z-Challenge is structured to maximize individual achievements with an impressive cumulative prize potential. The competition is divided into three distinct categories: individual profit amount, individual profit rate, and individual trading volume. Each category has a prize pool of up to $200,000, with the highest individual prize set at $50,000.

Individual Profit Amount: Compete for a share of a $200,000 prize pool, with a maximum prize of $50,000 for the top performer.

Individual Profit Rate: Aim for excellence in profit rate to win up to $50,000 from a $200,000 prize pool.

Individual Trading Volume: Show your trading prowess by dominating the trading volume category, with a chance to earn $50,000 from the $200,000 prize pool.


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The Z-Challenge 2024 doesn’t just reward performance—it also celebrates participation with enticing registration bonuses.

$100 Lucky Registration Reward: Every 100th registered participant will receive a $100 bonus, adding an extra layer of excitement to the registration process. For example, participants numbered 100, 200, 300, and so on will be the lucky recipients of this reward.

$30 New User Registration Reward: New members who meet the trading volume requirements and complete mobile verification during the event period will receive a $30 bonus. This reward is exclusive and cannot be combined with the early bird reward, ensuring a fair opportunity for all newcomers.

Lucky Draw Rewards: Participants can win a variety of prizes, including cash rewards, bonuses, coupons, discount vouchers, and official merchandise. The grand prizes include up to $10,000 in cash, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, Zoomex hoodies, a Zoomex keyboard set gift box, and a Zoomex travel set.


Terms and conditions

  1. Zoomex reserves the right to disqualify a user’s participation under certain circumstances, including wash trading, operating multiple accounts, engaging in self-transaction, or market manipulation.
  2. If the risk control mechanism detects multiple users employing similar trading strategies, only the user with the highest profit rate at that time will be eligible to participate.
  3. Users who frequently cancel orders more than 20 times per minute during the competition may risk disqualification.
  4. Zoomex holds the final interpretation authority over the event. For inquiries, please contact official customer service.


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Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1: A call from Fortune

Zoomex’s Z-Challenge Series 1 gives you a shot at trading glory, offering not only substantial financial rewards but also the opportunity to prove your trading prowess on a grand stage. With a total prize pool of up to $2 million, individual maximum prizes of $150,000, and numerous other incentives, this competition is designed to challenge and reward the best traders.

Whether you’re aiming for the individual profit amount, profit rate, or trading volume categories, the Zoomex’s Z-Challenge provides a competitive yet exciting environment to showcase your skills. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your trading career, enjoy exclusive benefits, and potentially take home fantastic prizes.

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