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Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race: 4 Weeks, Huge Rewards!


May 1, 2024
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Bybit's Trending Token Relay Race


Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race
Prize Pool 40,000 USDT | iPhone 15 Pro Max
Activities Derivatives Trading
Event Every Sunday – Apr 22, 2024, 00:00 UTC – May 19, 2024, 23:59 UTC 


Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race is a four-week trading challenge with some exciting prizes, including the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max. With a grand prize pool of 40,000 USDT, divided into 10,000 USDT for each week, this event is an excellent opportunity for traders. At the end of the four weeks, there’s a big surprise in store, adding to the excitement. Prizes are distributed among eligible participants at the end of each week, creating opportunities for traders of all skill levels to join the competition and potentially earn rewards. If you’re into trading and enjoy a bit of competition, this event might be the perfect chance to win some fantastic prizes.


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What is Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race?

Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race is an event where users can participate in trending tokens in the crypto world. These tokens can be related to gaming, AI, DeFi, or any other narrative that are actively searched for and traded in high volumes. Trading these trending tokens can prove to be very profitable, which is why users can engage in derivatives trading activities, giving them a chance to not only share a prize pool of 40,000 USDT but also have a chance of winning an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The event will run for 4 weeks, with the prize pool equally divided into 10,000 USDT each week. Winners will be announced every Sunday at 23:59. One thing to keep in mind is the trending token selected by Bybit for each week. For example, in Week 1, the trending token chosen by Bybit is ENA. The trending token for Week 2 will be announced at 00:00 on April 29, 2024 (UTC), so make sure to keep an eye out for their announcements.


Weekly Trending Token

The Weekly Trending Token for the Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race is chosen based on trading volume, volatility index, market share, and the number of holders. For Week 1, the selected token is ENA. The chosen token for subsequent weeks will be announced one day before each trading week begins.


Event Details

Here’s everything that you need to know if you’re looking for the key details, dates, and specifics.


Event Timeline:

Week 1: Apr 22, 2024, 12AM (midnight) UTC – Apr 28, 2024, 11:59PM UTC

Week 2: Apr 29, 2024, 12AM (midnight) UTC – May 5, 2024, 11:59PM UTC

Week 3: May 6, 2024, 12AM (midnight) UTC – May 12, 2024, 11:59PM UTC

Week 4: May 13, 2024, 12AM (midnight) UTC – May 19, 2024, 11:59PM UTC


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These are the conditions that need to be met in order to participate in Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race and earn rewards.

  • To participate in Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race and earn rewards, users must first go to their event page and click on the “Register Now” button.
  • Users need to trade the specified token and reach a total trading volume (across Spot and Derivatives) of at least 10,000 USDT each week to qualify for the weekly rewards.
  • Users are required to fulfill Identity Verification Level 1 in order to qualify for the event.



Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race offers weekly rewards for derivatives trading events and a lucky draw. This provides participants with opportunities to earn a share of the prize pool.


Event 1 – Click on Trending Tokens/Products to Earn a Weekly Share of 10,000 USDT

To participate in Bybit’s Trending Tokens Relay Race, trade at least 10,000 USDT worth of the selected token* on Spot or Derivatives each week to qualify for rewards. The top 10 traders with the highest trading volume will share 7,500 USDT, with the largest share going to the highest-ranking traders. Also, everyone who meets the weekly trading volume requirement will share an additional 2,500 USDT equally.


Event 2 – Enter the lucky draw for a chance to win an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

To qualify for the Lucky Draw in Bybit’s Trending Tokens Relay Race and win an iPhone 15 Pro Max, participants must meet the trading volume requirement for all four weeks. If you hit that benchmark, you’ll be automatically entered into the draw with a chance to win this coveted prize. So keep trading throughout the event for your shot at the amazing reward of the latest iPhone!


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Terms and Conditions

  • Participants must register for the event using their Main Account. However, trading volumes from their Subaccounts will also count towards the total.
  • Subaccounts, Pro users, Institutional users, and Market Makers are not eligible.
  • Users from Spain, Brazil, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands cannot participate in Derivatives trading.
  • Rewards for each week are not exclusive; users can qualify for rewards in all four weeks.
  • Rewards will be distributed to eligible users’ Spot Account, Funding Account, or Unified Trading Account within 14 days after the event.
  • If logistical issues arise, winners will receive the equivalent value of the iPhone 15 Pro Max reward in USDT (1,199 USDT) within 14 days after the event.
  • Bybit reserves the right to disqualify participants engaged in dishonest or abusive activities, including bulk-account registrations for additional bonuses and any other unlawful or fraudulent activities.


A Big Chance To Win Big!

Bybit’s competitions are meant for everyone, giving everybody a chance to win major prizes like the iPhone 15 Pro Max at Bybit’s Trending Token Relay Race. And you don’t even need to be a pro trader to enter and win; you just need some basic trading skills, which you can pick up quickly with a bit of practice. This particular competition features a prize pool of 40,000 USDT and an iPhone, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to jump in and start trading. Register now and take your shot at winning big before time runs out!

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