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Zoomex Referral Code: Over $2,000 Bonus + 30% Fee Discount


February 4, 2024
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Zoomex Exchange Review

If you are looking for a Zoomex referral code, then you have come to the right place. With the Zoomex referral code ZX901784, you will get access to a trading bonus of over $2,000.

The best thing about the Zoomex referral code is that even small traders will receive exclusive bonuses in the reward center, like a free 15 USDT trading bonus, a 30% fee discount, and much more.

Read our full Zoomex referral code bonus guide to know exactly how to receive the highest value for money from the Zoomex exchange.

To learn more about the exchange, you can also read our full Zoomex review.


What is the Zoomex referral code?

The Zoomex referral code is ZX901784. With this promo code, you will unlock exclusive promotions and bonuses. First of all, you will be greeted with a $250 signup bonus. Additionally, you will find tasks for more bonuses in the reward center.

For active traders, Zoomex also offers a 30% trading fee discount when using the referral code. That means more profits for you!


How to Apply the Zoomex Referral Code

Follow our simple Zoomex referral code guide to make sure that you apply the promo code properly so that you are eligible for the bonus.

  1. Sign up on the official Zoomex website (click here).
  2. Make sure that the promo code ZX901784 is applied in the “Referral Code (Optional)” field.
  3. Go to the Zoomex Rewards Hub in your Zoomex profile
  4. Deposit, trade, and claim your Zoomex bonuses.


How to get the Zoomex Bonus

There are several signup bonuses available on Zoomex when using the exclusive referral code ZX901784. Some of the easiest tasks can be found in the rewards hub.

The first task is a trading bonus. After reaching a cumulative trading volume of $100,000, you automatically get 5 USDT for free.


Zoomex VIP Bonus

Serious crypto traders will be pleased to hear about the Zoomex VIP bonus. Based on your monthly trading volume, you will receive bonuses of up to $2,000. The more you trade, the more you will be rewarded. This VIP bonus does not require any bonus or referral code, so everybody can participate in it.

Trading Volume Bonus
$10,000,000 $200
$20,000,000 $500
$30,000,000 $600
$50,000,000 $1,000


More Free Crypto Bonuses

In the crypto industry, you can get many crypto bonuses completely for free. We have compiled a list of the top crypto sign-up bonuses, trading tasks, deposit bonuses, and more. Check out our list of the top 10 free crypto bonuses.

If you want to learn more about Zoomex, you can read our comprehensive Zoomex review.



What is the Zoomex referral code?

The Zoomex referral code is ZX901784. With this code, you get access to the best Zoomex signup bonus and fee discount.


How to use the Zoomex referral code?

Enter the Zoomex bonus code ZX901784 when registering for a new account. Alternatively, you can use the link on our website to apply the referral code automatically. With this code, you are eligible for sign up bonuses, fee discounts, and other exclusive offers on the Zoomex exchange.


What are the Zoomex trading fees?

Zoomex is known to have low fees. The spot trading fees on Zoomex are 0.1% for makers and takers. Futures fees, on the other hand, are only 0.02% maker and 0.06% taker.


Does Zoomex require KYC?

No, Zoomex does not require KYC verification. Zoomex is one of the most popular non-KYC crypto exchanges.


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