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How to Delete CoinTiger Account? (Step-by-Step)


January 26, 2024
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Delete cointiger account

CoinTiger, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has gathered immense attention since its launch in 2017 and has over 2 million users.

However, individuals may find themselves wishing for the termination of their CoinTiger account. Whether due to shifting preferences or evolving market dynamics.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps of closing your CoinTiger account, ensuring a smooth transition and providing insights into the considerations that may influence such a decision.


What to Do Before Deleting CoinTiger Account?

  1. Close Open Orders: Ensure a clean exit by closing any active trades or orders on CoinTiger. This prevents unintended transactions and secures your assets before proceeding with the account deletion process.
  2. Withdraw Funds: Safeguard your finances by withdrawing any remaining funds from your CoinTiger account. This step guarantees that your assets are in your possession and not tied to the platform.


How to Delete CoinTiger Account?

If you’ve decided to bid farewell to your CoinTiger account, concluding your affiliation is a direct and efficient procedure. Just follow these steps for an uncomplicated farewell.


Step 1:Login to Your CoinTiger Account

Access your CoinTiger account by entering your credentials on the login page. Ensure that you have the necessary information to log in successfully.


Step 2:Click On “Chat Icon” in the Right Bottom Corner

Once logged in, locate the chat icon positioned at the right bottom corner of the screen. This icon is essential for initiating account-related actions.


Step 3: Click on “Account” Option

Navigate to the account section by clicking on the “Account” option. This is typically found in the main menu or sidebar, depending on the platform’s layout.


Step 4: Select Account Security

Within the account settings, find and select the “Account Security” tab. This is where you manage security-related aspects of your CoinTiger account.


Step 5: Select “Cancel an Account” Option

Look for the specific option labelled “Cancel an Account” within the Account Security settings. Click on this option for further information.


Step 6: Read and Follow the Instructions

Carefully review the instructions provided on the cancellation page. Follow the outlined steps to complete the account deletion process. This may involve confirming your decision and providing additional information.

Note: You cannot delete your CoinTiger account, however, it can be deactivated automatically. So close orders, withdraw funds and clear your data for extra security.


Best CoinTiger Alternatives

Upon bidding farewell to CoinTiger, if you’re in search of alternatives, consider MEXC as a compelling substitute.

Its appealing fee structure sets it apart, offering a fixed 0% fee for both makers and takers in spot trading.

In futures trading, MEXC brags remarkably low rates, with a 0% maker fee and a 0.03% taker fee.

Noteworthy is MEXC’s impressive 200x leverage, and it stands out by not mandating KYC.

Want to learn more? Check out our detailed MEXC review to make a well-informed decision.

5.0 out of 5.0 Rating
Best Crypto Futures Trading Platform

MEXC excels as the go-to platform for crypto futures trading, combining competitive fees, robust security, a diverse 1700+ asset portfolio, and a daily trading volume of over $4 billion.

Available Markets

Futures, options and spot trading on 1700+ crypto assets.

Trading Fees

0% maker / 0.01% taker

Available Leverage

Up to 200x leverage for crypto futures trading


Final Thoughts

The process of removing your CoinTiger account is simple, prioritising your privacy and security. Hence, it’s important to navigate through the detailed steps for a smooth procedure.

Explore MEXC as a trustworthy option, providing a user-friendly platform tailored for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Ultimately, make sure to ensure that your decisions align with personal preferences and requirements.


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