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Bitpanda- Start your Crypto Journey with Zero Deposit Fee


February 4, 2024
Bitpanda invest with zero deposit fees

You must have observed that whenever you deposit funds into any crypto exchange, the received amount is always slightly less. This is because almost every exchange deducts a percentage as deposit fees. Bitpanda, however, is a bit different as it allows you to invest with zero deposit fees, which is like making a profit of 0.2%-0.8% on your first trade. After all, this is what crypto is all about, and Bitpanda invites users to its platform to experience this right from the beginning.

Bitpanda, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, emerges as a prominent European exchange platform facilitating seamless trading across 3000+ digital assets such as Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, ETFs, and Stocks. With a core mission to simplify digital asset investments, Bitpanda takes pride in its user-friendly interface, designed for accessibility, particularly for those venturing into the crypto and securities arena. Operating under rigorous security protocols, funds are securely stored in offline wallets, showcasing full compliance with European data, IT, and anti-money laundering standards.

What distinguishes Bitpanda is its innovative approach, allowing users to invest in fractional shares of preferred companies and ETFs, offering flexibility without the commitment to entire shares, alongside cryptocurrency trading. As a regulated platform adhering to Austrian and European standards, Bitpanda establishes a trustworthy environment, empowering users to effortlessly engage in buying, selling, and swapping digital assets at their convenience.


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What’s new at Bitpanda

Bitpanda recently announced that they will no longer impose fees on deposits and withdrawals for all currencies and payment methods, including credit cards. Now, users have the opportunity to save that extra amount from their transfers, invest it, and potentially increase their profits as they trade various assets on Bitpanda.

Here are some benefits that users can enjoy by choosing Bitpanda as their trusted partner in the crypto world:

  • No fees for deposits and withdrawals: Users can now smoothly move their money around, invest, and watch their wealth grow without any charges, even on weekends.
  • Variety in funding: Choose from a bunch of payment options that suit you, whether it’s a traditional bank transfer, Apple Pay, or PayPal – Bitpanda has got you covered.
  • Bigger credit card limit: Bitpanda has bumped up the daily limit on credit card transactions from €10,000 to €20,000, going above the usual market standards.
  • More control, more power: Bitpanda gives you some of the highest transaction limits, giving you extra control and flexibility in your financial moves. Keep it simple, keep it effective.


Reviews from the Bitpanda Community

Here’s what some of the current traders on Bitpanda have to say about the platform:



  • Bitpanda distinguishes itself by eliminating deposit fees, making it an attractive option for new crypto users to save and invest more.
  • Bitpanda provides users with a crypto index fund, offering a diversified investment option for a well-balanced portfolio.
  • Users can trade not only cryptocurrencies but also stocks and commodities on the Bitpanda platform, expanding the range of investment opportunities available.
  • Bitpanda is renowned for its exceptionally user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for both beginners and experienced traders.


  • Unfortunately, Bitpanda is not available for users in the United States, limiting its accessibility to a global audience.


Exclusive Bonus Rewards:

But wait, there’s more to this offer! Bitpanda has a special treat for new users hailing from Austria and Switzerland:

  • For Austrian users, all it takes is logging in and engaging in trades totaling at least €250 within a two-week period to access a €30 welcome bonus in Bitcoin.
  • Swiss users, on the other hand, can secure their CHF 100 welcome bonus in Bitcoin by simply logging in and trading a minimum of CHF 400 within the initial two weeks.


Things to Remember:

Here are some key points to keep in mind before making the switch to Bitpanda Exchange:

  • Before making any deposits, users must register with Bitpanda to take advantage of zero deposit fees.
  • Bitpanda is currently operational only in Europe. Users from other countries may not be able to register on the platform.
  • The zero deposit fees offer is applicable exclusively to deposit transactions. It’s important to note that trading various assets on Bitpanda may involve different platform fee structures.
  • Bitpanda offers more than just cryptocurrency investments. Users can diversify their investment portfolios by exploring options such as ETFs, commodities, and stocks.


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Get started with Bitpanda

Start your crypto journey with Bitpanda and take advantage of their zero deposit fees, allowing you to save more and invest wisely. With Bitpanda’s comprehensive range of digital asset options, experience flexibility and accessibility in your investment choices.


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