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MEXC Announces February Futures Competition with $6M Prize Pool


March 21, 2024
MEXC Announces February Futures Competition with $6M Prize Pool

The MEXC Futures Competition provides a great opportunity for both newcomers and seasoned users to engage in friendly competition with fellow traders. While it may initially appear as a standard offering, for those already immersed in futures trading, this competition serves as an additional avenue to refine their skills. Alongside your regular futures trading activities, achieving the highest trading volume or standing out in Profit and Loss (PnL) among all participants could earn you a share of MEXC’s substantial $6,000,000 prize pool.

Traders are invited to register as the competition is scheduled to kick off on February 18th, inviting them to participate in trading activities on MEXC’s secure and user-friendly platform. The competition extends throughout the entire month, underlining the significance of consistency and composure in attaining success. Whether participants are seasoned traders with extensive experience or newcomers exploring the world of crypto futures, the competition provides an equitable playing field for all.


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As traders prepare their strategies and dive into trading, they can leverage MEXC’s advanced features, including the ability to set take-profit and stop-loss prices, receive strategy alerts, and adjust orders with ease. MEXC’s commitment to security and customer support ensures that participants can focus on their trading activities with peace of mind.

With past success stories fueling anticipation, the MEXC February Futures Competition invites traders to seize the opportunity and vie for their share of the prize pool. Whether aiming for top honors or simply honing their trading skills, participants can expect an engaging and rewarding experience on MEXC’s platform.


MEXC February Futures Competition

The MEXC Future Competition is not a novel or one-time event; it is a recurring monthly competition designed to attract and incentivize users, rewarding their efforts in leverage trading. Here are some crucial details that you cannot afford to overlook as you enter this month’s edition.



  • Registration Period: February 18, 10:00 (UTC) to March 3, 14:55 (UTC)
  • Competition Period: February 18, 15:00 (UTC) to March 3, 14:59 (UTC)


Eligibility Criteria:

MEXC has established specific criteria for users to qualify for the MEXC February Futures competition, and it’s essential not to overlook these key requirements:

  • Registered users must maintain a total futures account equity exceeding $200 at the time of registration. If your equity falls below this threshold, you will not be eligible to participate in the tournament.
  • Merely engaging in future trading on the platform is not sufficient to qualify traders for the prize pool; explicit registration for the event is a prerequisite.
  • Eligible Trading Pairs include all perpetual futures offered on the MEXC platform, excluding stablecoin futures like USDC/USDT.



Being a part of the $6 million prize pool isn’t limited to a single approach; MEXC has strategically designed rewards to ensure everyone can participate. While the percentages are structured to favor the most skilled traders, even those facing challenges can still earn rewards while acquiring valuable experience. Let’s explore the various activities organized by MEXC.


Spin the Wheel Rewards

Spin the Wheel is a planned activity that covers up 35% of the total prize pool. It activates with every 75,000 USDT accumulated in daily trading volume, providing participants with the chance to spin the wheel. Each participant can spin the wheel up to three times per day, with spin chances resetting at 14:59 (UTC) every day. The earned amount is randomized, making it a first-come, first-served opportunity!


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Checkpoint Rewards

MEXC has established checkpoints that become active when the competition kicks off. These checkpoints are tied to daily trading volume. So, if your trading volume reaches the daily checkpoint on any given day, you can collect your reward. To incentivize achieving your daily trading volume, there’s a remarkable 90% success claim rate! It’s important to note that the rewards are only accessible on the same day and will be distributed the following day. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the window to claim these rewards expires at 14:59 (UTC) on the same day.


PnL Ranking

This challenge revolves around the Profit and Loss (PnL), where the top 50 traders will qualify for 10% of the prize pool rewards, totaling a share of $600,000. So, if during the course of the event, your PnL in future trades positions you at the top of the leaderboard, you stand a chance to win a reward of $120,000! With stakes running high, it’s advisable to register for the event now and seize the opportunity to claim a portion of the prize.


Daily Trading Volume Ranking

As the name suggests, traders with the highest daily trading volume will reap the maximum benefits from this activity, enjoying 25% of the prize pool. However, there’s an additional twist – if the top trader surpasses MEXC’s expectations for the top trader rewards, their rewards will double. Yes, it’s about breaking conventional standards and pushing hard to establish new limits in future trading.


Understanding the Criteria for Prize Pool Eligibility

  • To qualify for PnL ranking, participants must achieve a trading volume exceeding 20,000 USDT with a positive Profit and Loss (PNL) amount to become eligible for a share in the prize pool.
  • The PNL amount during the event is calculated as follows: Realized PnL of positions opened during the event at the end of the event + Unrealized PnL of positions opened during the event at the end of the event.
  • In cases where two participants generate the same PNL amount, the participant with the higher trading volume will receive a higher ranking.


Guidelines for Reward Distribution:

The distribution of rewards for each activity in the MEXC February Futures Competition will be as follows:

  • Users must meet the specified criteria and complete the necessary steps to claim their rewards.
  • Only the trading volume of futures trades with a trading fee greater than 0 will be considered valid for this event.
  • Accumulated rewards from this event can be stacked.
  • The daily trading volume ranking pertains to the ranking at 14:59 (UTC) on the respective day.
  • Rewards for Spin The Wheel, Daily Challenge, and Daily Trading Volume Ranking will be disbursed within 24 hours after winning. PNL Amount Ranking rewards will be distributed within 10 days after the conclusion of the event.
  • Event bonuses retain validity for a duration of 7 days.
  • Participation in this event is restricted for sub-accounts operating as independent entities. Therefore, during the final calculation, the Profit and Loss (PnL) and trading volume of sub-accounts will be consolidated with the standard PnL and trading volume of the main account.



There are certain rules set by MEXC that need to be followed throughout the Futures Competition.

  • Participants engaging in fraudulent activities such as wash trading, matched orders, multi-account operation, and self-dealing will face disqualification.
  • Disqualification will also apply to participants employing identical trading strategies.
  • Participants engaging in high-frequency order placements and cancellations per minute will be disqualified.
  • The discovery of multiple accounts registered under the same IP address will result in the disqualification of all users associated with that IP address.
  • Market maker accounts and institutional sub-accounts are ineligible for participation in this event.
  • Each user is limited to participation in a single individual competition during the event period, and engaging in multiple individual competitions simultaneously is strictly prohibited.


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Profitable Futures Trading with MEXC

With a prize pool of $6 million and a track record of successful past competitions, the MEXC February Futures Competition is an event you plan not to miss! Register yourself today and start trading for gains and a share of the prize pool.


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