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Unlock Exclusive Rewards: BYDFi’s $500 Bonus Campaign


January 23, 2024

BYDFi, a leading player in the cryptocurrency space, is excited to announce its most lucrative reward campaign to date! Users can seize the opportunity to earn up to $500 in rewards by participating in this limited-time event. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newcomer, here’s how you can make the most of this exciting opportunity.

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How to Participate: Step by Step

Step 1: Register and Verify Your Identity

First of all you must become a BYDFi member with a valid account and ensure you complete the KYC verification process. It’s a mandatory step to unlock the rewards.


Step 2: Make a Deposit

Deposit any amount into your BYDFi account and watch your rewards grow. Get a 20% bonus on your deposit amount, up to an impressive $200.


Step 3: Dive into Futures Trading

Engage in futures trading with zeal, and reach a trading volume of 300,000 USDT to unlock additional rewards.


Rewards that Await You

  • KYC Verification Bonus: Receive $100 upon successful completion of KYC after registration.
  • Deposit Bonus: Enjoy up to $200, equivalent to 10% of your deposit amount during the event.
  • Trading Volume Achievement: Attain a futures trading volume of 300,000 USDT to claim an additional $200.


Event’s Important Guidelines

  1. Mandatory KYC: Ensure you complete the KYC verification; it’s a crucial step for a secure trading environment.
  2. No Duplicate Accounts: Multiple accounts with the same IP or email will be rejected.
  3. Fair Play: Rewards won’t be provided for fraudulent activities.
  4. Trading Fee Consideration: Trading volume is calculated only when trading fees are greater than 0.


Bonus Usage Guidelines

  1. Bonus Allocation: Bonuses will be allocated to the bonus wallet and can be used for trades within the wallet.
  2. Withdrawal Conditions: Profits can be withdrawn, but the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.
  3. Collateral Use: Bonuses can serve as collateral in the bonus wallet to offset fees, losses, and margin requirements.
  4. Transfer Impact: Asset transfer/withdrawal will nullify unused trading bonuses.
  5. Futures Trading Volume Definition: Calculated as Quantity x Trading Price per trade.
  6. Bidirectional Transaction Limitation: Bonuses cannot be used for bidirectional transactions


Note: Act swiftly, as this incredible opportunity is available only until February 10th.


The Perks Await: What’s in It for You?

  • Enhanced Exposure: Showcase your community or channel to a broader audience.
  • Build Trust: Strengthen your community by being a part of this exclusive campaign.
  • Maximize Commission: Increase your earnings as participants sign up and trade with your referral link.


Campaign Details

  1. Sign-up Bonus: Register with BYDFi and complete KYC verification to pocket an instant $100!
  2. Deposit Rewards: Deposit any amount into your BYDFi account to receive 20% of the deposit amount, up to $200.
  3. Trading Triumph: Achieve a $300,000 USDT futures trading volume and claim an additional $200 reward.

Note: Act Fast – Campaign Ends on January 30th.


Event’s Crucial Notes

  1. Avoid Duplicate Accounts: Multiple accounts with duplicate IPs, devices or emails will be rejected.
  2. Bonus Utilization: Bonuses earned are allocated to the bonus wallet and can be used exclusively for trades within the wallet. Profits are withdrawable, but the bonus itself is not.
  3. Enhanced Utility: Bonuses can be employed as collateral in the bonus wallet to offset trading fees, losses, and margin requirements.
  4. Asset Management: Transfers or withdrawals nullify unused trading bonuses, and bidirectional transactions with bonuses are restricted.


Visit BYDFi


Time is Ticking – Act Now!

The campaign concludes on January 30th, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to supercharge your crypto journey with BYDFi’s $500 Bonus Campaign. Whether you’re a trader, an influencer, or both, the rewards are substantial, and the potential is limitless. Take the first step by sending your UID to [email protected] and watch as the benefits unfold.


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