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Profit from Expertise: BTCC Copy Trading Contest Round 2


February 4, 2024
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After the success of the BTCC Copy Trading Contest 1 in the past, BTCC is now announcing the return of another monumental season of copy trading. The contest entails a substantial prize pool of 412,000 USDT, granting rewards for both Lead Traders and Followers.

Copy Trading, as the name implies, incentivizes participants to replicate the trades of professional traders. In doing so, participants not only accrue rewards but also garner returns from profitable trades. This system is mutually beneficial, as not only do the followers reap benefits, but traders, or also known as leaders, earn a share from the prize pool based on the number of followers and the assets they manage.

Sign in and take full advantage of the copy trading season, the one time when copying is not only appreciated but also rewarded.


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About BTCC Exchange

BTCC Exchange is one of the early players in the cryptocurrency trading space, having been operational since 2011. Its notoriousness lies in the fact that it has not experienced any major setbacks since its inception. With a mission to provide fair and reliable cryptocurrency trading avenues, BTCC allows users to trade a variety of assets and complies with regulations in the US, Canada, and Europe.

In addition to standard trading opportunities, including futures and spot trading, BTCC enables users to engage in copy trading with experienced and full-time traders.


Copy Trading Contest

The BTCC Copy Trading Contest Round 2 is a continuation of their copy trading series, featuring a substantial prize pool of 4,120,000 USD where both traders and followers have a share. Traders, also known as leaders, receive rewards based on the number of followers and Assets Under Management (AUM). Followers, or traders who engage in copy trading, are rewarded based on their trading activity.

This initiative not only enables users to generate returns through their regular trading but also fosters the emerging narrative of copy trading as cryptocurrencies move further into the mainstream.


Dates to remember:

The Copy Trading Contest runs from January 10, 2024, 02:00:00 to February 20, 2024, 08:00:00 (UTC+0).


Prize Pool:

BTCC Copy Trading Contest Round 2 Offers 412,000 USDT for Traders and Followers


Lead Traders:

Lead traders have the opportunity to participate in two separate leaderboards based on their Assets Under Management (AUM) or the number of followers, allowing them to claim a share of the prize pool.


  • For leaders with the highest number of followers, there is a chance to receive a maximum reward of 600 USDT. The total prize pool for this leaderboard is set at 100,000 USDT and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • In terms of AUM, leaders with the highest AUM will be eligible for rewards. Although specific information on the prizes is not provided, the top 5 leaders on both leaderboards will be rewarded separately, with the number 1 leader receiving 3,000 USDT.


Eligibility Criteria for Lead Traders:

A Lead Trader must have a follower count of at least 10 and an AUM (Assets Under Management) of at least 200,000 USDT to qualify for ranking on the aforementioned leaderboards.


Copy Traders:

Followers have a unique incentive plan to secure their share of the prize pool. They stand a chance to win up to 300 USDT simply by copying trades. A user receives 50 USDT in rewards for every batch of 50 completed copied trades.


Bonus for Copy Traders:

Copy Traders are eligible for bonuses related to their first copied trade. In the event of a loss on their initial trade, they have the opportunity to receive compensation equal to the entire loss amount, with a cap set at 200 USDT. Conversely, if the first trade results in a profit, they can earn a bonus equal to half of the profit, up to a maximum of 100 USDT. It is important to note that certain bonuses are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Eligibility Criteria for Copy Traders:

To be eligible for copy traders, the initial closed trade must occur within the specified event period to be deemed valid.


Participation and Bonus Details:

There are bonus opportunities for participants, with a maximum of 200 USDT available for the first 1000 participants engaging in copy trading for the first time.


Reward Distribution:

The BTCC Copy Trading Contest ensures a fair and square reward distribution, employing the following transparent distribution dynamics:

  • Winners among lead traders will have their names announced within 7 working days after the event concludes, with rewards set to be distributed within 3 working days following the announcement.
  • The distribution of rewards for copy traders is scheduled to take place weekly.



The BTCC Copy Trading Contest incorporates specific rules to ensure an equal and fair opportunity for all traders:

  • Only copy trading orders initiated during the designated event period will be taken into account for ranking.
  • Negative PnL, as mentioned in the event, pertains to actual losses incurred in contract trading, excluding fees and funding fees.
  • Traders should be mindful that the effectiveness of their trades in copying may influence their rankings or eligibility for rewards.
  • The participant’s “Followers” and “AUM” (Assets Under Management) figures will be computed at the conclusion of the event.
  • Rewards, presented as trading funds and withdrawable funds for this event, will be distributed directly to the winners’ accounts.
  • Participants automatically enrolled in this event are presumed to have an understanding of and agreement with the specified terms and conditions.


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Copy Trade to Grow Your Portfolio and Win Rewards

The Copy Trading Contest is designed to incentivize and reward both Lead Traders and Copy Traders, creating an engaging and competitive environment on the BTCC Exchange platform. Participants have the chance to showcase their trading skills, potentially earn rewards, and explore the benefits of copy trading within the secure and reliable environment of the BTCC Exchange platform.


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