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Bybit’s 2,200,000 USDT Prize Pool Competition – A Gateway to VIP Glory!


January 25, 2024
Bybit's 2,200,000 USDT Prize Pool Competition

Bybit presents the Bybit TradeMasters Grand Prix Series 2, featuring an impressive $2,200,000 prize pool for traders worldwide. This event is an integral component of the annual finals, comprising six series that not only offer substantial cash rewards but also include additional perks such as lucky draws and an invitation to the prestigious Year-End Gala.

We’ve collected all the essential information for you to enter the series with ultimate confidence in your trading skills, and we’ve got your back by providing a comprehensive summary of the entire contest.

While the stakes will be high and the competition fierce, today, you’ll discover how to join in, meet the requirements, and, most importantly, we’ll guide you on marking your calendars. Get ready to join and win because it’s about time you recognize your potential.



Bybit is amongst the best crypto exchanges by trading volume, offering a centralized platform with over 10 million users. With an ultra-fast matching engine, quality customer service, and multilingual support, Bybit provides a seamless trading experience. It is accessible across 500+ assets, Bybit is renowned for its diverse offerings.

As a proud partner of the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, Bybit brings the excitement of Formula One to the trading arena. Currently hosting the TradeMasters Grand Prix series, Bybit’s competition structure mirrors the intensity of a Grand Prix race, adding a unique dimension to crypto trading.


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About the Giveaway

The TradeMaster Grand Prix Series by Bybit is a global competition designed for traders worldwide. Emulating the structure of a Grand Prix, the series consists of 6 individual races leading up to an Annual Final.

Currently in Bybit’s second series, the competition is featuring a prize pool of $2,200,000, coupled with enticing bonuses and rewards. This surpasses the significance of the initial series, where traders had the chance to secure victories worth $1,000,000.

The competition is geared to be specifically for individual traders, excluding institutional and professional traders, ensuring fair play while fostering inclusivity in the TradeMaster Grand Prix Series, making it all about you and your trading journey.

The TradeMaster Grand Prix Series features a dynamic and fair prize distribution, with separate pools for the Trading Volume Prize Pool and the PnL% Prize Pool. This significantly increases your likelihood of securing a portion of the prize pool. Prepare to refine your trading strategies and engage in the TradeMaster Grand Prix Series, where each trade matters, and every victory contributes to the competition’s intensity.


Prize Pool Categories:

You have the opportunity to win up to $2,200,000, and aside that, there are additional prize pool categories available for you to win.

Alt text: Bybit Prize Pool

  • Trading Volume Prize Pool: Maximum reward of 1,100,000 USDT
  • PnL Prize Pool: Maximum reward of 660,000 USDT
  • PnL(%) Prize Pool: Maximum reward of 440,000 USDT


Things to Do to Be Eligible

Every competition is governed by a set of rules, and Bybit has established ground rules for the TradeMaster to ensure fairness among participants. Here is your guide to eligibility

  • To qualify for registration, a minimum balance of 1,000 USDT worth of assets in your Bybit Account is required.

Note: Market Makers, Institutional users, and Pro users are not eligible for registration.


Trading Volume Ranking Criteria:

  • Attain a Derivatives trading volume of at least $1,100,000 during the competition period.
  • Your rank will be determined by your Derivatives trading volume, with a higher volume resulting in a larger portion of the prize pool.


PnL Ranking Criteria:

  • Achieve a minimum Derivatives trading volume of $500,000 during the competition period.
  • Your ranking will be determined by your Profit and Loss (PnL), with a higher PnL resulting in a more substantial share of the prize pool.


PnL% Ranking Criteria:

  • Achieve a Derivatives trading volume of at least $100,000 during the competition period.
  • Your ranking will be based on your Profit and Loss (PnL%) percentage, with a higher PnL% earning a larger share of the prize pool.

Alt text: Bybit Prize Pool


Special Welcome Bonus for New VIPs

  • New users who attain Bybit VIP status during the event period will be eligible for an exclusive welcome bonus of up to 800 USDT.
  • Benefit from a reduced fee structure of 0.03% for Taker fees and 0% for Maker fees in Derivatives trading.

You can score a more substantial prize pool by taking advantage of these lower fees!


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Essential Guidelines for TradeMasters Grand Prix Series 2

The TradeMaster Grand Prix is designed for established traders like you who know the ropes, making it essential to grasp a few key guidelines before hitting that registration button, here are a few essential guidelines to ensure you make the most out of this prestigious competition.

  • To qualify for rewards, participants are required to click the “Register Now” button within the event period.

Alt text: Bybit Registration button

  • To ensure participation in Series 2 of the TradeMasters Grand Prix, it’s essential for each participant to register separately. If you took part in Series 1, a new registration is required for Series 2.
  • The calculation of trading volume and PnL% for this event includes trading pairs from the following derivative products: USDT Perpetual, Inverse Perpetual Contract, Inverse Futures, and USDC Perpetual Contract.


Key Dates for TradeMasters Grand Prix Series 2

Here are some key dates to remember—whether you choose to mark them in your calendar or commit them to memory, make sure they stay at the forefront of your mind.

Alt text: Bybit Dates for TradeMasters Grand Prix Series 2

  • Registration Period: January 11, 2024, 10 AM UTC – February 7, 2024, 10 AM UTC
  • Competition Period: January 18, 2024, 10 AM UTC – February 8, 2024, 10 AM UTC
  • Reward Distribution: February 9 to February 23, 2024 (UTC)


Exciting Rewards with Bybit’s Lucky Draw

This is your chance to win enticing bonuses and exclusive VIP merchandise! The deal is to earn one (1) lucky draw ticket for every $2,000,000 in Derivatives trading volume, giving you the ultimate opportunity to unlock up to four (4) tickets in a single day! These milestones are your pathway to rewards with Bybit, where achieving trading goals does not give you major lottery winning opportunities but is immensely fulfilling!

Alt text: Bybit Lucky Draw rewards


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Bybit’s Grand Prix Challenge

Bybit’s Grand Prix Challenge offers a great opportunity to challenge your trading goals, with phenomenal rewards. Engage in trading to become a part of the prize pool, and if you’re fortunate enough to be among the lucky winners, seize the chance to receive exclusive tickets to the Year-End Gala.


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