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Memecoins Take Center Stage: Bitget Wallet Launches Fair Launchpool Season 9 – Game of MEME


April 30, 2024
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Bitget Wallet's Fair Launchpool Season 9


Bitget Wallet’s Fair Launchpool Season 9
Airdrop Prize Pool 200,000 USDT
Activities Game of MEME
Event Period April 9th, 18:00 – April 16th, 18:00 (UTC+8)


The cryptocurrency landscape is constantly evolving, with trends like DeFi, Gaming, AI, and Privacy capturing our attention. However, there’s no denying the current craze surrounding memecoins, with a total market capitalization exceeding $50 billion, these playful digital assets are attracting significant user interest. This surge in popularity has even spurred established blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and newcomers like Base, and Linea to embrace memecoins as a way to onboard new users into their ecosystems.

If you’re looking to ride the wave and potentially win big, then Bitget Wallet has got you covered. They’re launching their Fair Launchpool Season 9: Game of MEME, offering a massive $200,000 airdrop prize pool. This is your chance to not only trade memecoins safely with high liquidity on Bitget’s platform, but also get rewarded for your participation. With top prizes reaching $1,000, are you ready to join the Game of MEME?


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Beyond the Hype: Why Bitget Wallet is Your Go-to Platform for Memecoin Trading

While the memecoin craze is undeniable, navigating this dynamic market requires a secure and rewarding platform. That’s where Bitget Wallet steps in, offering a compelling solution for both seasoned memecoin traders and curious newcomers. Here’s why Bitget Wallet should be your go-to platform for all things memecoin:

  • High Liquidity and Safe Trading: Bitget Wallet boasts high liquidity, ensuring smooth execution of your memecoin trades.  This minimizes slippage, a common concern when dealing with volatile assets like memecoins. Additionally, Bitget Wallet prioritizes security, giving you peace of mind while you navigate the memecoin market.
  • Seamless Integration with Memecoin Ecosystem: Bitget Wallet integrates seamlessly with the memecoin ecosystem.  This means you’ll have access to a wide variety of memecoins listed on the platform.  Additionally, features like the “Meme Token List” make it easy to discover and trade the hottest memecoins.
  • Beyond Memecoins: While Bitget Wallet caters to the current memecoin craze, it’s not a one-trick pony. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features for all your crypto needs, including support for major cryptocurrencies, NFT management, and access to Decentralized Applications (DApps).


Fair Launchpool Season 9: Game of MEME

Bitget Wallet’s innovative Fair Launchpool program is back for its ninth season, and this time, it’s all about memecoins! Recognizing the immense popularity of memecoins, Bitget Wallet has designed “Game of MEME” as a way for users to participate in the trend and be rewarded for their activity. Before joining the fun, let’s explore the details and strategize for success!



Here are a few steps that participants need to be careful about as they participate in Bitget Wallet’s Fair Launchpool Season 9:

  • Make sure to tap the “Start Interaction” button within the event to register your participation.
  • Only memecoins listed on Bitget Wallet’s official “Meme Token List” qualify for rewards. Check the “Markets” page for the complete list, which includes tokens like Ailey, JENSEN, and Gui Inu.


How to Participate in Fair Launchpool Season 9: Game of MEME

  1. Download the latest Bitget Wallet app (if you haven’t already).
  2. Navigate to the “Earning Center” and select “Fair Launchpool”.
  3. Locate the 9th Fair Launchpool event and connect your Twitter account.
  4. Click “Start Interaction” to automatically retweet and like the event tweet. This registration step is crucial for reward eligibility.



Tasks to win a share in Fair Launchpool Season 9: Game of MEME

Let’s take a closer look at the tasks that would help you earn rewards in Fair Launchpool Season 9, which are all related to trading and engaging with the memecoins.


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Task 1: Trade Memecoins and Earn Rewards ($100,000 Prize Pool):

Head over to the “Markets” page and explore the “Meme Token List” to discover tradable memecoins. Complete swap transactions worth at least $100 in total with any listed memecoin.  Every $100 in trading volume increases your chances of winning a share of the $50 airdrops!


Task 2: Participate in the Game of MEME for a Share of $100,000 Prize Pool

This event is all about memecoin trading. Dive into the meme action for a chance to win up to $1000 as one of the top-notch meme participants! Remember to visit X, tag @BitgetWallet with the #memeativity hashtag, and provide your EVM address.


Reward Distribution:

The $200,000 prize pool will be divided among different categories, rewarding both active traders and creative meme enthusiasts. Here’s how the distribution will look:

Airdrop Rewards Total Number of Winners Winners Selection
Meme Coins Trading $50 2,000 Raffle
Game of MEME $1,000 20 MEME Influence
$500 50
$200 100
$100 350


Gotta Know the Rules: Fair Launchpool Season 9 Fine Print

While you’re busy meme-ing your way to glory, here are a few quick things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t forget to “Start Interaction”: This basically registers you for the event and makes you eligible for those sweet rewards. Miss this step, and you miss out on the loot!
  2. One wallet, one shot: You can only win the highest reward from a single Bitget Wallet address, even if you try to participate with multiple accounts.
  3. Prize pool variety: The $200,000 prize pool isn’t just one type of token. It’s a mix of goodies from various projects listed on Bitget.
  4. Rewards landing spot: Keep an eye on your Bitget Wallet Rewards Account within 3 business days after the event ends. That’s where your winnings will be airdropped!
  5. Fair play is key: Bitget Wallet might ask you to complete a risk control assessment to make sure everyone’s playing by the rules. No funny business!


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Don’t Miss Out: Ride the Meme Wave with Bitget Wallet’s Fair Launchpool!

The memecoin craze is upon us, and Bitget Wallet offers a secure and rewarding way to join the fun.  Trade memecoins with confidence thanks to high liquidity and Bitget’s curated coin list that minimizes rug pulls.  Fair Launchpool Season 9: Game of MEME ups the ante with a massive $200,000 prize pool! Whether you’re an active trader or a creative meme enthusiast, there are opportunities to win big. Download Bitget Wallet today and join the Game of MEME!

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