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How to Delete WhiteBIT Account? (Step-by-Step)


January 26, 2024
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How to Delete WhiteBIT Account?

WhiteBIT launched in 2018 is one of the biggest European crypto exchanges with over 4 million users and a $2.5 bln daily trading volume.

However, circumstances may emerge, when you may want to cut your ties with your WhiteBIT account.

Whether you’re transitioning to a new platform or taking a break from trading, understanding the account deletion process is essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through each step to delete your WhiteBIT account seamlessly.

This step-by-step guide ensures a clear path to closing your WhiteBIT account securely and hassle-free.


What to Do Before Deleting WhiteBIT Account

  1. Cancel All Orders & Positions: Before deleting your WhiteBIT account, ensure to cancel all active orders and close positions. This prevents any unintended trades or financial exposure, offering a clean slate for account closure.
  2. Withdraw Funds: Safeguard your assets by withdrawing all funds from your WhiteBIT account. Initiate withdrawals to your preferred wallet or bank account to secure your cryptocurrency and fiat holdings before finalizing the account deletion.


How to Delete WhiteBIT Account

Ending your connection with your WhiteBIT account is an uncomplicated task.

If you’ve chosen to say goodbye to your WhiteBIT account, adhere to these steps for a seamless closure experience.


Step 1:Login to Your WhiteBIT Account

Access your WhiteBIT account by entering your credentials on the platform. Ensure you provide accurate login details to gain access to your account dashboard.


Step 2: Scroll Down to the Bottom

Once logged in, navigate to the bottom section of the WhiteBIT platform. This is usually where you find additional settings and options.


Step 3: Click on “Submit a Request” Option

Locate and select the “Submit a Request” option. This typically initiates a process where users can make specific requests or seek assistance from the platform’s support.


Step 4: Select “Account” Option

Within the request submission interface, choose the category related to your account.

In this case, look for and select the option that pertains to your account settings or preferences.


Step 5: Select “Delete Account Request” Option

Further, refine your request by specifying that you want to delete your account. Find and choose the “Delete Account Request” option from the available selections.


Step 6: Write Your Request

Clearly articulate your intention to delete your WhiteBIT account. Provide any necessary details or reasons for the account closure to assist the platform in processing your request efficiently.


Step 7: Hit the Submit Button

Once you’ve filled in the details of your account deletion request, locate the submit button and click on it.

This action officially submits your request to the WhiteBIT platform for processing.


Best WhiteBIT Alternatives

Consider MEXC as a compelling alternative to WhiteBIT. MEXC stands out with its 0% spot fees, differentiating itself from competitors.

Notably, it brags the industry’s lowest futures fees at 0% for makers and 0.02% for takers, making trading cost-effective.

The platform supports an extensive range of 1600+ cryptocurrencies, providing users with diverse options for their portfolios.

With an impressive 200x leverage, MEXC caters to both beginners and seasoned traders seeking flexibility. A notable advantage is the absence of KYC requirements, prioritising user privacy.

For an in-depth exploration of MEXC’s features and performance, read our comprehensive MEXC review.


Final Thoughts

Mastering the process of deleting your WhiteBIT account involves careful steps like cancelling orders, withdrawing funds and following a guide.

As you navigate this transition, consider exploring MEXC as a noteworthy alternative. Bragging 0% spot fees, minimal futures fees, and a vast array of supported cryptocurrencies.


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