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Coinsbit Referral Code Bonus: 2000 CNB and 25% Fee Rebates


October 8, 2023
Coinsbit referral code bonus guide

What is the Coinsbit Referral Code?

If you are looking for a Coinsbit referral code and bonus offer, you have come to the right place. The Coinsbit referral ID 9f9b1926-34c2-4c91-83f2-0a0f23e8a30d can be used by clicking the Coinsbit link on our website. By registering on the Coinsbit crypto exchange, you can earn up to 25% in fee rebates.


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How to use the Coinsbit Referral ID

If you want to use the Coinsbit referral ID, follow our simple step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Visit the Coinsbit website with this link (click here).
  2. When using the link on our website, the Coinsbit referral code is applied automatically.
  3. Register on Coinsbit with your email and password.
  4. Verify your details and complete KYC.
  5. Invite friends, family, or other traders to Coinsbit and earn up to 25% in fee rebates and commissions.



Coinsbit Referral Bonus

After registering with the Coinsbit referral code 9f9b1926-34c2-4c91-83f2-0a0f23e8a30d, you are eligible for bonuses up to 2000 Coinsbit Tokens (CNB). This bonus is exclusively reserved for new users who sign up with our invitation code or link. Also, you must do KYC verification to claim your rewards.

Additionally, you can earn fee rebates and commissions in the referral program.


Activate Coinsbit Bonus!


Coinsbit Referral Program

If you want to earn passive income, you should check out the Coinsbit referral program. Coinsbit will provide you with an exclusive referral ID and referral link. You can copy this link and share it with your friends, family, or other crypto traders like yourself.

Whenever someone signs up using your referral link, you are eligible for up to 25% in commissions of the generated trading fees. Also, your invitees will get 2000 CNB completely for free with a referral code.


Coinsbit FAQ

What is the Coinsbit referral code?

The Coinsbit referral code is 9f9b1926-34c2-4c91-83f2-0a0f23e8a30d. This is an exclusive and unique code that you can activate by clicking the link on our website to unlock bonuses and rewards.


What is the Coinsbit bonus?

Right now, Coinsbit offers a 25% fee rebate bonus in the referral center.


Does Coinsbit require KYC?

Yes, in order to unlock all Coinsbit bonuses, you must verify your identity with the KYC process.


Can I get my own Coinsbit promo code?

Yes, you can receive your personal Coinsbit promo code in the referral program section. Share this code with other traders to share bonuses with them and enjoy fee rebates in exchange.


Activate Coinsbit Bonus!


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