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BTCC Referral Code For $11,000 Bonus + 40% Fee Discount Bonus


February 14, 2024
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Do you know you can earn up to $11,000 bonuses when you sign up and trade on BTCC? This is possible when you use the exclusive BTCC referral code 8AXOD3. On top of that you will get a 40% fee discount for your first month on BTCC so you can enjoy the best value for money.

BTCC is one of the oldest global crypto exchanges. You can trade spot, futures, and other products on the exchange.

The platform is not only reliable but also offers bonuses for new traders. In this article, we will provide you with the BTCC referral code and guide you on how to use it. Keep reading this article to discover our exclusive BTCC referral code bonus. Without the code, you will not get access to these benefits.


🌐 Website:

➡️ Referral Code: 8AXOD3

💰 Bonus 1: $11,000

💰 Bonus 2: 40% Fee Discount


Join BTCC!



How To Get A Bonus On BTCC

Getting a bonus on BTCC is straightforward.

Step 1: The first step is to register on BTCC with our exclusive link. The link will take you to the BTCC registration portal.

Step 2: On the portal, you will find our BTCC referral code, 8AXOD3, already applied if you used the link from above. However, if you can’t find it there, you should input the BTCC referral code 8AXOD3 manually in the section provided.

Step 3: Next, you will sign up with either your email or phone number. You will also pick a strong password here. After signing up, you can complete your KYC verification so you can fully access their trading platform.


After completing your KYC verification, you can now deposit and start trading.

Note, at each stage of signing up, KYC verification, depositing, and trading, BTCC will reward you with bonuses. We will explore this in our next section.


Join BTCC!


BTCC Bonus Offers

BTCC bonuses apply to different categories of users. Every new user gets a 10 USDT coupon after completing their registration. You will also get an additional 20 USDT coupon on completing your KYC verification. Also, you get a 40% fee discount for your first month trading on BTCC when using the referral code 8AXOD3.


Bonus On First Deposit And Trade

You will get a bonus worth 10 USDT when you deposit 200 USDT and above within 7 days of opening an account. The reward includes a 5 trading fund and a 5 USDT coupon.

If the deposit is 500 USDT and above, you will get a 20-trading fund. Furthermore, if you make a cumulative deposit of 2000 USDT within 30 days of opening an account, you will get a 30 USDT trading fund. Trading within 7 days of signing up will also earn you a 20 USDT coupon.


BTCC Futures Trading Bonus

You can earn bonuses from trading futures on BTCC within a stipulated time.

  • A cumulative future trade of 200,000 USDT and above will earn you a 10 USDT trading fund and a 200 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 500,000 USDT and above will earn you a 20 USDT trading fund and a 300 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 1 million and above will earn you a 50 USDT trading fund and a 500 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 5 million USDT and above will earn you a 125 USDT trading fund and a 1000 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 10 million USDT and above will earn you a 250 USDT trading fund and a 2000 USDT coupon.
  • A cumulative future trade of 20 million USDT and above will earn you a 500 USDT trading fund and a 5000 USDT coupon.

BTCC Referral Bonus

This is another way to earn a bonus on BTCC. You will get 25% on their trading fee, when you refer others to the exchange.


Join BTCC!


Take Away

BTCC is a great exchange to kick-start your crypto trading career. They offer a platform where you can trade over 200 cryptocurrencies. In addition to that, they make trading enticing with their numerous bonus offers. Sign up on the platform today with our BTCC referral code to start enjoying these bonuses. Enjoy

Read our full BTCC review for more information about the platform.

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