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OKX Restricted & Supported Countries 2024


March 21, 2024
OKX Restricted & Supported Countries 2024

With a user base exceeding millions across 120+ countries, OKX stands out as a leading cryptocurrency exchange. While globally recognized, OKX continues efforts to improve accessibility in specific regions.

This guide will take you through OKX’s accessibility and restrictions in different countries. It will also uncover alternative options for users in those areas, ensuring a smooth crypto experience. Let’s begin exploring!


OKX Restricted & Banned Countries

OKX may not offer its services in all markets and restricts usage in specific jurisdictions. Currently, the following countries and regions are not supported by OKX:

  • Belgium
  • Cuba
  • France and its overseas territories
  • Iran
  • Japan
  • North Korea
  • Crimea
  • Malaysia
  • Syria
  • United States (including territories)
  • The Bahamas,
  • Canada
  • Malta


For comprehensive information about OKX-supported and restricted countries kindly visit their terms and conditions page on their website.


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Is OKX Available in the United States?

No, OKX is not available in the United States. Due to regulatory constraints and compliance concerns, OKX discontinued its services for US customers.

Individuals in the US seeking cryptocurrency trading options should consider alternative platforms that comply with local regulations and provide a secure trading environment tailored to residents in the United States. Always prioritize platforms that adhere to legal requirements for a safe and compliant trading experience.


Can OKX be Accessed Via VPN?

Attempting to access OKX via VPN is not recommended, as it may result in severe consequences. In some cases, using banned apps or platforms could lead to significant legal repercussions, such as a 20-year imprisonment term and a $250,000 fine under U.S. regulations.

It is crucial to acknowledge and adhere to each country’s legal framework, carefully considering potential legal outcomes before attempting to bypass geographical restrictions. Prioritise compliance with laws to prevent unintentional legal troubles.


OKX Alternatives

If you face restrictions accessing OKX in your region, it’s advisable to explore alternative cryptocurrency exchanges. In certain U.S. areas where OKX is unavailable, consider BYDFi, a licensed platform open to U.S. customers. Refer to our BYDFI review for additional insights.

Outside the U.S. if OKX isn’t available, BTCC serves as an excellent option with low fees and significant trading volume. Explore our detailed BTCC review for more information. Always stay informed about the latest platform availability updates.


OKX Supported Countries

OKX supports users from various regions based on their residency and registration date. OKCoin Europe LTD caters to residents in approved locations within the European Economic Area. OKX Bahamas serves users in Mexico.

OKX HK is for residents in Hong Kong (registered on or after May 15, 2023), OKX Brazil for Brazil (registered on or after June 15, 2023), OKX Singapore for Singapore (registered on or after Oct 13, 2023), and Aux Cayes for all other eligible users.


Bottom Line

Understanding the supported and restricted countries on OKX is crucial for a seamless trading experience. While OKX serves many regions, it’s essential to note restrictions. Fortunately, viable alternatives like BTCC and BYDFI provide users with reliable options.

Explore these platforms for an accessible cryptocurrency trading experience tailored to your geographical location and regulatory compliance. Look into our extensive OKX review for a thorough examination of its features, advantages, and constraints


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1-Is OKX available in the US?

No, OKX is not available in the United States. The cryptocurrency exchange has restricted its services in the U.S. due to regulatory considerations. Users in the U.S. should explore alternative platforms that comply with local regulations for cryptocurrency trading.


2-Is OKX available in the UK?

Yes, OKX is available in the UK. The cryptocurrency exchange platform operates globally, including in the United Kingdom, allowing users to trade a variety of digital assets. Make sure to check for any updates or changes in regulations to ensure compliance with local laws when using the platform.


3-Is OKX available in Canada?

No, OKX is not available in Canada. The cryptocurrency exchange platform has specific geographical restrictions and regulatory compliance measures that may limit its accessibility in certain countries, including Canada


4-Does OKX Require KYC?

Yes, OKX, like many cryptocurrency exchanges, requires Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. KYC helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards and enhances security by verifying the identity of users. Providing required documentation, such as ID and proof of address, is a standard process for account verification on OKX.


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