Does BitGet require KYC?

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April 30, 2023
BitGet KYC requirements

Bitget is a popular non-KYC exchange for crypto trading with low fees. Many people convert to this exchange, but don’t want to go through its KYC process. So, is completing KYC necessary on Bitget?

Luckily, the exchange isn’t strict on KYC registration, that means you can use Bitget without KYC. But completing the process will unlock a few features you won’t have if unverified. Below we will discuss all these limitations and perks of not completing KYC on Bitget. Moreover, you will also learn how to verify if you are interested in higher withdrawal limits and other benefits. So, without further waiting, Let’s Go!


Is it Safe to Use Bitget Without KYC?

Yes, Bitget is a safe exchange to buy, sell, trade, and stake your crypto assets, even without KYC verification. The platform has licensed the latest HTTPS certification version provided by Cloudflare. High-grade United States authority, FinCEN, regulates Bitget activities. Moreover, it has 12 A+ ratings from SSL Labs.

That’s why it has never been hacked once since founded in 2018, while offering KYC-free trading. So you can easily use the platform without any worries. But remember, Bitget doesn’t support certain locations like China, Hong Kong, North Korea, Singapore, and Macau. So, if you are using it from these countries, make sure you practice proper security measures.


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Limitations of Using Bitget Without KYC

Although Bitget is an amazing non-KYC exchange, it has some limitations for unverified users. The security measure encourages people complete verification more and tempts them to unlock various features by completing the process. Below are some limitations you will experience if you haven’t completed KYC on Bitget.


Withdrawal Limits

To restrict people from taking unnecessary advantage of the profits from trading, Bitget allows people to withdraw only a limited amount of assets. Initially, their daily withdrawal limit for unverified users was much lower.

But since 13 January 2023, the team increased the daily limit to 50,000 USD for unverified users. Also, they can withdraw a maximum of 100,000 USD per month. In crypto, the limit is up to 20 BTC per day.

However, you can withdraw up to 200 BTC or 3,000,000 USD daily if you have a verified account. The limit is further increased if you complete the level 2 verification, which is up to 2,000,000 USD for daily fiat withdrawals, and up to 8,000,000 USD for crypto cash outs.


Why is Bitget a Good Non-KYC Exchange?

Many other platforms also offer KYC-free trading, but some factors make Bitget distinctive and the leading non-KYC exchange. Yes, you remain more anonymous without completing KYC, as the platform will have lesser personal information about you. But Bitget also gives extra benefits to unverified users than its competitors.



First, it is one of the most secure non-KYC exchanges with proper regulations, certifications, and security measures. The platform protects its users’ data and assets the same; regardless they are verified or unverified. On the other hand, unverification can also be to your benefit. Although Bitget hasn’t been hacked, in case of any mishap or breach, your personal information won’t be on the platform’s servers.


Allows Deposits, Withdrawals & Trading

Many non-KYC exchanges don’t allow depositing crypto or trading (or both). At Bitget, you can not only deposit crypto to your account free of charge, but you can also perform spot and futures trading hassle-free and eventually withdraw your profits. Briefly, you can earn through trading on Bitget without providing much personal information.


Higher Withdrawal Limit

Bitget has some of the highest withdrawal limits as compared to other KYC-free exchanges. Usually, they allow withdrawals worth 2,5 or 10 BTC. But Bitget allows up to 20 BTC or 50,000 USD. The amount is high enough to take out most of your trading profits at regular intervals.



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How to Complete KYC Verification on Bitget?

Although Bitget allows you to trade without KYC, you are probably tempted by the higher limits and better features of verified users. So, if you are thinking to verify your account after creating an account, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your account, and click your Profile Icon at the top right corner.

Step 2:Click on ID Verification from the left panel. It will be on the Individual tab by default (which you can switch to Institution if your account belongs to your company).

Step 3: Select your Country, then click Verify Now under Level 1 Verification.

Step 4: Enter your complete name and date of birth in the Basic Information section.

Step 5: Upload two clear photos of the front and back of your ID Verification. It can be either your Driving License, Passport, or Government-Issued ID card.

Step 6: Next, upload/capture your live selfie for Face Authentication.

Step 7: Click Submit to complete the process.

However, if you want to complete the KYC level 2 verification further, again go to the ID Verification tab and click Verify Now under its tab. Enter your residential address details and upload a picture for proof. Last, click Submit to complete the process.


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Final Note

Bitget is the ultimate choice of many people seeking an excellent non-KYC platform. It is secure, versatile, diversified, and has more perks than others. You can deposit, withdraw, and trade crypto without verifying, and the limits are sufficient enough to forget about verification.

However, we will still advise you to complete your KYC verification, whether it is Bitget or any other exchange. It won’t only assist you in increasing limits and getting other benefits, but you will also be saved from any future legal complications like tax returns and others.



Do You Need KYC on Bitget to Withdraw?

No, you can withdraw from Bitget without KYC verification. However, its daily limit is 20 BTC or 50,000 USD, which increases after verifying.

Can You Buy Bitcoin Without KYC?

Of course. You can purchase Bitcoin and many other crypto coins on the exchange without KYC.

Is Bitget Legal?

Yes, Bitget is a legal crypto exchange regulated by high-grade authority FinCEN and has an MSB Cryptocurrency Trading License. It has many other regulatory licenses from countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada.

Is Using a Non-KYC Exchange Legal?

Usually, trading on non-KYC exchanges is risky and sometimes illegal. But it depends on their certification and your region. If an exchange offers KYC-free trading but is also backed and regulated by authoritative organizations, it makes them a legal option. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t complete the Know Your Customer verification at all.


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April 30, 2023