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MEXC vs Kucoin: Which Exchange is Best in 2024?


February 8, 2024
MEXC vs kucoin exchange comparison

If you are unsure whether to trade on Kucoin or MEXC, you have come to the right place. We have extensively tested the exchanges. In this guide, we will share our analysis of MEXC and Kucoin. We considered all key factors for choosing a crypto exchange such as fees, available coins, security, reliability, and more. At the end of this MEXC vs Kucoin comparison, you will know exactly which crypto exchange is best for your needs!


MEXC vs Kucoin Overview

We will start this Kucoin and MEXC comparison with a table where you can see all key measures of the two exchanges at a glance.


This table compares all key measures of Kucoin and MEXC, two of the largest crypto exchanges in the world!


MEXC Pros & Cons

MEXC focuses on providing the best leverage futures trading platform in the crypto space. MEXC offers the highest leverage of 200x and the lowest fees for spot and futures traders. The liquidity on MEXC is also great, making MEXC a top choice for day traders.

The best thing is that it does not even need KYC verification, so you can stay anonymous.

Futures traders are charged a maker cost of 0% and a taker fee of 0.01%, making MEXC the least expensive crypto futures trading platform as of 2023. No other exchange provides such low fees.

Furthermore, MEXC offers more than 1800 cryptocurrencies in the spot market, so you can probably find whatever cryptocurrency you’re looking for there.

One of MEXC’s main flaws is the lack of FIAT support. You must first purchase USDT or other cryptocurrencies somewhere else before transferring them to MEXC since MEXC currently lacks on- and off-ramps. We still think this is a great decision because the fees associated with trading on the MEXC make the whole process absolutely worthwhile and it will save you a ton of money which you would have spent on expensive trading fees elsewhere.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
✅ No KYC❌ Lacks FIAT support
✅ Lowest Fees❌ Lacks financial and passive income products
✅ Great Liquidity❌ Less popular platform
✅ Most Trading Pairs
✅ Reliable order execution
✅ Copy trading
✅ Available in the USA


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Kucoin Pros & Cons

KuCoin has a broad selection of trading pairs, markets, and sophisticated charting tools, making it well-suited to meet the demands of expert traders. To start, the site provides a selection of more than 800 cryptocurrencies, which is constantly expanding. While this is a lot, it’s still not even half of what MEXC has to offer.

In terms of trading fees, Kucoin is going with the industry standard. Spot fees are 0.1% while futures fees are 0.02% maker and 0.06% taker. While we consider these fees to be relatively fair, they are still more than 10x higher compared to MEXC where you even have ways to trade for free. Unfortunately, the liquidity of Kucoin is poor and the trading platform is rather slow and unreliable.

Where Kucoin stands out is the number of financial products where you can make use of staking, mining, automated bot trading, and more. Furthermore, Kucoin offers comprehensive FIAT support for over 10 different currencies.

One key thing about Kucoin is that the platform has been hacked and customer funds were stolen.

👍 Pros👎 Cons
✅ Wide variety of digital assets❌ No copy trading
✅ Best passive income products❌ Requires KYC
✅ Crypto debit card❌ Not as reliable
❌ Relatively high fees
❌ Has been hacked
❌ No copy trading


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MEXC vs Kucoin: Who wins?

The winner for crypto trading is without a doubt MEXC. With the lowest fees, most coins, best liquidity, and most reliable trading platform, hardly any other crypto exchange can keep up with MEXCs trading features. MEXC even offers ways to trade completely for free with 0% spot and 0% futures maker fees which makes trading on MEXC a lot more profitable.

We do not recommend trading on Kucoin as the trading platform is not as advanced. What Kucoin is great for is buying spot cryptos with a lot of upside potential. Furthermore, Kucoin is a great choice for passive income products such as staking, mining, or automated trading. And lastly, Kucoin is better for FIAT on and offramps.

So if you are wondering if you should trade on MEXC or Kucoin, the answer is definitely: MEXC is the superior option for crypto trading!


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