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MEXC Restricted & Supported Countries in 2024


March 21, 2024
MEXC Restricted & Supported Countries in 2024

Bragging a user base spanning over 10 million in over 170 countries, MEXC holds a prominent position among cryptocurrency exchanges. Despite its global recognition, MEXC faces restrictions in providing its services to some countries.

This blog identifies nations with restrictions, and suggests alternative options for users in those areas, guaranteeing a seamless cryptocurrency experience.


MEXC Restricted & Banned Countries

MEXC has implemented restrictions on its services, refraining from offering them in certain markets and prohibiting user registrations or trade applications from specific countries. As of now, MEXC does not extend its services to residents of:

  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • Crimea
  • Mainland China
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Venezuela
  • United States
  • Canada


To obtain a thorough understanding of MEXC’s supported and restricted countries, we recommend referring to their terms and conditions page on the official website for detailed information.


Is MEXC Available in the United States?

MEXC is unavailable in the United States due to regulatory constraints and compliance concerns. The platform discontinued its services for US customers.

Individuals in the US looking for cryptocurrency trading options should explore alternative platforms that comply with local regulations, ensuring a secure and compliant trading experience tailored to residents in the United States. Always prioritize platforms that adhere to legal requirements for a safe trading environment.


Can MEXC be Accessed Via a VPN?

Accessing MEXC through a VPN is strongly discouraged, as it could lead to serious consequences. Engaging in such activities may result in severe legal penalties, including a 20-year imprisonment and a $250,000 fine according to U.S. regulations.

It is essential to recognize and follow the legal framework of each country, taking into account potential legal trouble before attempting to avoid geographical restrictions. Prioritise compliance with laws to avoid unintentional legal complications.


MEXC Alternatives

If accessing MEXC is restricted in your region, it’s recommended to explore alternative cryptocurrency exchanges. In specific U.S. regions where OKX isn’t accessible, consider BYDFi, a licensed platform welcoming U.S. customers. Check our BYDFI review for further insights.

Outside the U.S. if MEXC isn’t an option, BTCC stands out with low fees and significant trading volume. Read out our comprehensive BTCC review for additional details. Stay informed about the latest updates on platform availability.


MEXC Supported Countries

MEXC serves users worldwide, spanning nations such as, Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency exchange regulations may evolve, affecting accessibility.

For the latest and most precise information regarding supported countries, it is advisable to consult MEXC official website. This way, you stay informed about Bitget’s current availability in your particular region.


Bottom Line

Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange involves considering regional restrictions. If MEXC faces limitations in your area, exploring alternatives becomes essential. For U.S. users, BYDFi offers a licensed platform, while BTCC serves as a robust option globally.

Stay informed by checking our detailed MEXC review for insights into the features of the platform.



1-Is MEXC available in the US?

No, Mexc is not available in the United States. If you’re looking for cryptocurrency exchanges in the US, consider platforms like Coinbase or Binance.US, which cater to users within the country. Always verify the availability of specific exchanges based on your location and regulatory compliance.


2-Is MEXC available in Canada?

No, Mexc is not available in Canada. If you’re looking for cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada, you might want to explore local options or global platforms that cater to Canadian users. It’s important to verify the availability of specific exchanges based on your location and regulatory requirements in the region.


3-Is MEXC available in the UK?

Yes, Mexc is available in the UK. It offers a platform for cryptocurrency trading, providing users in the United Kingdom with access to a variety of digital assets. As with any investment, it’s essential to research and ensure compliance with local regulations before engaging in trading activities on the Mexc platform.


4-Does MEXC Require KYC?

MEXC does not mandate KYC however it offers two KYC levels: Primary and Advanced. Primary KYC involves basic personal details, granting an 80 BTC 24-hour withdrawal limit and limited OTC transaction access in KYC-supported regions.

Advanced KYC includes facial recognition authentication, raising the withdrawal limit to 200 BTC, and providing unrestricted OTC transaction access in KYC-supported regions, Global Bank Transfers, and Debit/Credit Card transactions.


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