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LeveX Exchange Review: Fees, Features, Facts, & More


December 29, 2023
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LeveX Exchange Review

LeveX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that provides traders with a fast, efficient, and robust trading interface. Users have access to an ample amount of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs for either spots or futures trading and a wide array of opportunities on the platform. It has also recently added a social trading platform to its network, making the exchange stand out among other crypto exchanges.


LeveX Overview

LeveX is a crypto exchange known for its vast number of trading options and spot trading pairs, including BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, and many more for traders to select from. LeveX provides traders a brisk, robust, and highly efficient trading interface.

What makes LeveX stand out among other exchanges isn’t just its seamless trading interface or lightning-fast executions. The exchange goes beyond traditional trading standards and implements strong values into its community. Already standing as a leading platform in cryptocurrency trading, LeveX has leveled up even more over the past couple of months by adding a social trading community to its platform. The social trading platform does not operate as standard industry procedures are concerned but is infused directly into users’ dashboards. That is to help every trader make the most out of their community.

LeveX was founded when it seemed that crypto exchanges lacked transparency and trust. The idea of LeveX was born with a mission to provide traders with a community-driven crypto exchange that can be trusted with funds and abhors manipulations with fast and efficient order executions. The exchange has continued to provide a transparent and fair working community, which are some of its primary goals.

Much of its trades are done in spot and futures markets. LeveX created a unique rewards system called VIP to recognize and reward traders in its community. The volume-driven system helps enhance users’ trading experience, whether as an amateur or professional trader.


LeveX Pros and Cons

👍 LeveX Pros👎 LeveX Cons
✅ Fast and efficient trading system❌ It does not support deposits/withdrawals in fiat currencies
✅ Great user rewards system
✅ Social trading is available
✅ Low fees on trades and rewards
✅ No limit for deposits of funds
✅ Highly secure trading platform
✅ 24-hr customer support


LeveX Trading Features

Trading on LeveX provides 20 trading pairs on the spot market and 28 pairs on the futures market. For spot traders, there are more commonly traded pairs such as BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, SOLUSDT, and many more. The most widely traded pairs for futures trading include 1000PEPEUSDT, COMPUSDT, DOTUSDT, and many others.

Fees on the LeveX exchange are in tune with the standard crypto exchange fee prices of 0.1% for spots maker/taker and 0.02%/0.06% maker/taker for futures, making it highly competitive. There is also a provision for traders in the community to beat down fee prices by climbing up the VIP ladder.


Spot Trading

Spot trading on the LeveX exchange provides users with over 30 trading options and pairs. These trading pairs include the more common ones, such as BTCUSDT, SOLUSDT, LTCUSDT, and others.

Spot trading on the LeveX exchange attracts a standard fee of 0.1% for both maker and taker, making it highly competitive. It has a brisk trading interface that is easy for traders to navigate, with up-to-date tools to keep you updated on the markets.


Futures Trading

Derivatives trading on LeveX is easy to access, with opportunities for traders and investors to benefit from. Futures trades on the exchange are perpetual, meaning that positions can be opened without any fear of an automatic close by the markets. A trader can hold a position for as long as possible because there is no contract expiration.

Trading futures on LeveX attracts a standard trading fee of 0.02% and 0.06% maker and taker. Users are also exposed to trading options like market orders, conditional orders, and limit orders to execute their positions.

LeveX futures also offer traders leverage opportunities up to 100x and are laced with a wide array of trading pairs for traders to select.


LeveX Fees

LeveX fees are deficient and competitive. The exchange is widely recognized for its trading opportunities to users across its community. LeveX fees are also a significant selling point for the platform, as they add to the benefits of trading on the exchange.


Spot fees

For spot traders, LeveX charges a trading fee of 0.1% for makers and takers. The spot trading fee follows the standard market price, making LeveX spot trading highly competitive.


Futures fees

Trading on the LeveX futures platform attracts a fee of 0.02% and 0.06% for makers and takers. Trading fees can always get lower on the platform with the VIP system. Climbing up the VIP ladder can cause trading fees to drop to it’s bearest minimum.


Withdrawal fees (Fiat)

There is presently no provision for withdrawals in fiat currency on the exchange. All withdrawals are made in cryptocurrency.


Withdrawal fees (Crypto)

Withdrawal of crypto assets on LeveX attracts fees based on the particular currency being traded. That means the charges on cryptocurrencies differ based on the chain supporting the withdrawn coin and market value.


LeveX products and services

LeveX offers several opportunities for traders and potential investors to benefit from. Chief among these opportunities is its social trading community.


Social Trading

Social trading is at the peak of LeveX’s achievements and is a significant highlight for traders and investors to join the cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange drives toward creating a community of traders, KOLs, and high influencers who are connected in sharing ideas and knowledge for everyone to benefit. To this effect, LeveX infuses the social trading content and feeds directly on user dashboards.

Its social trading community is commonly compared to Twitter (now X) but fully optimized for a crypto trading network. That goes beyond the traditional social trading techniques exchanges use to a new and dynamic approach to community building.

Also, advanced traders can conduct competitions on its social platform for their followers to participate and win rewards.


VIP rewards system

As part of the mission to build a global trading community, LeveX created a VIP rewards system for traders, no matter how they rank. The VIP system is structured into 25 levels, with each level operating its potential reward. VIP offers rewards based on trading activities, no matter the scale. There is also an avenue for VIP traders from other platforms to join the LeveX community and still earn rewards.

VIP rewards go as far as limiting trading fees_ although this differs by tier_ to help strengthen market transactions.


LeveX mobile app

LeveX users can enjoy the comfort of trading on the platform through their mobile phones. Traders can enjoy seamless network and transactions on their mobile app without using the web terminal.

There is currently no provision for users with iPhones or iOS devices. The LeveX mobile app is only available for Androids on the Play Store app.



LeveX exchange is geared towards providing the best secure trading environment for traders worldwide. The exchange prides itself on creating a transparent trading environment that implores high-measure security for traders and investors to store assets. There are no proven regulatory methods on the exchange, but it is safe to say that Levex is a great place to store funds.


Customer service

LeveX exchange runs a 24-hour customer service for users to access anytime. Although they also have a blog that answers many questions that users may raise, you can still contact them through their help center for further inquiries or complaints.



LeveX is a great exchange to engage in spot and futures trade. Its seamless trading features and ample trading pairs make it a reliable place to conduct daily transactions.

LeveX’s social trading platform is also one of the best among exchanges today. The platform supports a cohesive relationship among users across the exchange. With this social trading platform, the barrier that separates traders from one another is eliminated, creating a seamless network for growing traders to learn and adopt new methods for better profit.



Is LeveX legit?

LeveX is a crypto exchange platform that is leading in the area of transparency and fairness. It is a legitimate platform for users worldwide to buy and sell crypto assets.


What are LeveX fees?

LeveX exchange fees are standard crypto fees for makers and takers in its spot and futures markets. LeveX spot trade attracts a 0.1% taker/maker fee, while its futures trade requires a 0.02% maker and a 0.06% taker fee. Crypto withdrawal fees differ among the assets.


Is LeveX available in the US?

No, LeveX exchange is available to users in the United States.


Does LeveX have a Native token?

LeveX exchange currently does not have a native token on its platform. All trades are done using more popular crypto assets.


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