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Bitunix Restricted & Supported Countries


February 1, 2024
Bitunix restricted and supported countries

Bitunix is a global cryptocurrency exchange operating in over 200 countries. As the platform does not require KYC, users from (almost) all over the world can use the exchange. However, there is one country that is restricted. 

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Bitunix Restricted Countries

As of 2024, the only country restricted to use Bitunix is Mainland China. If you are a Chinese citizen, unfortunately, you can not use Bitunix legally. We also don’t recommend accessing the platform with a VPN. While everybody can register on Bitunix, you may face a ban if you are using Bitunix as a citizen of Mainland China.


Is Bitunix Available in the US and Canada?

Yes, Bitunix offers its services to citizens from the United States and Canada. With an MSB license, Bitunix offers its crypto trading services to these two countries. No VPN is required.

If you are from the USA or Canada, you can deposit, trade, and withdraw on Bitunix. That’s why we consider Bitunix to be one of the best no-KYC crypto exchanges in the world.


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Which countries are restricted on Bitunix?

As of January 2024, only Mainland China is restricted from using Bitunix.


Does Bitunix require KYC?

No, Bitunix does not require KYC. You can use Bitunix without KYC verification.


Is Bitunix available in the UK?

Yes, Bitunix is available in the UK. If you are in the United Kingdom, you can trade on Bitunix without any issues.


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