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PT Token Guide (Step-by-Step)


March 21, 2024
PT Token Guide

The Phemex token (PT), is one of the utility tokens attracting various traders and investors, worldwide. PT, the native token of the Phemex exchange, offers users access to membership benefits such as lower trading fees, increased referral bonuses, and participation in special events or promotions.

If you’re looking to purchase the Phemex token, this guide will explore everything you need to know about the PT token, including its benefits, price, how to acquire it, and many more.


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What is a PT Token?

Phemex Token (PT) is an on-chain, transferable platform utility token for the Phemex exchange. It can be staked to obtain vePT, which grants decentralized governance power, and many other benefits.

The token has a market cap of over $700 million and its current price is $0.7 per token. This makes it one of the most affordable utility tokens for traders and investors seeking reliable utility tokens.

For Phemex exchange users holding the PT token, you can access PhemexDAO governance rights, Staking rewards, Trading fee discounts, Exclusive launchpad & launch pool access, and crypto airdrops privilege.



Phemex Token (PT) was launched in November 2023, creating immense buzz as it became a trending topic and received overwhelming support from the crypto space.

The total supply of the Phemex Tokens is 1 billion. They represent an ownership stake in the Phemex platform and grant various utility benefits. The tokens were allocated as follows:

Pre-mining – 100,000,000 PT

Collaborator Program – 50,000,000 PT

Strategic Investors – 200,000,000 PT

Ecosystem Fund (DAO Treasury) – 150,000,000 PT

Trading Rewards (DAO Treasury) – 125,000,000 PT

Liquidity Provider Rewards (DAO Treasury) – 125,000,000 PT

Operations & Marketing – 100,000,000 PT

Core Builders – 150,000,000 PT

Phemex further introduced PT staking, which saw the platform sharing 0.01% of daily USDT contract revenue with its vibrant community. Staking empowers community members to share in Phemex’s revenue and receive benefits from the platform’s overall growth.

Token name – Phemex Token

Symbol – PT

Network – ERC-20

Total Supply – 1 billion PT


How to Acquire a PT Token

The Phemex token is available for purchase on the open market and can be obtained as a reward for participating in campaigns and events on the Phemex exchange. Here are the steps you can follow to purchase PT tokens on the Phemex exchange:

1. Create an account on the exchange and verify your identity by uploading a valid ID. This would give you access to buy the PT token and other cryptos via the platform.

2. Next, deposit a crypto asset into your wallet. You can send a crypto directly from your private wallet if you already own some crypto. If you don’t own crypto, you can buy any crypto of your choice directly using any of the supported payment methods on the exchange.

Ensure you go through all the supported payment methods and choose the one which is most convenient for you.

3. Trade the crypto you deposited for the PT token on the exchange’s spot market. After the successful purchase of your PT token, you can transfer it to your cryptocurrency wallet and store it safely.

You can also use it to trade and enjoy various benefits and discounts on the Phemex exchange. To register on Phemex, click here.


Benefits of the PT Token


Cryptocurrency tokens represent a diverse range of projects, each with its use cases and growth potential. By trading the PT token, traders and investors can diversify their portfolios and mitigate risk.



Users holding the PT token can get access to PhemexDAO governance rights, Staking rewards, Trading fee discounts, Exclusive launchpad & launch pool access, and crypto airdrops privilege.



Spending tokens within the Phemex ecosystem often grants access to various products, services, or features. These can include discounts on platform fees, access to premium features, or exclusive content. By spending tokens, users can fully utilize the functionalities of the platform.



Users can earn rewards by lending or staking their tokens, participating in liquidity mining programs, or engaging in yield optimization strategies on the exchange. Additionally, the PT token grants holders the ability to participate in governance decisions related to the platform. By voting on proposals and governance changes, token holders can influence the direction and development of the ecosystem.


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End Note

In conclusion, navigating cryptocurrency tokens requires a comprehensive understanding of tokenomics, utility, and distribution. Each token is unique, with its own set of features, purposes, and ecosystem dynamics. From governance rights to membership benefits and staking rewards, the Phemex token (PT) offers a wide array of opportunities for users to engage with decentralized platforms and communities.

With the information in this guide, you should now be eager to acquire a PT token. However, if you want to learn more about Phemex and the PT token, check out our full Phemex review.



Does Phemex have a Token?

Yes, Phemex has a native token (PT). This token is a transferable, on-chain platform utility token for the Phemex exchange. It is used to stake vePT, which provides decentralized governance power, stake rewards, trading rewards, fee rebates, and more.


Is PT Token legit?

Yes, the PT token is legit. PT is the native token of the Phemex exchange and the exchange is one of the most trusted and reliable crypto trading platforms around the world.


How can I acquire PT tokens?

You can easily win free PT tokens by participating in the various campaigns and events that take place regularly on the Phemex exchange. You can also acquire it by depositing crypto into your Phemex account and trading for the PT directly on the open market.


Where can I find more information about the PT Token?

You can find more information about the PT and future Phemex projects on their official websites, whitepapers, social media channels, community forums, and cryptocurrency news websites. It’s important to verify information from multiple sources and exercise caution when evaluating token projects.


How can I participate in PT token governance?

PT grants governance rights. Therefore, holders can participate in governance by voting on proposals, suggesting improvements, or participating in community discussions. Governance processes vary by project, so it’s important to understand the specific mechanisms and requirements for participation.


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