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MEXC vs Coinbase 2024: Fees, Facts & More


February 11, 2024
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MEXC vs coinbase comparison

If you are wondering if you should trade on MEXC or Coinbase, then you have come to the right place. We have tested over 100 crypto exchanges. In this comparison, we go over all key factors of MEXC and Coinbase so you know exactly which crypto exchange is best for you!


MEXC vs Coinbase Overview

Below you will find a table where you can compare all key facts of MEXC and Coinbase. We included the most important factors such as fees, liquidity, security, volume, available pairs, and more.


This table compares all key measures of Coinbase and MEXC, two of the best crypto exchanges in the world!


MEXC vs Coinbase Pros & Cons

Coinbase and MEXC are both very popular crypto exchanges, but they are actually completely different. Below, we will show you the key pros & cons of both platforms.


MEXC Pros & Cons

Overall, MEXC is one of the best crypto exchanges when it comes to trading as the platform supports the highest number of trading pairs and has the lowest trading fees. With a very user-friendly design, low fees of 0% maker and 0.02% taker fees, and high leverage, MEXC is one of the best crypto exchanges for leverage trading. The platform does not require KYC and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

MEXC falls short of Coinbase in the area of FIAT support. You can not on and off-ramp native currencies, but only cryptocurrencies. However, you can purchase cryptos from MEXC directly with your bank account or credit card.

You can read our complete MEXC review here if you want to learn more about MEXC.


👍 PrimeXBT Pros👎 PrimeXBT Cons
✅ No KYC❌ Lacks FIAT support
✅ Lowest fees❌ Not available in the USA
✅ Highest Leverage❌ Lacks regulatory certainty
✅ Copy trading
✅ Passive income products


Visit MEXC


Coinbase Pros & Cons

One of the key pros of Coinbase is its regulatory standpoint. The platform is heavily regulated and even allows customers from the US. Furthermore, Coinbase is one of the most user-friendly crypto exchanges, making it a top choice for beginners and newbies that are not interested in trading. The FIAT support on Coinbase is outstanding as you can deposit and withdraw USD, EUR, and GBP via a bank account or credit card.

Unfortunately, Coinbase is also one of the worst trading platforms. The fees on Coinbase are up to 15 times higher than on proper trading platforms such as MEXC or Binance. Also, the liquidity on Coinbase is poor, making it a bad choice for active trading.

In terms of passive income products, Coinbase can not compete with other exchanges. Copy trading is not supported either.

You can read our complete Coinbase review here if you want to learn more about the platform.


👍 PrimeXBT Pros👎 PrimeXBT Cons
✅ Most regulated exchange❌ Ridiculous Fees
✅ Best FIAT support❌ Low amount of coins
❌ Poor liquidity
❌ Low volume
❌ No advanced features
❌ No advanced order types


Visit Coinbase


MEXC vs Coinbase: Who wins?

The overall winner is clearly MEXC. However, there are a few aspects where Coinbase might be better for you.

  • First of all, MEXC has the best value for money as the platform has the lowest trading fees. This is great, especially for active crypto day traders. Both the spot and futures commissions are 0% maker. You only pay 0.02% taker on the futures market.
  • MEXCs liquidity is among the best in the cryptocurrency market, which is another reason many professional traders choose MEXC for trading. On top of that, MEXC provides up to 200x leverage for futures traders, which is excellent for high-frequency traders.
  • Furthermore, MEXC boasts the largest selection of tradable digital assets, offering over 1800 trading pairs on the spot market and 600 trading pairs on the futures market. Thus, MEXC is the ideal option if versatility is important to you.
  • One major downside of MEXC is the FIAT support and that US customers are not supported.


We do not recommend trading on Coinbase at all, as the fees will eat up all of your profits. However, Coinbase is the better choice if you care about heavy regulations and security. The platform even allows customers from the US. Lastly, Coinbase is best for FIAT support when it comes to on- and offramps


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