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Margex Review 2024 – Fees, Features, Facts & More


January 12, 2024
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Margex Review 2024

Margex is a digital asset trading platform that provides cutting-edge trading infrastructure worldwide. The exchange was founded in 2019 and is regarded as one of the best platforms for crypto derivatives trading. Since its inception, it has gained remarkable awareness and is a globally regulated platform, save for a few restricted countries. This Margex review will uncover all of its features, products, pros, cons, and more.


Margex Quick Review

Situated in Seychelles, Margex is a cryptocurrency trading exchange that offers users high leverage with low fees and a fast and efficient network. The exchange is famous for its futures trading, rated as one of the best in the industry, providing ample opportunities with great tools and a seamless network.

Margex Exchange aims to provide users with the best secure platform for trading, including a high-quality range of tools and an excellent user interface for maximum output. The exchange ensures that the best tools for trading are provided for users, whether they are beginners or expert traders. Several video and blog tutorials on the platform show traders all they need to know about trading, entering and exiting a trade, and many more.

Margex Exchange has a user-friendly interface and is ranked one of the best UIs in today’s global crypto exchange industry. The interface is well-built to meet the demands of both amateur and professional traders.

Additionally, deposits and withdrawals of funds on Margex can be made using a debit/credit card with an easy process. Bitcoin can also be purchased quickly using a Master/Visa card. That means users can skip lengthy processes to onramp funds.

In the next section, we will observe some of the best features that concern the exchange and why it might be a good choice for a trader to be involved.


Margex Signup

Margex is a globally recognized exchange with regulations in a growing number of countries around the world. One thing that makes the platform unique among crypto exchanges is its unique signup process, which only takes a minute.

You must input your email address and create a solid password to sign up. After that, you will be redirected back to your email for you to confirm that it’s in use by you. You can also put in a referral code to receive a referral bonus. After doing that, you have successfully signed up on Margex. You can now make deposits and start trading.


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Margex Trading Platform

Margex offers a wide range of prominent trading tools for users to use and boost profits. Trading on Margex presents an excellent working interface for trading derivatives. It provides users with tools and a uniquely linked TradingView terminal, enabling traders to access indicators, drawing tools, and time charts for the best form of technical analysis.

Margex offers several popular trading pairs for users to engage with. Some trading pairs include BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, SOLUSDT, LTCUSDT, XRPUSDT, and others. Cross-margin and isolated-margin trading are also available to ensure maximum capital efficiency.

Margin trading on Margex offers leverage from as low as 5x to as high as 100x for users to take advantage of. Many risk management tools also help traders secure funds at the peak of market volatility. Margex even allows users to trade their staked tokens with up to 100x leverage and earn profits from it. The platform has also added forex trading pairs to its network with leverage of up to 500x. There are currently over 40 pairs available for trading.

All trading activities on Margex are performed on the trading terminal. There, traders can monitor markets, place orders for trades, manage their positions, and observe their trading history. There are also different order types available to users on Margex.

These include;

  • Limit orders
  • Market orders
  • Stop markets
  • Stop loss and take profit


An ‘Instant Order’ position can also be opened on the settings menu, opening a position faster and bypassing all other order windows. That means the position will automatically be opened once a trader hits the buy or sell option after enabling an instant order. Users are advised to take caution before activating this function to avoid placing accidental orders.

Overall, Margex trading is among the best in the crypto industry today. It provides users with an excellent interface and tools for all transactions to be carried out on a seamless network.


Margex Fees and Costs

Trading on Margex is done on the futures market. Fees are charged for each order executed on the market. There are two types of trading fees on Margex. These are trade fees and funding fees.

  • Trade fees are those incurred by a trader’s order execution. That is the more common maker/taker fee for traditional markets. A maker fee of 0.019% and a taker fee of 0.060% are taken for every trade executed.
  • Funding fees are incurred every time a position exceeds an 8-hour funding period. The funding periods are between 00:00, 08:00, and 16:00 UTC. These vary based on the spot and futures price difference.


Margex Interface and User-friendliness

Margex has a lovely interface that is easy for beginners and professional traders to navigate. It presents beginners with tutorials and opportunities to learn and improve their trading experience. These include blogs and tutorial videos that equip these traders with the proper knowledge to trade derivatives.

For advanced traders, Margex provides a first-class intuitive interface that puts them in control of their trading activities. The platform offers a secure and transparent user interface that lets you remain in total control and fully informed of all your trades, from your order to its execution.


Margex Deposits

On the Margex exchange, users can select between two options for deposits. The first option is the direct deposit of BTC from one wallet into their Margex wallet. Or to purchase the assets using a credit/debit card via Changelly/ChangeNow.

For deposits from one BTC wallet to your Margex wallet, simply hit the add deposit function on your wallet page with the symbol “+Deposit.” A short menu will drop down. On the menu, click the crypto asset you wish to deposit, connect the network corresponding to your coin, and copy the wallet address. You can then paste the address in the wallet you are transferring from and confirm the transfer. Once a deposit has been made, it will be reflected in your transaction history for you to keep updated on your activities.

Concerning cryptocurrency deposits on Margex, a few crypto assets are currently supported on the Margex platform. Some include the more popular coins such as BTC, USDT, USDC, USDD, ETH, BUSD, TRX, LTC, BNB, SOL, AVAX, and more for users to select from.


Margex Withdrawals

Withdrawals on the Margex platform are quick and easy to do. All it takes is three easy processes to withdraw from an account. Thanks to the rich Margex interface, users can be flexible with their accounts and transfer assets from their wallets to external wallets.

To withdraw from the desired wallet, simply click on the withdraw icon on your wallet. The next step is to provide the details of your withdrawal. The details include the asset, amount, and address you are withdrawing from. After that, the next and final step is to enter your email address pin to confirm the withdrawal.

Once a withdrawal is confirmed, your account will show it as a pending transaction. Please note that pending transactions are processed once a day. That is usually between 12:00 to 14:00 UTC. All transactions after this time are processed the following day.


Margex Mobile App

Margex has two separate mobile apps. One is strictly for its copy trading platform where amateurs and professionals meet, and the newbies can copy the trades of advanced traders to maximize profit.


The other app is its mobile terminal for users to enjoy all the benefits of joining Margex without going to the web terminal. The mobile app is also user-friendly and provides all the tools available on the web terminal, including its TradingView-generated chart. That allows users to enjoy trading on the platform without going online.


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Margex Security

Margex exchange is geared towards providing users with a secure and reliable platform for derivatives trading. To ensure no security breaches on the exchange, the Margex security team has implemented some of the most secure industry practices into its system with their innovative ideas. The exchange stores all funds in a secure multi-signature offline cold storage with only a part of their total funds available on the platform. That is to ensure the safety of customer assets and funds.

Other measures are in place by Margex to ensure the safety of user funds even if their accounts have been compromised.

Some of these measures include;

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Email confirmation before withdrawals are approved.
  • SSL encryption for all data between Margex and your browser
  • 24-hour live chat dedicated to helping with account privacy and security issues.
  • Encryption of all sensitive account data.
  • MP shield system protects users from manipulating funds when markets are volatile.
  • DDOS protection system that prevents the Margex server from becoming overloaded in case of hacking attempts.


Overall, there are countless measures that the Margex security team has put in place to curb any form of security threat that may arise in the future. That proves the exchange is a reliable place to store funds. To check out more of the security measures that Margex implements, click here.


Margex Customer Support

Margex offers users a 24/hr live chat and email access for all inquiries as regards their accounts and the platform. A help center also allows users to familiarize themselves with all the information they require on the platform.

Lastly, video tutorials teach users how to navigate through the exchange in case of a misunderstanding or need for clarity. Users can also visit any of the Margex social media handles on the bottom of their screens and PCs to receive the latest info from the platform.


Margex Products & Services

Margex provides many valuable products and services for users worldwide to enjoy. Let’s observe a few of them.



Margex allows users to stake assets in their wallets to boost profits and earn passive income while trading. Staking on Margex is an easy process, and one generates yield in no time.

To stake on Margex, simply head to your wallet page. In the section tagged ‘Your balances,’ click on the stake/Unstake function for any assets you wish to stake. Once done, the coin will automatically be staked.

When staking on Margex, all of the asset’s balance is automatically staked to allow you to generate enough yield.


Copy Trading

Margex copy trading platform allows the less experienced traders on the exchange to benefit from the trades of more advanced traders by copying their positions and making a profit.

A Strategy on Margex is a pool of a trader’s funds that followers can copy by applying to the Strategy. This method helps create a mutually beneficial opportunity for skilled traders and followers to increase their profit potential. When a trader makes a profit, the followers who apply their funds to the trade become automatic benefactors and receive a percentage based on the amount they put in.


Referral program

For users who wish to refrain from doing much trading on Margex, the referral program is an excellent way to boost earnings for themselves. By growing a referral network, users can grow funds up to 40% of all trade fees paid by referrals.


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Final words

Margex exchange is a Next-Gen crypto exchange with ample opportunities for users and traders worldwide to enjoy.

As a fast-growing exchange, it provides a highly secure platform for users to trade funds with low fees and high-leverage opportunities to boost profits.

In summary, Margex is a derivatives platform great for beginners and experts alike to enjoy trading cryptos with low fees.



Is Margex a legit crypto exchange?

Yes, Margex is a legit crypto exchange platform that is regulated in many countries around the world.


Where is Margex located?

Margex is a crypto exchange that was established in 2019 and is located in Seychelles, East Africa.


What are the fees on Margex?

Margex derivatives trades attract fees of 0.019% maker and 0.060% taker on all assets.


Can I buy cryptocurrencies directly on Margex?

Cryptocurrencies can be purchased directly on Margex using a bank or credit card.


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