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CoinEx Withdrawal Guide


February 4, 2024
CoinEx Withdrawal Guide

CoinEx Withdrawal options

CoinEx presents a comprehensive array of withdrawal avenues, encompassing both crypto and fiat options. Users can engage in crypto withdrawals with prominent coins like BTC, ETH, and USDT, spanning diverse networks such as TRC20, ERC20, and others.

On the fiat withdrawal front, CoinEx collaborates with payment partners such as Mercuryo and MoonPay, offering support for currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP.
Explore our comprehensive review of the CoinEx crypto exchange.


Crypto Withdrawals

CoinEx facilitates crypto withdrawals with support for a variety of popular coins, including USDT, TRX, BNB, SOL, LTC, DOGE, BTC, ETH, AVAX, BCH, CSC, and ADA. These withdrawals span multiple blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin, TRC20, BSC (BEP20), ETH/ERC20, Solana, Litecoin, Dogecoin, CSC, Cardano, Avalanche C-Chain, Avalanche, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic, providing users with a diverse range of options.


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Fiat Withdrawals

For fiat withdrawals on CoinEx, users can currently utilize payment partners such as Mercuryo and MoonPay, which offer a range of payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer, and SEPA. The platform supports various fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP, for selling cryptocurrencies, with plans to add more payment options in the near future.


Withdrawal limits

CoinEx implements withdrawal limits to enhance user security. The limits vary based on the user’s KYC verification status and withdrawal method.


Crypto Withdrawal Limits

Crypto withdrawal limits on CoinEx are contingent on the user’s KYC verification level, ranging from a 24-hour withdrawal limit of 10,000 USD for unverified accounts to 5,000,000 USD for enterprise-verified accounts, with intermediate limits for personal verification. Additionally, users can apply for a higher 24-hour withdrawal limit through the enterprise verification process.

Function Unverified Personal verification Enterprise verification
Withdrawal 24H Withdrawal Limit: 10,000 USD 24H Withdrawal Limit: 1,000,000 USD 24H Withdrawal Limit: 5,000,000 USD
Spot & Margin Trading Available Available Available
Futures Trading Available Available Available
Financial Account Available Available Available
Promotion Activity Limited All All
Exclusive support manager No No Yes
How to Complete Enterprise Verification?
Apply for a higher 24H Withdrawal Limit


Fiat Services Daily Withdrawal Limits

For fiat withdrawals, limits vary based on third-party payment partners. For Mercuryo, the single order limit using Visa and Mastercard is 200 to 2,000 USD, while with MoonPay, utilizing SEPA and Bank transfer, the single order limit is 100 to 10,000 USD.

Payment Partner Reference Price (USD) Single Order Limit (USDT) Payment Method Operation
0.99 202.02~2,020.2 Visa, Mastercard Sell
Mercuryo 200~2,000 USD
0.97 103.09~10,309.27 Bank Transfer, SEPA Sell
MoonPay 100~10,000 USD


Withdrawal fees

Understanding withdrawal fees is crucial for users managing their portfolios. Different withdrawal methods may have distinct fee structures, impacting the overall cost of transactions.



CoinEx does not charge any fees during the process of selling cryptocurrencies. Users are advised to refer to the specific rules and fee standards of their chosen third-party platforms for details on any applicable fees during the crypto-selling process.


Crypto Fees

CoinEx imposes withdrawal fees for normal withdrawals, which involve miner fees, with exceptions for certain cryptocurrencies like BCH, BAN, HIVE, HTR, IOTA, NEO, XDAG, and XNO withdrawals that do not incur fees. It is recommended to use “Inter-User Transfer” when withdrawing to an address within CoinEx, as it is fee-free and allows instant transfers within the CoinEx system without the need for on-chain confirmations.


CoinEx Crypto Withdrawals Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Login, Bind Google Authenitcator

Visit the official Coinex exchange platform, log in or sign up for an account.

Bind your mobile number for KYC or set up Google Authenticator to unlock the crypto withdrawal features.

Click on the Profile icon -> Settings as shown on the image below to get started.

Select TOTP for Google Authenticator to proceed with binding your CoinEx account. Click on the “Bind” button. Notice that the image below shows the “Change” button as the TOTP is already bound to the account.


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Step 2: Navigate to Crypto Withdraw Page, Select Cryptocurrency and Network

Click on the “Assets” button and choose “Withdraw” to start the withdrawal process.

Users have the flexibility to transfer cryptocurrencies through Normal withdrawal which is on-chain, or opt for a platform inter-user transfer. For the latter, users need to provide details such as the cryptocurrency to withdraw, recipient’s account (email, phone number, or UID), withdrawal amount, and an optional note as shown on the image below.

Subsequent information below pertains to “Normal” on-chain withdrawal on CoinEx.

On the withdrawal page, select the coin type e.g USDT, BTC, ETH, or DOGE.

Select the “Normal Transfer”, for on-chain withdrawal on a public blockchain network .

Select the blockchain network of your withdrawal crypto-asset to proceed with the withdrawal information.

Input the Receiving Wallet Address. Copy the deposit address from the receiving platform of your crypto and paste it to the withdrawal address on CoinEx.

Be diligent in double-checking the address to prevent any potential errors in sending funds to the wrong destination.


Step 3: Confirm Details and Withdraw

Enter the withdrawal amount or choose “All” to withdraw the entire balance, and include a remark if needed. Users have the option to use other assets for covering withdrawal fees, set this preference now.

Thoroughly review the amount, withdrawal fee, 24-hour withdrawal limit, and other contract details. Take note of any provided withdrawal instructions.

Click the “Withdraw” button to execute the withdrawal.

Await confirmation from the blockchain for your withdrawal transaction. Once the necessary block confirmations are obtained, you can access and review your withdrawal record on CoinEx.

Repeat these steps for each cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw.



Withdrawal Status Inquiry

For unreceived withdrawals or inquiries about withdrawal status, visit this link.

Choosing the Right Public Chain

To understand how to choose the public chain for your withdrawal, follow the guidance provided in this article.

For general FAQs and support, you can explore the CoinEx support page.


CoinEx Fiat Withdrawals: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit the Fiat Withdrawal Page

Login or sign up to access your CoinEx Main account. Click on the “Fiat” button to navigate to fiat withdrawal page.


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Step 2: Choose the digital currency to be sold, Fiat to receive, and Payment Partner

Select the crypto to sell, such as USDT, USDC, BTC, or ETH.
Choose the fiat currency to receive (USD, EUR, or GBP).
Pick a service provider from CoinEx’s partners, including Mercuryo and MoonPay. Mercuryo supports VISA and MasterCard, while MoonPay offers bank transfer and SEPA as payment methods.
Click the “Sell” button to continue.


Step 3: Enter the amount to sell and confirm withdrawal details

Enter the withdrawal amount. Fill in the information on the third-party service provider website and complete the withdrawal request.

Confirm details like reference price, single order limit for each third-party fiat payment partner, arrival time, and trading fee.

Check the received funds in your bank account. View the order details on the service provider website.


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CoinEx provides a comprehensive withdrawal experience, supporting popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, and more across diverse networks, including TRC20 and ERC20. Additionally, users can engage in fiat withdrawals, choosing from currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP, with payment partners like Mercuryo and MoonPay offering seamless transactions through methods like VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer, and SEPA.


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