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WooX Referral Code: 50% Refferral Fee Share Bonus


October 9, 2023
Woox referral code fee discount bonus guide

What is the WooX Referral Code?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a WooX referral code to unlock the fee discount. With the WooX referral code GETBONUS, you will unlock a 50% profit share. That means WooX will give you 50% of what they would have given us.

We manually activated this fee discount for you so you get the best value for money when trading cryptos on WooX.


Activate WooX Bonus!


How to apply the WooX Referral Code

Using the WooX referral code GETBONUS to activate the fee discount bonus is very simple. You just have to use the exclusive WooX link on our website. Follow the quick step-by-step guide to make sure that your bonus is activated properly:

  1. Visit the official WooX website (click here).
  2. By using the link on our website, the code is applied automatically.
  3. Click on “Register with email.”
  4. Make sure that the referral code GETBONUS is applied in the “Referral Code (Optional)” field. If you can’t see the promo code yet, you must enter it manually.
  5. Below the referral code, you will see the following text. If you see the text, you have successfully activated the WooX referral code bonus:
    1. “You will receive 2.5% referral commissions.”
  6. Start trading on WooX with the best value for money and fee conditions.


WooX Referral Program

You can invite friends, family, or other traders to WooX with your personal referral code. Upon signup, you will get your own referral code in the referral program section. What we love most about the WooX invitation program is that you can activate exclusive fee discounts, just like we did on our page.

The base commission on WooX is 5%. We activated a 50% fee profit split. Hence, you will get a 2.5% fee discount when using our referral link or code. This bonus is perfect for serious traders who look out for the best value for money.


Activate WooX Bonus!


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