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Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) Net Worth


March 21, 2024
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Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) Net Worth

If you’re a cryptocurrency investor and love gaining insights into the market from online sources, especially YouTube, then you must’ve heard about BitBoy Crypto. On the channel, controversial podcasts about the crypto market are hosted by one Ben Anderson. What may be unknown to you is that the funny, bearded, and clever host has a bewildering net worth boasting millions of dollars up to $30 million.

Ben Armstrong’s net worth today is a reflection of his unwavering determination as he overcame personal challenges all along the way. Let’s delve into the life and investment portfolio of the American cryptocurrency influencer, revealing the facts and figures of Ben Armstrong’s net worth.


Who is Ben Armstrong?

Ben Armstrong, AKA BitBoy Crypto (@BenArmstrongsX), is a famous YouTube influencer, TikToker, and a renowned digital media personality. Born on the 27th of October, 1982, the YouTube sensation is rather secretive about his parents’ identities and has not disclosed any details about them. However, he is known to be a close companion to his grandparents, taking post-medical pictures with them and sharing them on his social platforms.

Growing up, Ben and his siblings (Chad Armstrong and Macie Schiele) attended a local school for their basic education. Soon, he graduated from another local high school with presentable grades. According to his LinkedIn account, Ben enrolled himself in Toccoa Falls College in 2009 and earned his first degree in Ministry leadership in 2012. Years later, reports revealed that the American podcast host had also attended Kennesaw State University.

Fame—and immense wealth—found its way to Ben Armstrong following the creation of BitBoy Crypto on YouTube. On this podcast, Ben helps investors by providing market trends, technical analysis, and developments of different cryptocurrencies. Presently, the social media sensation has about 2 million YouTube subscribers and over 1 million followers on Twitter.


What is Ben Armstrong’s Net Worth?

Aside from being a professional crypto analyst and YouTuber, Ben Armstrong ranks high among his peers in terms of wealth. Ben Armstrong’s net worth is hard to pin, but the American entrepreneur is valued at approximately $30 million. Much of Ben Armstrong’s net worth stems out of BitBoy Crypto, but his investment in Bitcoin in 2012 also played a crucial role.

Multiple sources fuel Ben Armstrong’s $30 million net worth today. During the process of accumulating wealth, Ben diversified and is now earning from sponsorships, published books and articles, affiliate marketing, and the BitSquad community.


How Did “BitBoy Crypto” Make His Wealth?

Ben Armstrong’s financial outburst did not come without its challenges. At a point in time, Ben suffered from drug addiction and had to go through intense rehab. However, he didn’t spend too much time in rehab because of his determination, and he was cleared after a few months. Soon after his discharge, Ben made the most important decision of his life and invested in an emerging crypto asset (BTC) in 2012.

Ben’s investment in Bitcoin paved the way for new ideas, and he started his podcast in an attempt to assist other willing investors. In 2017, BTC witnessed a huge bullish trend, which increased Ben’s following on YouTube as investors were on the lookout for places to find accurate market analysis.

Consequently, BitBoy Crypto rapidly amassed subscribers, which has been a steady source of income for Ben Armstrong since then. Specifically, Ben Armstrong’s net worth receives a monthly boost of about $40,000 from BitBoy Crypto.

As a means of diversification, BitBoy established a merchandise store selling premium-quality crypto gear. He called this one the Hit Merch Store and has items ranging from tees, jerseys, and hoodies to mugs and cups. Reports claim that BitBoy sells mugs for $18 – $20, t-shirts for $30, and jerseys for $50. We’re uncertain as to the amount of money he makes from Hit Merch, but it’s no lie to say that it contributes a certain percentage to Ben Armstrong’s net worth.


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