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March 21, 2024 Demo Trading Guide

Demo Trading is a simulated trading experience offered by top crypto exchanges for free. Among many other trading services, provides a platform for an easy understanding of Crypto trading, especially for beginners. It offers a virtual trading environment where traders practice trading in real time with virtual funds. Demo trading allows the liberty of errors as traders do not have to worry about losing real money.

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What is Gate.Io Demo Trading? demo trading is a virtual trading platform that facilitates the learning of crypto trading. This platform allows beginners to learn crypto trading in a risk-free environment. Advanced traders use the demo account to test their trading approaches. demo trading offers real-time market volatility and advanced analytical tools that provide an enhanced trading experience with a touch of reality.


How to Use Demo Trading

Demo trading on is simple and easy to perform. The user-friendly design enhances the learning speed of new traders and improves the skills of experienced traders.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how demo trading on works.




Step 1: Login/Sign Up

Registration on is an easy and quick process. Visit the platform and provide your details, which include a valid email address, a phone number, and a login password. Accept the user agreement and click ‘Sign up.’ Use the verification code sent to your email or phone number to complete the registration. Once registered, you will be redirected to the exchange’s homepage.


Step 2: Access the Demo Trading Interface

Log in on the platform with your credentials. Hover your cursor over the Derivatives tab on the menu bar. On the drop-down menu, click ‘Testnet’ under the ‘Perpetual Futures’ option. You will be redirected to the demo trading page.


Step 3: Trading User Interface

With its live charts, provides a perfect replica of real trading. To access the virtual funds for demo trading, click ‘transfer’ on the bottom right corner of the webpage. This option allows you to transfer the virtual funds from your spot demo account to the futures demo account. offers a maximum of 1000 USDT for demo trading. Enter the amount of the virtual USDT you want to transfer and confirm. The process above is illustrated below.


Step 4: Start Demo Trading

From the top left corner, select the futures contract you want to trade, either USDT-M or BCT-M. Choose your preferred trading pair.


Step 5: Place Your Order

On the order panel at the left of the page, select your leverage type, leverage size, and order type. Fill in the price and quantity of crypto you want to trade. Confirm trade by clicking ‘buy(long)’ or ‘sell(short).’ You will be required to provide your fund password to process the order. If you have not set up the password, you are required to do so. Enter the password and a position will be opened. You can view the progress of your trade at the bottom of the page under the ‘open position’ tab.


Step 6: Close a position

To close your position, under ‘Reduce/Close/Rverse’ on the open position, select the market type. Enter the quantity and price you want to close.


Get More Demo Token provides up to 1000 USDT for demo trading. If this fund is exhausted, demo trading ends for the day. The fund will be replenished the next day. There is no way to reset your demo account to default on the platform.


Why use Demo Trading

Demo trading offers a real-time learning opportunity for traders. Demo trading on is simple and easy to grasp. The friendly interface allows for quick navigation within the platform. Also, the platform provides real-time charts and analytical tools that enhance trading experience and improve learning. The virtual 1000 USDT affords traders the liberty of trying their strategies without fear of loss.




Bottom Line

Beginners rely on demo trading to get hands-on crypto trading experience. A virtual trading fund is provided, hence a less risky way of learning. Beginners experience the real-time market volatility provided by live charts. This experience helps them develop their strategies and build their confidence.

The easy-to-use demo platform provides the necessary tools that will help traders learn faster. It is also an avenue for experienced traders to test their new strategies.


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