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EasyBit Review – Fees, Features, Facts & More


February 1, 2024
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EasyBit Review

Easybit is a Panama-based cryptocurrency swap exchange that offers instant exchange between cryptocurrencies with an average processing time of 5 seconds per transaction.

Founded in December of 2018, Easybit is a non-custodial crypto-to-crypto service provider. The platform offers users access to 200+ cryptocurrencies that they can select from to perform an exchange. It also offers a simple user interface to help customers navigate through the platform with ease.

Easybit exchange provides users with equally low fees that are competitive when compared with other crypto exchanges. It offers a transaction fee of 0.02% maker/taker on all transactions.

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Additionally, the most notable features of the exchange are its latest VPM technology and custom program that help customers beat liquidity and market volatility during transactions.

Furthermore, the exchange offers quality security and great 24-hour customer support that answers every issue in a 1-hour time frame.


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EasyBit Trading features

Trading on Easybit is fast and easy for any user. Transactions are usually completed within a 2 to 10-second time frame. The exchange also has a processing time of 5 seconds per transaction.

Potential users can create an account with just their emails and a password, and then begin trading between currencies. The exchange is suitable for both day and night trading.

Transactions on the exchange attract a flat fee of 0.2% maker/taker. When compared to the industry average, Easybit fees are quite low and competitive. Fee discounts of up to 0.1% are also available due to a volume-oriented fee reward structure.

Easybit’s Volatility Protection Mode is a feature that protects you from losing money due to sudden price changes in cryptocurrencies. If the price goes down too much during the exchange, VPM will stop the exchange and give you your money back. You can set the percentage of price change that triggers VPM.


EasyBit Deposit fees

Deposits on Easybit are done using cryptocurrencies. There are no direct deposit fees attracted when depositing cryptocurrencies into your Easybit wallet. Cryptocurrencies cannot be purchased on the exchange, so users will have to purchase them from another exchange before they can deposit to Easybit.


EasyBit Withdrawal fee

When you withdraw crypto from your Easybit account, there are absolutely no fees charged by the site. As a result, the only fees you should consider while withdrawing are network fees. Network fees are paid to the miners of the relevant cryptocurrency/blockchain, not to the exchange. Network prices change from day to day, depending on network pressure.


EasyBit Security

Being a non-custodial wallet, Easybit does not store user funds on its platform, therefore making it impossible for you to lose your funds.

EasyBit is a platform that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies in a secure environment. They use advanced technologies to ensure your privacy and security. EasyBit’s support team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues. They are committed to protecting their partners and clients from fraudulent activity and ensuring the highest levels of financial integrity. They also respect your privacy and make serious efforts to protect it.


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Easybit is a fast and easy direct crypto-to-crypto exchange that allows users to access over 200 cryptocurrencies that they can swap. The exchange is built to process transactions within 5 seconds.

One of its most notable features is its custom VPM and real-time market algorithms that provide the best available rate on the market.

The major downside to Easybit is that it is not available to US residents.

Overall, the exchange is a good choice for anyone seeking to engage in crypto transactions in a secure environment.


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