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How to Delete Webull Account (Step-By-Step)


October 2, 2023
How to delete Webull account

Have you found yourself struggling with your Webull account, wishing for a way out? If Webull has become more of a problem than a solution, you’re not alone. Deleting your Webull account might seem complicated, but don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Whether you’re switching to a different platform or just trying to simplify your online life, we’ve got a simple guide that will show you exactly how to delete your Webull account.


Delete Webull Account Step-by-Step

Say goodbye to passwords and investment portfolios as we walk you through the steps to regaining control of your online presence. Let’s get started on the journey to deleting your Webull account!


Step 1: Login to Your Account

Start by visiting the Webull website or opening the Webull app and logging in to your account using your registered email and password.


Step 2: Go to Your Profile Menu

Go to your account profile. This is usually represented by your picture or icon in the right corner of the screen.


Step 3: Open Settings

In your profile menu, you should find an option for “Settings” or “Account Settings.” Click on it to proceed.


Step 4: Tap on Account and Security

Within the settings, look for an option related to “Account and Security.” This is where you’ll find options related to your account settings, including account deletion.


Step 5: Click Delete Account

Within the Account and Security section, you should find an option to “Delete Account” or something similar. Click on this option to initiate the account deletion process.


Step 6: Accept the Warning for Deletion

When you choose to delete your account, there will likely be a warning message explaining the consequences of deletion. Read through the warning and understand that this action is irreversible.


Step 7: Verify the Password and Delete

To confirm that you want to delete your account, you might be asked to enter your account password or provide some other form of verification. This step is to ensure that the account is being deleted by the rightful owner.


Please note that after following these steps, your account will likely be deactivated immediately, and your data might be permanently deleted after a certain period. Also, make sure to withdraw any funds or complete any necessary actions before deleting your account.


Best Webull Alternative

Wanting the best alternative to Webull? An alternative to a Webull account for trading and investing is BingX. BingX is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that offers trading in various crypto-based contracts, including futures and options. If you want to learn more about the platforn, you can read our comprehensive BingX review.

It provides users with the capability to engage in leveraged trading, which has the potential to magnify both their profits and losses.

5.0 out of 5.0 Rating
Alternative: BingX - Best Crypto Exchange 2023

BingX excels as the go-to platform for crypto futures trading, combining competitive fees, robust security, a diverse 700+ asset portfolio, and a daily trading volume of over $8 billion. No KYC required!

Available Markets
  • Futures, options and spot trading on 700+ digital assets
  • Crypto, Forex, Stock, Commodities supported
Trading Fees
  • Spot: 0.1%
  • Futures: 0.02% maker / 0.05% taker
Available Leverage
  • Up to 150x Leverage on crypto futures
  • Up to 200x Leverage on TradFi futures


Summing Up!

To wrap up, deleting your Webull account involves a step-by-step process. First, make sure you finish up any ongoing transactions, take out your money, and close positions. The platform follows strict security measures to ensure a complete closure.

Before you make your final choice, think about other options you might have, as deleting your account is permanent and erases your trading history. Take a little time to decide, and if you’re sure, follow the steps with confidence.

This guide has equipped you to manage the account deletion process smoothly.


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