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Coincatch Exchange Review: Fees, Features, Facts, & More


February 13, 2024
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Coincatch Exchange Review

As a very young and growing crypto exchange, Coincatch is proving to be a real handful with various opportunities it presents. Coincatch is a crypto exchange launched in October 2022 to provide security for traders and their assets while ensuring a seamless transactional flow. It is an exchange built by and for crypto enthusiasts to help traders with a user-friendly trading interface and a strong sense of reliability and security.


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Coincatch Overview

Coincatch is a young and up-and-coming crypto exchange platform already gaining widespread recognition among traders. The exchange was founded in October of 2022 and is a platform for trading digital assets. It is located in the British Virgin Islands and is currently operated by Linkbase Technology Limited. What’s more interesting is that Coincatch is fully regulated in Canada and the United States as a Money Service Business(MSB), making it fully legalized in both countries while maintaining a global reach.

Coincatch currently boasts of being the world’s best crypto exchange for Futures trading and provides users with various trading products, including copy trading and Social trading.

The exchange is built for KOLs, allowing them to share their trading experience with their followers and other traders. It focuses on the services of both institutional and individual derivatives traders to provide users with the best quality trading services and professional products. For this reason, Coincatch developed a professional User interface that allows for an easy transactional flow in futures trading.

The platform provides traders with spot and futures trading services for the most common crypto assets in the market with standard maker and taker fees for both spot and derivatives trade. It also has a 24/hr trading volume of $120 m. There are also several other services that they provide users with, including a referral program and rewards center for users to earn rewards outside of traditional trade profits.

Coincatch is committed to creating a safer, more professional, and satisfactory user experience through a transparent system with a fast futures trading system for a great user experience. They run 24/7 customer support.


Coincatch Pros and Cons

👍 Coincatch Pros👎 Coincatch Cons
✅ Regulated in the US and Canada❌ Not suitable for beginners
✅ Great user interface❌ Limited information is available about investment opportunities.
✅ A wide variety of cryptocurrencies❌ No customer support page is available.
✅ Fast and reliable trading execution
✅ Advanced trading tools
✅ Strong security measures
✅ Low rates
✅ Social trading is available
✅ Reward opportunities for users


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Coincatch Trading

Coincatch has an easy three-step registration process for any trader or investor to join. You need to join the community first before enjoying any of the trading benefits.

Coincatch allows users to trade in a variety of cryptocurrencies. Over 120 cryptocurrencies with 130+ trading pairs are available on the platform, including more common assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and SOL. Users can trade using fiat currencies and other assets such as BNB(Binance’s native token).

The exchange covers a 24-hour trading volume of $121 million already in trades in just over a year of being established. It has an easy user interface and operation system, allowing seamless transactions while trading on the platform. The exchange provides users with its trading terminal for both spots and futures. There are also advanced trading tools for users to utilize fully. Various order options are available to users, including take profit orders, stop loss orders, market orders, limit orders, and many more.

The platform is built by a high-tech team and has embedded in it a financial-grade matching engine that can perform millions of transactions per second.

Traders on Coincatch majorly engage in spot and futures trade. Coincatch allows users to engage in margin trade with leverage of up to 125x for futures traders.


Spot trading

Coincatch offers a wide range of tradable pairs on its spot market, with over 120 crypto assets. Carrying out a trade on the Coincatch spot trading interface is fast and easy, thanks to their seamless network that ensures speed and efficiency.

Coincatch spot trading fees are highly competitive, following the traditional market fees of 0.1% maker and taker. That makes it easy to trade on-the-spot terminals with low fees attached. Bitcoin is currently the highest-traded currency on the Coincatch spot market, with a 24-hour volume of $28 million.


Futures Trading

Futures trading on Coincatch is advanced and easy for traders to use. As is the aim of the exchange, a great and fast-paced secure trading system for users is what you would find when you engage in Coincatch futures trade. Due to this, the exchange is currently tagged as the best crypto exchange worldwide for futures trading.

Trading futures on Coincatch attracts a fee of 0.02% for the maker and 0.06% for the taker. Several trading tools are also available on the futures trading terminal, including trailing stop orders and cross-margin mode. Unlike many other crypto exchanges, these tools provide users with a superb trading experience.

Additionally, Coincatch stands out in the futures trading market by implementing the derivatives trading 3.0 system, which can execute millions of trades per second. Using Nasdaq class liquidity affords a seamless trading experience with no downtime.

When trading futures on the Coincatch exchange, users can trade either in crypto or fiat currency. These are categorized as USDT/USDC-M Futures and COIN-M Futures.

Lastly, traders can leverage their trades with opportunities up to 125x of their initial capital. That helps users boost profits when trades are adequately utilized.


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Coincatch Fees

The major trading features on Coincatch are spot trading and futures trading. These are designed with minimal fees, which makes trading on the exchange highly competitive.


Spot trading fees

Coincatch fees are considerably low. It has a standard spot trading fee of 0.1% for both makers and takers. The spot fees on Coincatch are the same when trading any asset on the platform, making it competitive.


Futures trading fees

When trading futures on Coincatch, each trade attracts a maker/taker of 0.02/0.06%, respectively. The futures trading terminal is also straightforward for beginner and expert traders on the platform.


Withdrawal fees (Fiat)

Withdrawals on Coincatch differ based on the asset being taken out. The primary fiat currency being traded on the platform is USDT, meaning all withdrawals are in USDT. Withdrawals differ based on the blockchain of the asset. Assets on the ERC 20 blockchain attract a $3 withdrawal fee. Investments on the TRC 20 blockchain attract a fee of $!, while investments on the BEP 20 chain attract a $0.29 fee. There are also withdrawal limits on the exchange.


Withdrawal fees (Crypto)

Withdrawals in cryptocurrency on Coincatch differ between currencies being taken out. Withdrawals in BTC, for instance, attract a fee of 0.0005 BTC, while withdrawals in ETH attract different fees based on the token standard where the coin is located.


Coincatch Products & Services

Coincatch exchange offers users a variety of services to ensure optimum satisfaction. Below are several services you are entitled to when joining the Coincatch community.


Copy Trading

Copy trading on Coincatch is done on the copy trading platform. The copy trading platform allows beginners or amateur traders to learn from the trades of more advanced traders in the community and implement their trades to achieve profit.

Copy trading on Coincatch is easy to navigate. All you have to do is locate the trader whose profile best suits you and follow up with the trades of such persons. That is an excellent way for traders to profit on both sides.


Social Trading

Another unique product available to Coincatch users is a social trading platform. The social platform is a community where traders and investors can share ideas, investment plans, and trading techniques for the benefit of all.


Mobile App

Coincatch allows users to capture every trading moment on their mobile phones using the Coincatch mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

The mobile app contains everything you need and will find on the web terminal. The Coincatch mobile app can be downloaded on your Play Store and Apple Store.


Bonuses & Rewards

Coincatch offers users bonuses and rewards for several participative activities. Among the rewards and bonuses that users enjoy is the referral program that is run on the platform. That allows users to refer other users and earn rewards on their first investment.

Coincatch also offers users mission bonuses for trading. All you have to do is complete a mission on the platform to earn a trading bonus. Rewards for missions can amount to 5,125 USDT.


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Coincatch exchange aims to create a secure user environment to trade and store funds. Security is a chief priority to this exchange, and they have kept to it over the last year of service.

Trading on Coincatch is safe due to its high-measure security protocols for user funds. They also conduct regular security checks on their system to ensure it is impenetrable to fraudsters and hackers. Coincatch also has a rigorous risk control and management system that guarantees the safety of funds. That makes the exchange a good pick for investors and traders to store funds.


Customer support

Coincatch runs 24-hour customer support so that users can access them anytime. Although there is no customer support page on the platform for users to reach, an email is provided for users to send in their complaints and queries anytime. However, having only an email line poses a significant threat to customer complaints and inquiries. To contact Coincatch on their support line, kindly reach out to



Coincatch exchange is rising fast and gaining global influence among traders. The exchange is built on its KOLs’ desire to see a better world for traders and securities. That is why the exchange is highly secure and a great place for traders to engage in spot and futures markets. Low fees, seamless execution of trades, and an excellent user interface are some of the things that characterize the Coincatch exchange.

If you are looking for an exchange to trade on futures at the fastest pace, then Coincatch is the right place for you to go. To register, simply click here and follow the steps.


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Is Coincatch legit?

Coincatch is an exchange located in the British Virgin Islands and fully registered in the United States and Canada, making it a legitimate platform for you to buy and sell or trade assets.


What are Coincatch fees?

Coincatch exchange fees are low and competitive when compared with other exchanges. Spot fees are 0.1% maker/taker, while futures trades attract 0.02% and 0.06% maker/taker.


Is Coincatch available in the United States?

Coincatch is fully regulated in the US and Canada, making it available to traders in the United States.


Where is Coincatch located?

Coincatch is a cryptocurrency exchange located in the British Virgin Islands.


Does Coincatch have a native token?

There is currently no native token on the Coincatch exchange. All trades are performed using standard tokens that are readily available for users.


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