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How To Buy Bitcoin On BYDFi (Step-by-Step)


February 6, 2024
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How To Buy Bitcoin On BYDFI

Buy Bitcoin on BYDFi Step-by-Step

Buying cryptocurrencies on BYDFi has been a major question users ask on the exchange. There are many ways for you to purchase BTC on BYDFI. In three easy steps, we will guide you on how to buy Bitcoin on BYDFI.

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Step 1: Register and Verify

The first step to purchasing Bitcoin on BYDFI is to open an account on the exchange. Opening an account is easy, and can be done in a matter of a minute, after which you must verify your account. The KYC process is essential before you can start purchasing cryptocurrencies, if not your account will be heavily restricted.

To verify your account, click on the verification icon on the homepage or your user dashboard after registering.


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Step 2: Select Payment Methods

Once your account has been verified, the next step is to add your payment method. A payment method involves your debit/credit card option or a bank account. To add a payment method of your choice, follow these few steps:

1. Navigate to Account Settings: Once logged in, go to your account settings. You’ll usually find this option in the top right corner of the platform.

2. Choose Payment Methods: BYDFi supports several payment gateways and options. Here are some of the methods you can choose:

○ Credit/Debit card

○ Third-party options

○ Bank Transfers


3. Link Your Account: Follow the prompts to link your preferred payment method to your BYDFi account. You may need to provide additional verification or security information.


Step 3: Finalize the payment

The final step in this guide is for you to purchase the required BTC into your wallet. On BYDFI, buying Bitcoin is a straightforward process. BTC can be purchased without having to use the same payment method.


Buying with credit/debit cards

This is a great way for beginners to buy BTC. For this method, all you have to do is link your credit card with your BYDFI account. After doing that, you can then enter the amount of BTC you wish to purchase, click on buy, and wait for the transaction to complete.


Buy through Third-party methods

On BYDFi, users have access to several third-party options when purchasing BTC. To buy through third-party means, simply enter the third-party page after confirming your order information. Next, you will need to choose which third party to use, complete the payment, and the purchased BTC will automatically be added to your wallet.


Use the BYDFI spot market

On the BYDFI spot market, you can purchase BTC by swapping it with a stablecoin. This will involve you buying the stablecoin through a third-party option, or transferring from another wallet. You can then select the BTC trading pair on the spot market and place a swap order with your stablecoin. Once the transaction is complete, you can then view your BTC balance in your wallet.


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Finding the right exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies is essential. On BYDFI, users have access to several options for making purchases of cryptocurrencies. This guide has provided all the necessary details for you to purchase BTC on BYDFI.


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