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How to Buy 0x0: Step-By-Step Process


February 3, 2024
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The volatility of the crypto market makes it difficult for even seasoned investors to fully trust an investment. Are you second-guessing your investment choices because of security regulations or potential sudden market collapse? Place your bets on AI cryptocurrencies, then.

They are different from the conventional cryptocurrencies because they go through the market patterns. They perform automated trades and make future predictions through their algorithms. Verily, they make predictions for you to craft the best strategies to protect your assets.


Significance of oxo

oxo is one such token. Since its launch in January 2023, its price has been steadily rising, about to end this year at around $0.13. You can consider it a valuable HODL asset because of its ability to predict market fluctuations.

Although its manufacturers are largely working to stabilize it at the moment, you can still reap its benefits.


Income Opportunity

You can earn passive income through the automated trades oxo performs. The ecosystem services and utility fees are distributed equally among the token holders. The revenue-sharing model provides you stability because you get a consistent amount instead of unpredictability.

You get ETH dividends from the oxo project’s DEX aggregator and privacy mixer. Since Ethereum is a high-paying platform, you can expect lucrative profits.


BuyBack and Burn

oxo operates on a regular buyback and burn policy to increase its stability and attractiveness. The oxo team removes tokens systematically from the market and disables them to avoid future use. The intended supply cap for oxo is 1 billion.

Newsflash: 891 million oxo tokens are circulating currently in the market. Grab before minting for new tokens stops. Otherwise, you will have to pay double the amount in the future than what you will pay now.

Buyback and burn make oxo one of the best HODLing crypto assets. Already the investors are taking an active interest in it. It may be because of the recent hype around AI cryptocurrencies. They are much better than your conventional coins because of their automated responses and less work for the buyers.


Asset Protection

oxo has implemented strict measures for the protection, security, and confidentiality of your virtual assets. The system keeps updating to enhance its threat mitigation protocols by using specialized tools. You get instant fraud alerts and suspicious activity alarms so you can secure your wallet.

The oxo token can predict market ups and downs and offer you pointers to plan a suitable strategy to capitalize on your crypto.


Liquidity Provision

oxo is increasing market liquidity by creating scarcity. Scarcity results in heightened investors’ interest in the token. An increase in trading volume enhances the bullish market trend. This has benefitted oxo in an ever-increasing market price cap which is predicted to increase in secondary trading.

Now that you know everything about oxo, let’s proceed to the best exchange to buy it from. According to our analysis, Bitget is the best exchange for trading oxo.


Why Use Bitget Exchange?

Bitget is a reputable crypto exchange platform because of its excellent user interface and experience. It has gained popularity over the recent years due to its upgraded system and perks.


Copy Trading Functionality

It is a useful function that Bitget offers free of charge. You can follow any veteran crypto trader on Bitget and start copying their strategies for any trading pair you want.

If you are a newbie, you can benefit particularly through imitating the best strategists of the crypto market. You can observe and learn from their experience to enhance your chances of success.

The strategists also gain up to 8% profit from their followers in return, so it is a win-win deal at Bitget Exchange.


Strategy Trading Functionality

You might find it sounding similar to copy trading, which it is in a way. Strategy trading is where you can copy a strategist bot and learn crypto trading strategies from its algorithms.

Bitget has upgraded and diversified its strategy trading functionality. You can access it y clicking “Trading”.


Asset Protection

You can be sure that your assets are well-protected because Bitget has a dedicated $300 million in its protection fund. You get a combination of hot and cold wallets to ensure stringent security. You also get a two-factor authentication as an added layer of privacy protection.

Moreover, Bitget uses Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves (PoR) to ensure the integrity of investors’ assets.

Additionally, this exchange is highly regulated. It has secured licenses from most countries to ascertain your ease of access and asset protection by law.


Diverse Cryptocurrency Pool

With more than 770 trading pairs, out of which 550 are spot trading pairs, Bitget has broad outreach. You can trade in 400 cryptocurrencies here.

This platform is ranked among the top twenty crypto exchanges because of its robust daily trading volume, too. The proof is that it surpassed its Q4 mark of $389 million.


How to Buy oxo: Step-By-Step Process

This is the fastest way to navigate the Bitget exchange and buy oxo tokens. All the relevant options in the images are circled in red.


Buy Bitget!


Step 1: Register & Verify

First, you have to register on Bitget. You need an email or a phone number, and a strong password for this. After registration, you must verify your identity.

To finalize the KYC verification, you need a government-issued ID, Passport, or driver’s license. The Bitget verification process takes up to 60 minutes.


Step 2: Deposit Funds

After successfully creating and verifying your Bitget account, you can deposit funds. You can either deposit crypto or fiat currency in your Bitget account. Click on the wallet-shaped icon at the top right corner and click “Deposit”. You can deposit cryptos like USDT here.

Alternatively, you can add your Visa or Mastercard to the Fiat for 0 extra fee. For any option, copy your deposit address and send your funds to it. You can deposit funds in 40 currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, etc.


Step 3: Go to the Bitget Spot Market

After successfully depositing funds into your Bitget account, head to the Bitget spot trading section. This is where we will buy the Beam token.

Select “Trade” in the header menu and click “Spot“.


Step 4: Search for “oxo”

Once you reach the spot market dashboard, click on the arrow beside BTC/USDT. A drop search bar will appear.

Write 0x0 and click “oxo/USDT”.


Step 5: Buy oxo On the Bitget Spot Market

Now that we have successfully deposited funds into our account and navigated to the oxo chart, we can finally buy oxo tokens.

For this, we will use a “Market” order. So make sure you select “Market” instead of “Limit” order. This ensures we buy oxo immediately at the ongoing market rate without waiting.

Choose how many oxo tokens you want to purchase and click “Buy” to finalize the transaction.


Step 6: Store oxo In a Secure Wallet

After successfully purchasing the oxo cryptocurrency, you should decide where you want to store your digital assets. We never recommend keeping cryptos on an exchange, as these can be subject to hacks or bankruptcies.

The best place to store crypto assets such as oxo is a hard wallet like the Ledger Nano X. You can learn more about this hardware wallet in our dedicated Ledger Nano X review.


Step 7: Track Your oxo Investment Performance

If you want to keep track of your crypto portfolio, including oxo, you can use tools such as coinmarketcap or TradingView. Coinmarketcap is an extensive crypto database that tracks valuable information such as prices, volume, popularity, etc.

TradingView, on the other hand, is a professional charting tool with much more advanced features to do an in-depth analysis of cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and more.


Buy Bitget!


Alternative Exchanges to Buy oxo

Although Bitget is the best exchange for oxo, you can buy it from other exchanges, too. Some names are:

  • LBank
  • UniSwap


Pros and Cons Of Trading In AI Cryptocurrency

AI cryptocurrencies are all the rage this bullish due to their uncommon features of predicting market trends and performing automated tasks that traders had to do by themselves for conventional crypto. However, they have their glamor and flaws.



It offers the most coveted perks crypto investors crave:

  • It promises future high returns. AI Crypto is in its early stages of development and by the looks of it, it will evolve as a smart, self-regulating, and high-yielding asset. HODLing it now will bring you piles of profit as predicted by the AI experts.
  • You might never have to worry about hacking and fraudulent activities. AI will enhance the security and privacy protection of blockchain technology through its automated decision-making processes.



Apart from all the advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages that you should consider:

  • Market speculation can carry you away. You can see AI crypto rates flying off the charts against highly sustainable conventional crypto. Even Bitcoin has seen an increase of only 40% until now. Not only newbies but also veteran traders can give in to market sentiment and place their bets on potentially collapsible AI crypto assets.
  • The bullish trend nullifies any little checks and balances the crypto market can offer, which is already close to none. This lack of regulation can expose you to scammers, especially ones who are capitalizing on the newly introduced AI cryptos. Although there are highly promising AI cryptos too, you can suffer losses if you venture without investigating thoroughly.



You can buy oxo tokens easily from Bitget Exchange in a few simple steps. oxo is an AI cryptocurrency that enables you to earn passive income through its revenue-sharing model. It also follows market trends and makes predictions about market fluctuations. Bitget is a reliable platform supporting 770+ trading pairs and 400 cryptocurrencies. Although AI crypto is on the rise nowadays, you must do your research before you decide to invest in AI or conventional cryptocurrency.


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