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BTCC Withdrawal Guide 2024


February 14, 2024
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BTCC Withdrawal Guide

BTCC Withdrawal Options

BTCC is a crypto futures exchange that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies for withdrawal, including USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, ADA, and TRX. The supported networks are TRON (TRC20), Ethereum (ERC20), and BNB Smart Chain (BEP20). Fiat withdrawal methods are not currently supported as BTCC primarily caters to crypto futures traders.

You can learn more about the crypto exchange in our full BTCC review.


Crypto Withdrawals presents a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including popular assets like Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Ethereum, AVAX, SOL, DogeCoin, and more. Users can seamlessly withdraw their chosen cryptos through supported networks like TRON (TRC20), Ethereum (ERC20), and BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), ensuring a versatile and user-friendly withdrawal process.

However, given BTCC’s nature as a crypto futures trading exchange, it’s crucial to be aware of potential factors such as a 6% fee on withdrawals if 30% of the deposited funds aren’t used for futures trading and the risk of triggering money laundering flags with immediate withdrawals after a deposit. Explore the official BTCC Support-center for more.


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Withdrawal limits

BTCC prioritizes user security by implementing withdrawal limits that are dependent on the user’s KYC verification status. These limits are in place to ensure a secure and reliable withdrawal experience for BTCC users.


Crypto Withdrawal Limits

To ensure a secure and flexible withdrawal experience, has implemented withdrawal limits based on the user’s verification level and withdrawal method. Users undergo various verification stages, each unlocking a higher daily withdrawal limit:

  • Account Registration (Level 1):
  • Photo of your ID is not cropped.
  • All details are clearly readable.
  • Government-issued and not expired.
  • Photo of the original ID.
  • Daily withdrawal limit: $10,000.00 USD.
  • Identity Document Verification (Level 2):
  • Daily withdrawal limit: $100,000.00 USD.
  • Facial Verification (Level 3):
  • Daily withdrawal limit: $1,000,000.00 USD.


Verification Status Withdrawal Limit per 24 hours
Account Registration 10,000.00 USD
Identity Document Verification: 100,000.00 USD
Facial Verification 1,000,000.00 USD


Withdrawal Fees

BTCC’s withdrawal fees are structured based on users’ VIP levels, offering perks like fee discounts and faster withdrawal processes. VIP levels range from 0 to 7, with additional SVIP tiers.


VIP Benefits:

Users can enjoy VIP-exclusive perks, including trading fee discounts, access to exclusive campaigns, BTCC merchandise, priority customer support, and enhanced withdrawal fee discounts.


VIP Levels and Fee Rates:

Unlock exclusive perks with BTCC VIP programs, featuring daily updates to VIP levels and fee rates at 17:00 (UTC). Automatic upgrades are tailored to factors like your account’s estimated total value or 30-day trade volume. Seize the opportunity to enhance your trading experience on – click [here] to embark on your VIP journey and enjoy competitive withdrawal fees.

  • VIP levels and fee rates are updated daily at 17:00 (UTC).
  • VIP levels upgrade automatically based on criteria like the account’s estimated total value or 30-day trade volume.


Terms & Conditions for VIP Levels:

VIP levels are upgraded automatically according to specified criteria.

  • Users won’t be downgraded once upgraded.
  • Fees are charged based on the user’s current VIP level.
  • No distinction between taker and maker fees on BTCC.
    The table below shows fee discounts across VIP levels. Explore the VIP section on the official BTCC platform.


VIP levels Account’s estimated total value (USD) or 30-day trade volume (USD) Taker Maker Fee coverage rate with coupons Conversion fee discount Withdrawal fee discount
VIP 0 0 0 0.045% 0.025% 0% 0.00% 0.00%
VIP 1 200 0.045% 0.025% 10% 10.00% 10.00%
VIP 2 500 200,000 0.045% 0.025% 10% 10.00% 10.00%
VIP 3 1000 500,000 0.045% 0.025% 10% 10.00% 10.00%
VIP 4 2000 1,000,000 0.045% 0.025% 10% 10.00% 10.00%
VIP 5 5000 2,000,000 0.045% 0.025% 10% 10.00% 10.00%
VIP 6 10,000 5,000,000 0.045% 0.025% 10% 10.00% 10.00%
VIP 7 20,000 10,000,000 0.045% 0.025% 10% 10.00% 10.00%
SVIP 1 50,000 15,000,000 0.035% 0.01% 15% 20.00% 20.00%
SVIP 2 500,000 20,000,000 0.03% 0.007% 20% 30.00% 30.00%
SVIP 3 1,000,000 50,000,000 0.025% 0.005% 25% 40.0% 40.0%
SVIP 4 2,000,000 100,000,000 0.02% 0.003% 30% 50.00% 50.00%
SVIP 5 3,000,000 200,000,000 0.01% 1E-10% 35% 60.00% 60.00%


BTCC Crypto Withdrawal Guide

When initiating a withdrawal on, follow these user-friendly steps for a seamless experience:


Step 1: Log In

  • Log in to the official exchange platform.
  • Click on the “Assets” button and select “withdraw.”


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Step 2: Choose Cryptocurrency and Network

  • Choose Your Withdrawal Currency:
  • Navigate to the drop-down list and select your preferred withdrawal currency.
  • Specify the Blockchain Network:
  • Choose the blockchain network corresponding to the receiving address.
  • Enter Withdrawal Address:
  • Copy and paste the withdrawal address from the receiving crypto exchange.
  • For convenience, utilize the withdrawal address management link if the address is saved.
  • Select Withdrawal Address Platform:
  • From the drop-down list, pick the withdrawal address platform, including options like Binance, Bitfinex, BitFlyer, Bybit, Coinbase, Gemini, GOPAX, Kraken, KuCoin, MaiCoin, MAX, OKX, UPbit Korea, or other trusted platforms.


Step 3: Confirm Details and Withdraw

  • Enter your withdrawal amount or click “All” to withdraw the balance.
  • Double-check the actual amount, 24hr crypto withdrawal limit, and contract details.
  • Read the withdrawal instructions.
  • Click “Confirm” to withdraw.


Withdrawal Instructions (Demonstrated for USDT-TRC20):

  • Only deposit USDT-TRC20 to this address.
  • Network congestion may affect deposit confirmation times.
  • Use 30% of deposited funds for futures trading post-deposit.


BTCC Fiat Withdrawals

Fiat withdrawals are currently suspended as BTCC primarily operates as a crypto futures exchange.

Read the Withdrawal Review Guidelines on the official BTCC website for fiat withdrawals and other important notifications.


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In summary, BTCC provides versatile withdrawal options for supported cryptocurrencies and networks. While crypto withdrawals are well-supported, fiat withdrawals are currently not available due to BTCC’s focus on crypto futures trading. Users can benefit from a tiered VIP program, offering various perks and fee discounts based on their trading activity and account value.

To gain a deeper understanding of the platform, you can explore our extensive BTCC review.


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