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BitMEX Referral Code Bonus: 10% Fee Discount (Exclusive)


October 9, 2023
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BitMEX referral code bonus guide

What is the BitMEX Referral Code?

If you are looking for a BitMEX referral code to unlock a 10% fee discount, you have come to the right place.

Use the BitMEX referral code K9yOte to unlock a 10% fee discount on the BitMEX crypto exchange. This referral code and fee discount can only be activated through the unique signup link on our website.


Activate BitMEX Bonus!


How to apply the BitMEX Referral Code

Using the BitMEX referral code is simple and straightforward. Follow our step-by-step guide below to make sure that your fee discount is activated and you can get the best value for money on BitMEX:


Step 1: Visit the official BitMEX website with our link (click here).

Step 2: Make sure that you see the fee discount confirmation at the top of the page. After clicking our BitMEX referral code link, it should say, “Looks like you found a referral code” You will receive a 10% fee discount for the first six months.”

Step 3: After making sure that the fee discount is applied correctly, you can proceed to create your BitMEX account with your email, password, and country of residence.

Step 4: Confirm your details and data

Step 5: Deposit, trade, and enjoy your exclusive 10% fee discount.


About BitMEX

BitMEX was one of the first crypto derivatives exchanges with leverage of up to 100x. The exchange is a pioneer in the crypto trading world and offers a professional trading platform for millions of users.

With a daily trading volume of over $1 billion, BitMEX is still one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Low fees and a securely designed platform attract traders and make them stick around.

Additionally, BitMEX offers competitive fees. The best thing about BitMEX is that you can get an exclusive fee discount of 10% when registering with the referral code K9yOte.


Activate BitMEX Bonus!


BitMEX Referral Code FAQs

What is the BitMEX referral code?

The BitMEX referral code is K9yOte. This code can only be used through our BitMEX link.


What is the BitMEX bonus?

BitMEX offers a 10% fee discount to all users signing up with the referral code K9yOte.


How long does the BitMEX fee discount last?

After registering with the referral code, you will get a 10% fee discount for your first 6 months of trading on BitMEX.


What are the Fees on BitMEX?

BitMEX charges low fees of 0.02% maker and 0.075% taker. However, with our exclusive referral code, you will get a 10% fee discount, which means you enjoy 0.018% maker and 0.0675% taker fees.


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