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BigONE Review – Fees, Features, Facts & More


January 20, 2024
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BigONE Review

BigONE is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform where users can trade various crypto assets. Although the exchange has been in the market since 2017, it is still a highly unrecognized platform.

If you’ve been considering trading on BigONE but can’t find the necessary information you need, then you’re in the right place. In this BigONE review, we will discuss its major features, highlight its pros and cons, and explore its products and services. After reading through this review, you will be able to decide if this is the right exchange for you.


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BigONE Overview

Founded in 2017 in Seychelles, BigONE is a crypto exchange that seeks to provide users with “the most secure and convenient trading and trusteeship services”. The exchange currently operates in about over 100 countries.

The BigONE cryptocurrency exchange provides a user-friendly interface for trading up to 114 cryptocurrencies and 144 pairs. This is a fairly low amount of cryptocurrencies when compared to the market average. It features a conventional trading terminal with access to spot/margin trading, and futures trading. It has a daily trading volume of $126 million on the spot market and $1.2 billion on the futures market.

The exchange is ultimately not suitable for expert traders because it lacks advanced trading tools. Unfortunately, it also does not support fiat currencies.

Additionally, BigONE fees for spot trading are on the high side compared to industry standards. It charges a 0.2% maker/taker fee for trading on the spot market.

BigONE provides a beneficial referral scheme and opportunities ranging from liquidity mining to leveraged ETF for users to earn passive income. Notable benefits include the absence of a minimum deposit requirement and the provision of a demo account.

Furthermore, BigONE offers stable security of funds for users with 100% reserves. There is also a 24/7 virtual live chat, but the customer service is not one to be commended.

Pros and Cons

👍 BigONE Pros👎 BigONE Cons
✅ Good trading interface for beginners❌ Regulatory issues
✅ No limits on deposits❌ Not suitable for professional traders
✅ Good security❌ Does not support fiat
✅ Provides a Demo account❌ Not available in the US
❌ Poor customer service
❌ High fees for spot trading


BigONE Signup and KYC

Signing up on BigONE should not take more than two minutes. All you have to do is head over to the BigONE official website or download the mobile app and head over to the signup page.

After that, you have to input your email address and get a verification code that will be sent to you. Enter the code and set a strong password. Confirm your password and hit ‘Create Account’.

Voila! Your BigONE account has been created. You will be required to complete your KYC registration before you can enjoy all the benefits of the BigONE exchange.

BigONE KYC is divided into two parts:

  • Basic KYC
  • Advanced KYC

To complete your KYC, simply head over to the homepage and navigate your way to the identity verification portal. Once there you will have to click on the ‘Basic verification’ option. You will be asked to fill in your basic information. These include:

  • Country
  • Full name
  • ID type
  • ID Number

Next, you need to enter facial recognition. This function will require that you scan the QR code with your phone and continue the process there. After this, you will need to take two clear photos of your ID and upload them. The final step is to do a 5-second facial recognition video on the platform. Once this is done, click submit and wait for the audit.

After the basic verification, users can then proceed to complete the advanced KYC verification.


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BigONE Trading

BigONE provides a simple trading interface for users to connect with and enjoy seamless trading. The exchange provides a spot/margin trading interface and futures trading.


Spot trading

BigONE offers a traditional spot trading interface with simple tools for users to engage. The interface appeals more to newbie traders and is not suitable for professional traders. It also offers 130 tradable asset pairs for users to select from.

The spot terminal is laced with simple tools such as limit and market order tools, spot grid, and limit trigger tools. These help beginners make careful analyses of the markets. There are currently

Spot trading fees on BigONE are higher than industry standards. For every trade, a fee of 0.2% maker/taker is incurred. It also supports AI strategy trading with quick and easy customized quantitative trading models.


Futures trading

Like the spot trading interface, trading futures on BigONE is mostly applicable to newbies due to a lack of advanced features and low liquidity. The platform provides a user-friendly perpetual futures contract that allows users to maximize trades and multiply their capital. There are currently 14 trading pairs available on the BigONE futures market.

Some of the popular tools on the futures terminal include limit and market order, stop limit, and stop market tools. BigONE futures also provide leverage of up to 100x to expand traders’ long or short maneuvers. The fees are also in sync with the industry standards. All trades carry a 0.02% maker and 0.06% taker fees.


BigONE Fees

BigONE charges fees that are all in line with industry standards except for its very expensive spot fees.


Spot fees

The spot fees on BigONE are above the industry average. Trades attract a 0.2% maker/taker fee.


Futures fees

Trading futures on BigONE attracts an average fee of 0.02% for makers and 0.06% for takers. There are no fee discounts based on the tier level of traders. All traders of different tiers pay the same fees for trading futures on BigONE.


Withdrawal fees (crypto)

BigONE does not support fiat currency withdrawals, therefore all withdrawals must be made in cryptocurrency. The withdrawal fees differ based on the assets and their networks. The withdrawal fee of BTC for instance is 0.0005 BTC while that of ETH is 0.006 ETH.


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BigONE Products and Services

BigONE has very limited products to offer customers. The exchange only provides a Liquidity Mining pool, Leveraged ETF, and loan offers. It is unsuitable for potential investors who are seeking to stake or for traders seeking a copy trading platform.


BigONE Mining Pool

BigONE’s mining pool is a unique product that intelligently schedules investments in high-yield projects for optimal profit. It’s easy to use, has no GAS fee, and selects the highest profit mining pool project. However, it does come with risks, so it’s important to consider factors like project popularity, market trends, and risk tolerance before participating.

BigONE’s liquidity pool is available on both the web and mobile app versions. Operating it though, differs slightly between the two. You can check out more about the liquidity pool on the BigONE FAQ page, or click here.


Leveraged ETF

BigONE’s Leveraged ETF is an innovative financial derivative product that operates similarly to spot trading. It’s essentially the ETF version of spot trading.

The rise and fall of the spot price of the underlying currency is the main reason for the profit or loss of the ETF, which is reflected in the rise and fall of the net value. Therefore, when trading ETFs, you need to pay attention to the changes in the net value.


BigONE Mobile App

BigONE’s mobile app provides a safe and user-friendly trading experience. It supports multiple blockchain assets including BTC, ETH, and others.

The app includes basic trading functions. It also supports up to 100x leverage for futures. The app provides a convenient operation, stable income, intelligence guarantee, and worry-free leveraged ETF.

In addition, the app offers an AI quantitative profit optimization strategy and liquidity mining where you can earn income by providing dual-asset liquidity to the market. The BigONE app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


AI Quantitative strategy

BigONE’s AI Quantitative Strategy is a feature that allows users to optimize and customize AI strategies. It supports a variety of strategies, including ongoing and historical ones.

One of the key offerings is the AI Rebalance Strategy, which was built to support the selection of multiple currencies for investment. This strategy also displays the number of initial positions and the change of return in the details.

Another notable feature is the Grid Trading strategy, which supports setting the trigger price when making additional investments.

The platform also added a Martingale Strategy, which involves bottoming in batches and selling at once for profit.


BigONE Security

BigONE is a cryptocurrency exchange that emphasizes its security features. The platform operates smoothly, allowing users to trade without any security issues so far. However, it is unsure whether the platform’s security measures can withstand breaches in future times due to its basic security tactics.

Additionally, the exchange claims to have 100% of its reserves stored in offline cold storage to prevent it from cyber-attacks. It also deploys multi-signatures for withdrawals and monitors user wallets in real time for any form of irregularities.

To protect the safety and security of user accounts and funds, BigONE requires users to complete the corresponding security settings before withdrawing funds. Users also need to complete the corresponding verification of security when withdrawing funds.


BigONE Customer Support

One of the primary ways to contact BigONE’s customer support is through email. For general support, users can reach out to their dedicated support email. They also have a separate email for business and press inquiries.

Unfortunately, customer support is not reliable, and there are many complaints of not being able to find it on the main website.

In addition to email support, BigONE also offers live chat support. This allows users to get immediate assistance for any issues they might be facing.


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BigONE claims to provide users with great security and excellent trading services on its spot and futures services. The platform however is not the best fit for expert traders due to its lack of advanced tools for trading, high spot fees, and relatively low liquidity. It also faces regulatory issues and is a relatively unknown platform.

However, some of the benefits of the platform include a good trading interface for beginners, AI quantitative strategies, and a standard security with 100% reserves.

This review has provided the most accurate information concerning the exchange to help you make the right choice for your trading career.



Is BigONE legit?

BigONE is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade on a seamless network. There are regulatory concerns following the exchange, but it claims to be found in 7 different countries.


What are BigONE’s fees?

BigONE charges a fee of 0.2% for makers and takers for spot trading and 0.02%/0.06% for makers/takers for futures trading.


Is BigONE available in the US?

BigONE is currently not available to US citizens and residents.


Where is BigONE located?

BigONE is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange.


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