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Best Crypto Exchanges In Qatar


January 14, 2024
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Best crypto exchange in Qatar

Trading cryptocurrencies in Qatar might seem complicated, but more people are delving into digital currencies. Therefore, crypto traders and investors must know the exchanges to go to for the best trading experience.


Top five crypto exchanges in Qatar

We have compiled a list of the best crypto exchanges in Qatar for those based in the country. In this review of the best crypto exchanges in Qatar, we will carefully analyze the significant features that distinguish each exchange and highlight the essential information about each exchange so you can make the choice that best suits your purposes.

Here, the best crypto exchanges in Qatar are:

  1. Bybit – Best for trading derivatives
  2. OKX – Best for financial services
  3. Binance – The largest exchang
  4. Kucoin – Best for trading Altcoin
  5. MEXC – the Exchange with the lowest fees


1. Bybit

There is no better place for the best exchange to engage in derivatives trading than Bybit. The centralized exchange, founded in March 2018, has seen exponential growth and is known today as the best exchange in Qatar. There are currently over 20 million users across 160+ countries, including Qatar.

The exchange boasts 300+ Tokens and trading volume of $25 billion on the futures market and $4.4 billion on the spot market. Bybit is an excellent place for traders in Qatar to build and trade derivatives. The exchange provides over 100x leverage for futures.

Bybit offers a unique trading platform for users with low fees and high liquidity. Fees on Bybit are at 0.1% maker and taker on the spot market and 0.02% and 0.055% maker and taker on the futures market. There are also several products on the platform, including Copy trading, a crypto debit card, and a web3 platform where users can access NFT markets and earn rewards.

Additionally, Bybit is a highly secure platform for users to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. It also has 24-hour customer support for users to contact for issues regarding their accounts and transactions.

Pros and Cons

👍 Bybit Pros👎 Bybit Cons
✅ Great for trading derivatives❌ Not suitable for beginner traders
✅ Depth tool for market analysis while trading❌ It is not a good platform for Spot traders
✅ High leverage
✅ Provides good customer support


Visit Bybit!


2. OKX

OKX is among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the market and is a decorated platform for spot, futures, and copy trading. It was founded in 2017 in Seychelles, formerly OKEX before the name was officially changed to OKX in 2022.

OKX is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange with over 50 million registered users on its platform. It is a widely accepted trading exchange recognized in over 100 countries, including Qatar. It is an excellent place for traders and investors to enjoy spot trading, futures, margin, options, and even perpetual swap trading. Several products and services range from DeFi to lending and mining services.

OKX gives users over 350 cryptocurrencies and 500+ trading pairs on the exchange. It provides an excellent working interface for advanced traders to enjoy, making it unappealing to newbies. OKX has a trading volume of $5 billion on the spot market and $33 billion in futures.

Additionally, OKX has minimal trading fees on both the spot and futures platforms. For futures, a default fee of 0.02% and 0.05% for maker and taker are taken, respectively. On the spot market, regular users are charged fees of 0.08% maker and 0.1% taker. The fees are subject to the trader’s tier, and the higher you climb, the lower the fees.

OKX security is top-notch, ensuring email and phone confirmation before processing transactions. Customers can contact them via the 24/hr support and help center to answer all their needs.

Pros and Cons

👍 OKX Pros👎 OKX Cons
✅ Offers financial services❌ Not suitable for beginners
✅ Leverage up to 100x for futures❌ Requires verification before users can deposit funds
✅ Demo account for virtual trade
✅ A vast number of cryptocurrencies


Visit OKX!


3. Binance

When you talk of some of the most significant exchanges in the world, you won’t do that without mentioning the Binance exchange. Binance is designed to meet all the selective choices customers may over-develop, being the world’s largest crypto exchange.

Binance is a centralized exchange with 150 million registered users in more than 200 countries, and traders in Qatar are no exception. The platform currently has a daily trading volume of $24 billion on its spot market and up to $84 billion for futures. Users can select from over 350 cryptocurrencies with leverage of up to 125x for futures traders.

The exchange has a straightforward and user-friendly interface for newbies and professionals to navigate easily. It provides customers with enough tools for trading, including grid trading, TWAP, advanced TP/SL tools, and a unique TradingView terminal.

Fees on Binance are standard market prices and are competitive. Spot trading attracts a 0.1% taker and maker fee, while futures trading collects 0.02% and 0.05% for makers and takers.

Binance offers many different products and services for customers to pick from and maximize. The products for users include copy trading, spot, and future trading, staking for DeFi and ETH, Binance Academy, Card withdrawals and deposits, and many more.

Lastly, users are entitled to a 24/7 customer live chat in over 40 languages worldwide whenever they have an issue.

Pros and Cons

👍 Binance Pros👎 Binance Cons
✅ P2P transfers for Qatar users❌ Lots of security issues over the years
✅ 350+ cryptocurrencies to choose from❌ Legal issues surrounding money laundering
✅ Great tools and TradingView terminal
✅ Binance Academy is a plus for users
✅ Available to users around the world
✅ Offers high liquidity
✅ Leverage of up to 125x


Visit Binance!


4. Kucoin

Kucoin is a feature-full trading exchange that has gained worldwide popularity. The exchange has 30+ million registered users in over 200 countries worldwide, including Qatar. The exchange makes a firm boast with the statement, “1 out of 4 crypto users worldwide is with Kucoin”.

Kucoin is best known for quickly listing emerging coins before many other exchanges get in line, making it the go-to place for traders and investors globally to source for trending tokens and coins. On a mission to “facilitate the global free flow of digital value,” Kucoin offers a simple user interface, high-level security, and a fast registration process. With its Kucoin ecosystem, the exchange focuses on building a prosperous community built around its native token, Kucoin tokens (KCS).

Kucoin offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies for users to buy, sell, and trade, currently at over 700. It also offers spot and futures trading to users worldwide, whether on the web terminal or mobile phones.

Kucoin has a daily trading volume of $1.60 billion on its spot market and $3.25 billion for futures. It also offers low fees for trades conducted on the exchange. A fee of 0.1% maker and taker is acquired for spot trades, and 20% off for those who trade using the native token. When trading futures, the maker fee is 0.02% and 0.06% for takers.

Furthermore, Kucoin provides many products for users to enjoy, from its lending platform to trading bots that help boost profit and analyze markets to its halo wallet. It also offers a uniquely secure platform and 24/7 live support for users to make inquiries and lodge complaints.

Overall, Kucoin is an excellent exchange for customers to engage in spot, futures, and margin trading, with over 700 cryptocurrencies at your disposal.

Pros and Cons

👍 Kucoin Pros👎 Kucoin Cons
✅ One of the fastest exchanges in listing new tokens❌ Not suitable for beginners
✅ Offers over 700 crypto assets for users to trade❌ Several complaints about poor customer support
✅ A rich, advanced trading platform
✅ Several trading bots for users to select from


Visit KuCoin!



Last but not least at the bottom of our list of the best crypto exchanges in Qatar is the exchange of high-performance and mega transaction matching technology known as MEXC. Although it falls at 5th, it is certainly not the least among the exchanges reviewed here.

Founded in 2018, MEXC is a highly competitive trading exchange with an excellent user interface and offers the lowest fees in the crypto market. The exchange has over 10 million registered users across 170+ countries, including Qatar.

MEXC is known for its seamless trading interface for spots and futures, with a daily trading volume of $2 billion in spots and $7.6 billion in futures. It also provides the lowest fees for futures trading and a standard market fee for spots.

Trading futures on MEXC attracts a 0.01% and 0.05% maker and taker fee, while trading spot attracts a 0.1% maker/taker fee. MEXC also boasts of having one of the highest liquidity in the market. Its trading feature is based on a high-performance trading engine built to take on 1.4 million transactions per second, a mouth-watering offer for traders with a knack for a seamless network.

The exchange offers a rich user experience and excellent security with 24/7 customer support for all issues and trading difficulties.

Pros and Cons

👍 MEXC Pros👎 MEXC Cons
✅ Low fees❌ Regulatory issues
✅ Excellent interface for beginner and advanced traders❌ Customer support is not always available
✅ High-performance trading engine
✅ Offers a Demo trading platform
✅ Localized language support


Visit MEXC!



In this comprehensive guide, we have reviewed the best crypto exchanges in Qatar for you. These exchanges have been selected based on their ease of use, fees, capacity, and reputation. The article highlights all the necessary features to help you choose the best option.

Here are a few keynotes for you

  • Bybit and MEXC offer the best trading platforms for derivatives.
  • MEXC, and Kucoin offer a broad range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Binance, OKX, and Bybit offer the widest range of products.
  • OKX and Bybit are the best secure platforms.



What’s the best exchange to trade crypto in Qatar?

For spot trading, the best platforms are Binance and OKX, while for futures, the best platform is Bybit.


Which crypto exchange has the lowest fees in Qatar?

MEXC offers the lowest fees, as low as 0% for spot trading and 0.01% for futures.


What’s the best crypto exchange for beginners in Qatar?

The best exchange for beginners in Qatar is Binance. The Binance Academy is an excellent place for beginners to learn and gain an understanding of cryptocurrency trading.


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