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Sam Trabucco’s Net Worth: Is That Why He Disappeared?


March 21, 2024
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Sam Trabucco's Net Worth

Sam Trubacco’s journey to financial prowess is filled with inspiration for future investors, a love for education, and the eventual fallout against the law. Through his diverse investment streams, the American investor earned himself a jaw-dropping multimillion-dollar net worth of around $500m. Sam Trabucco’s financial exploits date back to his years of service as the Co-CEO and CIO of Alamada Research.

Alamada Research was a prominent quantitative trading firm in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and it had a great impact on Sam Trabucco’s net worth. Grab your popcorn and read through as you uncover the story of Sam Trabucco in this article with me, discovering his background, life works, and the career paths that paved the way for his jaw-dropping net worth today.


Who is Sam Trabucco?

Born in 1992, John Sam Trabucco (@alamedatrabucco) is an American businessman with a history of successful investment ventures and an immense net worth. Trubacco is renowned for his controversial success in the cryptocurrency world.

Despite having a huge net worth, the American investor has been subjected to scrutiny and allegations, especially about the collapse of FTX and Alameda Research after he left the company. Therefore, the source and legitimacy of Sam Trubacco’s net worth are part of U.S. history’s most significant fraud cases.

Sam Trabucco attended Mount Holyoke College math camp. While in the camp, he met some prominent friends who would later assist him in creating and co-managing Alamada Research. Trabucco also attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he gained crucial mathematics and computer science knowledge.

While at the institute, Trubacco worked as a trader at Susquehanna International Group, where he displayed his skill and vast knowledge of quantitative analysis and trading strategies.

Sam Trabucco’s experience with Alamada Research was clouded by his sudden departure from the firm in 2022. At the time of his exit, he was already a Co-CEO at the firm, alongside Sam Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison. This development accrued criticisms and allegations, as he was linked with misuse of FTX customer funds at Alamada, including an alleged $150 million bribe to Chinese officials to unfreeze $1 billion of Alamada assets.


What is Sam Trabucco’s Net Worth?

Sam Trabucco’s net worth stands at $500 million in 2024. The bulk of Sam Trabucco’s net worth came from his exploits at Alamada Research Institute after joining as a trader in 2019. Sam allegedly made over $25 million from working at the research institute.

Sam Trabucco’s net worth and gains from Alameda Research afforded him the ability to acquire luxuries and diversify his investments. He owns multi-million dollar properties in San Francisco and New York and bought a yacht which he called “Soak My Deck.”

Nonetheless, Trubacco’s $500 million net worth is nothing compared to his all-time high of $2 billion. The significant drop was inflicted by several reasons, including his connection with criminal activities at Alameda Research Institute and the firm’s eventual collapse in 2022.

Trubacco also gained additional wealth from other top-tier firms where he worked before joining Alamada Research. As a professional quantitative trader, he has over 10 years of experience using mathematical algorithms to analyze financial data and make informed trading decisions. These analytics in several companies have contributed to Sam Trabucco’s net worth, general portfolio, and trading career.


Where is Sam Trabucco Today?

Reports claim that the American millionaire is on the run from U.S. agents due to the allegations placed on his name. The United States filed a civil lawsuit in December 2022, accusing Trubacco, Ellison, and two other employees of direct involvement in fraudulent activities at FTX and Alameda. What’s more controversial is that other suspects have faced criminal charges except Sam Trabucco, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The future of Sam Trubacco’s net worth is therefore subject to uncertainty as the U.S. government can seize his properties if he is found guilty of the charges. However, with an estimated net worth of $500 million, Sam Trabucco is one of the most respected investors, having investments in Voyager, Solana, and many more.



Sam Trabucco was once the co-CEO of Alameda Research, a crypto trading company connected to the 2022 collapse of FTX. His interests and holdings in the cryptocurrency sector have contributed to his projected net worth of $500 million as of 2024.


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