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Pionex Withdrawal Guide


January 31, 2024
Pionex Withdrawal Guide

Pionex Withdrawal options

Pionex, a platform hosting 155 cryptocurrencies, provides a diverse range of withdrawal options.

For crypto withdrawals, users can seamlessly transfer supported coins such as AAVE, BTC, ETH, and more across various networks, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

However, it’s essential to note that Pionex currently does not support fiat currency withdrawals. Users looking to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat need to transfer it to other exchanges that support fiat currency exchanges.


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Crypto withdrawal methods

Pionex offers diverse cryptocurrency withdrawal methods, supporting various coins across different networks. Users can withdraw USDT with a fee of 1 USDT, and Pionex supports multiple networks for sending USDT, including Tron (TRC20), Ethereum (ERC20), BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), OMNI, Arbitrum One, and Optimism. Additionally, BTC withdrawals are facilitated through the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) and Bitcoin networks, while ADA withdrawals are supported on the Cardano network.

It’s important to note that Pionex provides the option to send funds to white-listed receiving addresses saved in the address book, ensuring a streamlined and secure withdrawal process. Users should ensure the accuracy of the recipient’s address, as Pionex does not cover losses resulting from incorrect addresses or missing necessary information.

For enhanced security, large withdrawals undergo manual reviews, typically taking 10-30 minutes. Users are advised to follow safety tips and input correct information to avoid potential issues during the withdrawal process.
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Fiat withdrawal methods

Regrettably, Pionex currently does not facilitate fiat currency withdrawals. Users exclusively have the option to withdraw cryptocurrency. If a user intends to convert their cryptocurrency holdings into fiat currency, they must initiate transfers to alternative exchanges that provide support for fiat currency conversion. Pionex’s withdrawal services are tailored solely for cryptocurrencies, and users are encouraged to plan their asset management strategy accordingly.


Pionex Tier-based Withdrawal Limits

Pionex offers tier-based withdrawal limits to cater to users’ varying needs. At Level 1, users with authorized trading and deposit limits can withdraw up to 20,000 USD within 24 hours and 100,000 USD within 30 days for supported cryptocurrencies. Upon reaching Level 2, users can enjoy expanded authorization for fiat limits, allowing a withdrawal of up to 1,000,000 USD within 24 hours.

It’s important to note that the 30-day withdrawal limit for Level 2 is not explicitly specified, emphasizing the significance of users adhering to the provided requirements, which include identity verification through government-issued ID and facial recognition for Level 2 access. Explore the tier-based structures on the official Pionex Help center/Announcements.


Features & Limits

Unverified Lv 1 Lv 2
Trading Limits X
Deposit Limits X
Fiat Limits X Developing Developing
Daily Withdrawal Limits (in USD) 0 20,000 1,000,000
30 Days Withdrawal Limits (in USD) 0 100,000 30,000,000


Pionex Requirements
Lv.1 Lv.2
Country of residence Government-issued ID
Real Name Facial recognition


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Pionex Crypto Withdrawal Fees

Pionex Crypto Withdrawal Fees operate with a dynamic structure, providing users with a transparent and adaptable fee system.

Pionex imposes varying withdrawal fees on different crypto-assets, with rates determined by factors such as the coin, network, minimum deposit, and withdrawal amount. Users are encouraged to explore the comprehensive list of withdrawal fees and latest VIP benefits for specific cryptocurrencies on the official Pionex website.


Pionex Crypto Withdrawals Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 Login and Navigate to your “Wallet”

Visit the official Pionex exchange platform, log in or sign up for an account.

Unlock the crypto withdrawal feature for your profile upon sign-up, level up from LV.0 to LV.1 by following the steps in the image below.

After leveling up to LV.1, Click on the “Wallet” section and choose “Withdraw” to initiate the withdrawal process.

Bind your mobile phone number for KYC or set up Google Authenticator to complete withdrawal activation. Click on the verify button as shown on the image below to get started.

Complete the Google Authentication.

Head back to Wallet -> Withdraw and continue with your crypto withdrawal process.


Step 2 Select Cryptocurrency and Network

Choose Your Withdrawal Currency: From the drop-down list, select the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw.

Specify the Blockchain Network: Choose the appropriate blockchain network for the withdrawal (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain).

Enter Withdrawal Address: Copy and paste the withdrawal address from the receiving crypto exchange.

Use the “Address Book” feature to use a saved address.


Step 3 Confirm Details and Withdraw

Enter the withdrawal amount or select “All” to withdraw the entire balance.

Double-check the amount, withdrawal fee, 24-hour withdrawal limit, and other contract details.

Read any provided withdrawal instructions.

Click “Confirm” to complete the withdrawal.


Withdrawal Tips:

Ensure the accuracy of the wallet address from the receiving platform, which is USDT (Tron (TRC20)) address for the above example.

Pionex does not cover losses for incorrect addresses or missing information.

For significant withdrawals, expect manual reviews, typically taking 10-30 minutes.


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Pionex stands as a secure and efficient platform for crypto-asset management, offering diverse withdrawal methods for supported cryptocurrencies. Emphasizing precision and security, users benefit from the platform’s support for numerous cryptocurrencies, such as AAVE, BTC, and ETH, across various networks, ensuring a comprehensive and secure crypto withdrawal experience. It’s crucial to highlight that Pionex exclusively caters to cryptocurrency withdrawals, reinforcing its commitment to the digital asset ecosystem.

Follow the outlined steps and safety tips to ensure a smooth withdrawal experience,

For a comprehensive understanding of Pionex, users can explore our detailed Pionex review.


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