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Explained: Market Cap vs Fully Diluted Market Cap


January 1, 2024
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Explained: Market Cap vs Fully Diluted Market Cap

It’s crucial to grasp the fundamental principles that characterize the whole thing to enhance comprehension while tackling a crypto asset. Market cap and fully diluted market value are the two most frequent metrics when establishing the worth of crypto investment, much to how businesses communicate their values via stock prices.

Even though the two phrases have somewhat similar meanings, they reflect two distinct concepts. This article discusses the distinction between a cryptocurrency’s market cap and its completely diluted market cap and why it matters. But first, let’s quickly review the definitions of the words before getting started.


What is the Market Cap in Crypto?

A simple way to gauge the whole worth of a cryptocurrency is to look at its market capitalization. It is computed by multiplying the total number of coins in circulation by the current price. The market capitalization would be a million, for instance, if each currency had a value and there were one million coins in circulation.

Comprehending Market Cap is essential to provide insight into the cryptocurrency’s importance. A cryptocurrency with a larger market cap is more well-known and significant. It’s comparable to determining how well-liked a digital item is.

Though Market Cap is helpful, remember that it shouldn’t be the only consideration when making decisions. Consider other factors, such as the cryptocurrency’s technology and future potential. Market Cap is a straightforward numerical depiction of a cryptocurrency’s worth, but understanding the complete picture requires going beyond the figures.


A Fully Diluted Market Cap

A Fully Diluted Market Cap provides an in-depth analysis of a coin’s prospective worth in crypto. It considers any cash that might be issued via options, warrants, or other processes, not limited to the currencies already in use. It’s similar to examining the pie’s largest possible size.

To further grasp it, picture a Fully Diluted Market Cap as taking into account both the slices of pizza that have already been distributed (known as existing shares) and the slices that are yet to be distributed (known as prospective shares). The formula entails multiplying the current coin price by the entire number of coins that may exist in the future, including those that aren’t in circulation yet.

Let’s dissect it with an illustration. The fully diluted market cap of a cryptocurrency with one million coins in circulation with options for an extra 500,000 units at $10 each would be $15 million ($10 x 1.5 million cash).

Understanding Fully Diluted Market Cap is crucial as it provides investors with a comprehensive view of a cryptocurrency’s prospective market worth, considering all conceivable future events. It serves as a tool to assess the cryptocurrency’s actual scalability and growth potential.


Market Cap vs Fully Diluted Market Cap

Present Vs. Prospective

The scope of a cryptocurrency is shown differently by Market Cap and Fully Diluted Market Cap. The market cap represents the entire worth of all coins in circulation at the current market price, which is a snapshot of the present. It is analogous to evaluating a business according to its current market worth. However, a Fully Diluted Market Cap is a dreamer as it considers all conceivable coins in addition to the ones already in circulation. This gives an idea of the prospective scale of the cryptocurrency. It’s a proactive approach that sheds light on the possibilities of cryptocurrency in the future.


Possible Coins Included

What these measurements contain is where the main differences reside. Market Cap calculates the current size of the cryptocurrency pie by only considering coins currently in circulation. It’s similar to judging a business by its present condition. Fully Diluted Market Cap, on the other hand, considers the future and accounts for all prospective coins, not just those that are now in circulation. It’s similar to evaluating a business based on its potential and promises in addition to its existing assets.


An Example of an Illustration

Now, let’s do some math to show where the divergence occurs. Consider a cryptocurrency with choices for an extra 500,000 coins and one million coins in circulation. The market capitalization would be $10 million ($10 x 1 million coins) if the coin price is $10 at this time. Nevertheless, considering the possible 500,000 coins added by Fully Diluted Market Cap, the total becomes $15 million ($10 x 1.5 million cash). This illustration shows how Fully Diluted Market Cap accounts for any eventuality that might arise in the future and the cryptocurrency’s full potential.



These measures have several purposes when choosing where to place your cryptocurrency investment. A fast indicator of a cryptocurrency’s importance in the current market is its market capitalization. A larger market capitalization often denotes a more well-established and significant player. However, Fully Diluted Market Cap provides a more thorough perspective. Investors may assess the cryptocurrency’s scalability and future development possibilities by considering its utmost potential. It’s similar to having a crystal ball that looks into the future and a picture of the present.


Volatility and Perception of the Market

Many investors use market capitalization as a benchmark as it is commonly used and understood. It represents how most people believe a cryptocurrency is currently doing. Because fully diluted market capitalization is more prospective, it is more vulnerable to changes in expectations due to promises and possible future occurrences.



What is a Market Capitalization?

Market Cap, which is determined by multiplying the current price of each coin by the total number of coins in circulation, is the actual worth of all cash in circulation in a cryptocurrency.


What Distinguishes Fully Diluted Market Cap?

Fully Diluted Market Cap provides a thorough picture of a cryptocurrency’s ultimate size by considering all possible future coins in addition to those already in circulation.



The business requires understanding the distinction between Market Cap and Fully Diluted Market Cap. A fully Diluted Market Cap expands the perspective to include potential future outcomes, while a Market Cap represents the current situation. These measurements provide distinct views that help investors make wise choices in an ever-changing digital environment.


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